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The Futa Fairy - Futa's Exhibitionist Wish Chapter 2: Kimmie's Futa Cheer

2023-01-21 01:33:54

The Futa Fairy – Futa's Exhibitionist Wish
Chapter Two: Kimmie's Futa Cheer
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2017

“That just happened,” Coach Jenette said, her pussy clenching about my new futa-cock.

“That just happened,” I agreed, my face pressed into Linh's hot, tangy pussy, her thick, silky pubic hairs rubbing on my face. I was cocooned in darkness, her cheerleader skirt covering my head as she squirmed on my lips.

“Wow, you rode her girl-dick hard, Coach,” Linh said in her exotic, Vietnamese accent.

“I did,” Coach Jenette groaned. She straddled my waist, my cheerleader skirt flipped up over my stomach, my panties and spankies pulled down. “Oh, wow, that was wild. Best cum of my life.”

“Yes,” I moaned in agreement. And it was about to get better. “But we need to get out there and start cheering. We have to get the crowds pumped.”

“Oh, honey, you were knocked out by a football. You should take it easy.”

Linh giggled. “We didn't take it easy with her, Coach. We rode her hard. Oh, and she licked my pussy. Oh, it was soooooo good.”

“Mmm, it was,” I agreed. I had been lusting after my fellow cheerleaders since I joined the squad. Now at twenty, I was so glad I had finally indulged and devoured my first teammate's pussy. And it was so good.

But my real desire was to go out on the field and cheer, flashing my naked body, fucking my fellow cheerleaders. In my fantasies, it was with the strap-on dildo I had secretly ordered off the internet. But thanks to the naughty futa-fairy, I had a real cock I could fuck them with. A big, throbbing dick that felt so amazing buried in my coach's tight pussy.

And the crowds would love it when I was out there, my dick bouncing beneath my skirt, flashing it and my pussy at the crowd, driving them more and more wild until I lost all control and started fucking my cheer mates.

Including my virginal, bratty sister.

I pictured Jamie in her cheer outfit. She was new to the Pussycats, as our cheer squad was nicknamed. Since Washington College's mascot was the Jaguar, we were nicknamed the Pussycats. She looked so sexy in her cheer uniform, pleated green skirts falling about her lush thighs, her pixyish body looking so sexy in her sleeveless shell, a cheerleader's top. Those were white with a green, diagonal line slashing across the front and a snarling jaguar right over our breasts. We also wore white spankies with glittering green spots.

She was just so yummy.

“So let's get out there,” I said. “I am eager to cheer.”

“Yes,” Linh moaned, squirming on my face. Then she climbed off and the locker room's lights fell on my eyes. I lay on the massage table in our locker room. It was a home game tonight, the first game of the year. It was time to really wow our student body and get them pumped for the game.

Linh landed on the ground, her round breasts bouncing beneath her top. I licked my lips, grinning at Coach Jenette. She was young, in her late twenties, and with a bubbly, perky look about her, curly, brown hair farming her youthful face, her cheeks flushed red from her orgasms.

“What do you say, Coach?”

“If you're up to it, okay.” She shuddered on me, groaning. “And you do feel up to it.”

“I do,” I grinned.

Coach Jenette groaned as she slid her pussy off my still hard cock. She came off with a wet plop. Then my cum trickled out, staining her shaved lips. She hopped off, shuddering, blinking her eyes. I rolled off next, kicking off my spankies and panties. I didn't need them any longer. My skirt fell down around my wet cock. It tented the front, thrusting out before me, the pleated cloth rubbing on my dick. It popped out between two pleats a moment later, bouncing before me.

“You're going out like that?” Coach Jenette asked, eyes wide.

I understood. Before I made my wish, it would be so wrong for me to go out. I'd get in so much trouble for flashing at a college event. I'd probably be expelled. But I could feel it. This would work. I could fulfill my exhibitionist desires tonight. Leanan Sidhe, that naughty futa-fairy, had granted my wish.

“Trust me, Coach,” I grinned at her. Then, on impulse, rubbed my hand between her thighs, feeling her hot pussy. My fingers coated with her cream and my futa-jizz. “This will be a game everyone will remember.”

She shuddered as I turned and wiped the cum and pussy cream on Linh's face, painting cute whiskers in streaks of white. I grinned at her and she beamed back. She understood. She could feel it, too. My wish must be affecting her because she didn't bother pulling on her spankies or panties either.

Then, when I pulled my arms into my shell and quickly doffed my sports bra, peeling it out from around my neck, my brown hair swaying, she copied me. It was so hot watching her squirm, removing her sports bra, her breasts pressing naturally against her shell. Her nipples were so hard. The fabric appeared even tighter than I remembered, molding to her torso and tits.

I glanced down at my tits and smiled. My round breasts were outlined by the shell, my nipples pressing so hard against them. I grinned, hopping on my feet, loving the way my new cock and breasts bounced. My pussy was so wet, the air flowing cool around my shaved lips, juices dribbling down my thighs.

“Shall we?” I asked Linh.

“Wait,” she said and her fingers rubbed at our coach's sloppy cunt. Then she painted whiskers, three per cheek, on my face. I shuddered, feeling my hot cum and the coach's pussy juices drying on my face. “There, now we're both Pussycats.”

“Meow,” I giggled.

Then we darted ahead and out of the locker room. It wasn't a long journey back to the field. Our locker rooms were in the stadium. We ran through the concrete tunnel, passing a few people who blinked at the sight of a cheerleader with bouncing breasts and a huge cock, then burst out on the field to the cheering crowds, our cheer mates going through a modified routine.

“There you are,” Daniqua said, the Black girl nodding to me, her coffee-brown skin looking so sexy contrasting with her uniform. “Damn, did you two take off your sports bras and...? Wow, is that a cock?”

“It's is,” blue-eyed Amy gasped. “Holy shit!”

“Yep,” I said, stopping before my other squadmates before the cheering crowd. The stadiums floodlights bathed us, making it almost as bright as day, the skies dark with night. “My new futa-cock, Pretty cool, right?”

“Oh, wow, how did you get that?” my little sister asked, her brown eyes so wide. “That's impossible.”

“I made a wish,” I grinned, stroking it, the crowd cheering as the game raged on nearby.

“The futa-fairy came to you,” Becky said. The busty blonde cheerleader stared at my cock with such envy in her blue eyes.

I blinked at her. “Wait, what? You know about her?”

“Yeah, she made Cassandra into one. Why do you think I go over to Lana's house every Friday night for a slumber party? Because Cassandra's there with that cock. We have the wildest orgies with her and Lana and Lana's mom.”

“Really?” I blinked in utter shock. “That's what turned you into a lesbian?”

“Well, once you've had a chick with a dick, it makes you look at other girls with speculation.” Becky grinned at Daniqua.

“Is that cum on your cheeks?” my little sister asked. “Your cum?”

“Mixed with Coach Jenette's pussy,” Linh grinned, flashing her own whiskers. “We had such a hot threesome in the locker room. Kimmie ate out my pussy while Coach rode her dick.”

“Lucky,” my sister breathed, staring at my dick with such...hunger in her innocent eyes. She licked her lips, and I shuddered, my dick throbbing.

“First off, girls,” I said. “New dress code. No spankies or panties or sports bras. Take them off right now.”

“Hot,” Daniqua said and reached beneath her skirt. My wish made this all so easy. It was so wonderful. They were all eager to be exhibitionist sluts with me.

“Holy shit, they're taking off their panties,” someone shouted from the crowd as the other girls, my sister included, followed the Black girl's lead. “Holy shit.”

I could hear the ripples of surprise through the crowd on our side of the stands as they watched the other cheerleaders peel down sparkling spankings and whatever style of panties they wore. My little sisters were plain, white, so girlish and innocent. I caught just a flash of her downy, brown pubic hair before her pleats fell back in place, blocking my view. Then they all reached their arms into their tops.

The crowd started cheering us now. I saw them standing, young boys staring at us with hungry eyes as the cheerleaders they fapped to after every game or imagined they were fucking when they were with their girlfriends, took off their sports bras. Like with Linh and me, my friends shells were skin tight, molding to their breasts. I groaned at the sight of Becky's large, lush mounds molded by her stretchy top, outlining those big breasts. Then we all turned to the crowd, bouncing in the air and doing high kicks. Our skirts flared, flashing naked pussies at the crowds.

They loved it.

My dick throbbed so hard. Pussy juices trickled down my thighs. Girls were cheering, too. I could see their hungry eyes staring at the big, thrusting dick bouncing before me. Out of the cheers, I heard girls moan, “Look at the size of her dick.”

“That cheerleader is hung.”

“Oh, god, what a sexy girl-cock.”

I grinned, grabbing my pompoms and set about cheering the game. My breasts bounced and heaved, my cock swinging before me, precum dribbling from the tip. My juices trickled down my thighs as I felt hundreds and hundreds of eyes on us. Phones were out, taking pictures and recording videos of us going through our routines, cheering on the football team playing behind us.

Our skirts flared up more and more. We were turning around, asses facing the crowd, and we improvised booty shakes and twerked, our pleated skirts flaring up to flash our naked asses at the stands. The crowd loved it. They were salivating at the sight of the cheerleaders flashing their sexy bodies.

I had never heard a crowd so pumped.

It had me so hard.

I shuddered, my dick bobbing before me, as we went through another cheer. It swayed back and forth, aching so hard. My pussy lips were so wet. Juices trickled down my thighs. I couldn't resist any longer. I dropped my pompoms and grasped my dick. I stroked it, staring out at the crowd, gazing at the nearest girls, the lust in their eyes as they stared at my futa-cock.

“Pussycats are the best!” I cheered, making it up as I went along. “We cum harder than the rest. Our bodies hot. Our asses tight. Our cunts so wet.” I struggled to think of the next words, my hand flying up and down my dick.

“Pussycats are the best!” moaned my little sister, dropping her pompoms. Her hands shoved beneath her skirt, rubbing her pussy. “We cum harder than the rest!”

“The rest!” moaned the other girls, all shoving their hands beneath their pleated skirts.

I was surrounded by a horde of masturbating cheerleaders. Becky scooped her pleats up with one hand, exposing a landing strip of blonde hair leading to her pussy. She caressed her lips with her other hand then plunged two fingers into her depths, her huge tits bouncing as she let out a throaty moan.

My little sister kept rubbing her pussy with both hands, her skirts hiding what she was doing. Her small breasts jiggled, her nipples so fat as they pressed against her shell. She moaned, biting her lip, looking so cute.

Daniqua was on her hands and knees. The Black girl had her skirt flipped over her ass, her dark fingers dug into her pussy. Her bush was so thick and mattered with her excitement. She moaned, arching her back, undulating.

Amy was bent over, her legs spread wide, her ass facing the crowd. She peered at them between her legs, her strawberry-blonde hair dragging on the grass as she wiggled. She had her skirt flared up over her ass, fingers not only reaming her pussy but also her asshole. She groaned, fingering both holes for the crowd's enjoyment.

Linh had to outdo us all. She had the best balance and the most limber body in the group. And she proved it by doing a vertical split, standing on her left leg, her right pressed against her torso, hugged to her chest by her right arm reaching down to plunge fingers into her pussy. Her splits had parted her pink lips, exposing them in the heart of her dark bush, her fingers pumping in and out fast and hard.

The crowd loved it.


I shuddered, stroking my cock and fingering my pussy at the same time. I stared at the crowd, ignoring the football game behind us as they watched us masturbate our pussies. It was all my fantasies come to life.


Their cheers washed over me. They engulfed me. I shuddered in rapture. My eyes rolled back into my head as my fingers plunged into my dripping pussy. I was so hot, clenching down on my thrusting fingers. My dick throbbed in my hand. I stroked my cock so hard, savoring the masturbatory joy, the tip throbbing and aching.


They cheered us. They filmed us. They pumped their arms in the air. The magic of my wish made them accept this, allowing them to enjoy the sight of a squad of nubile, barely legal cheerleaders masturbating for their benefit.

And all those hot, female eyes on my dick. From my teachers to my classmates, they all stared at my dick with such desire, such hunger. I felt their lusts surging down at me. I drank them in, fingering my twat and stroking my dick faster and faster.


“Oh, my god,” Daniqua moaned, wiggling her dark ass at the crowd as she fingered her hairy cunt. “This is so hot.”

“They love it,” Amy moaned, her face red from being upside down, her fingers plunging into both her holes so fast. My asshole tingled just thinking about her naughty masturbation technique.

“So hot,” squeaked my little sister, staring at my dick with such hungry eyes. “I love being a cheerleader.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” Becky moaned. “Oh, god, futas are so hot. They just make everything wild.”

“Uh-huh,” I panted.

I closed my eyes, letting the crowds cheers bathe over me. My fellow cheerleaders moaned about me, cumming, burning with exhibitionist lusts. Their cries of passion mixed with the crowds frantic desire for us.


My pussy clenched so hard on my plunging fingers as the pressure swelled in the depths of my cunt. My dick throbbed in my hand. It ached. I stroked myself faster and faster, eager for that explosion of cum.


I shivered, opening my eyes, staring at the girls pressing at the edge of the stands, only ten or so feet away from us. They were so wild with lust. They cheered and shouted, staring at my dick with such hungry lust on their faces.

“We love your girl-dick, Kimmie!” two cuties cheered, their cherub faces pressed tight.

“It's so sexy,” shouted another girl. “Cum!”

“Cum! Cum!” the girls pressing at the edges shouted. “Cum!”


The rest of the stands roared so loud. My little sister fell to her knees, moaning through her orgasm, her virgin pussy exploding with pleasure. Linh lost her splits as she came, her back arching, her round breasts heaving.

I drank in all the excitement, my pussy convulsing on my fingers. My cum erupted. White fountained through the air. The powerful blast shot from my body. I heaved from the force. I groaned as it fired out and splattered the two cherub-faced girls. They gasped in delight as white painted across their faces.

“Yes!” I screamed, my body heaving with exhibitionist delight.

My cock erupted again and again. My cum fired so far from it. I couldn't believe it. This was so hot. I loved being a futa. Cum rained down on the squealing girls. It fell in their hair and splashed across their faces. They rubbed it into their skin, screaming my name. They loved it. They loved me. They loved my girl-cock.

“I need that cum,” Daniqua suddenly moaned.

“Yes,” Becky panted, her fingers glistening with pussy juices as she rushed towards me.

I shuddered, my final blast of cum spurting and landing short of the squealing girls.


Daniqua and Becky fell to their knees before me, tits bouncing beneath their tops. They both grabbed my futa-dick, an ivory hand and an ebony. I shuddered, their faces pressed together, looking so silky. Huge smiles crossed their lips as they leaned in.

And tongued the tip of my cock.

I shuddered, pumping my arms into the air, screaming out my bliss as two of my fellow cheerleaders licked and nuzzled at my futa-cock before the crowd. They cheered so loud. I groaned, wondering if the football game was even happening behind me.

I glanced over my shoulder and blinked in shock. They were still playing like they were oblivious to the sexy cheerleaders having a wild time. They just heard the crowd, our team playing so hard, obviously energized.

Which meant we were doing our jobs.

I shuddered, turning back to the ivory and ebony faces staring up at me, cheeks pressed tight, as they licked and nuzzled at my cock. Their tongues bathed my cock, their hands stroking my dick. They gathered my precum leaking out, making me shudder in delight.


“They love it,” my little sister moaned, still masturbating. “They love your girl-cock. This is so hot.”

“So hot,” I moaned, shivering in delight as the two cheerleader sluts bathed my cock with their tongues.

My eyes fluttered. My pussy clenched. My heart raced as I kept pumping my arms, singing out our cheers by rote. Their hands stroked me, sliding down my cock, brushing the wet folds of my pussy.

“Go for it, Daniqua,” Becky moaned. “Get your first taste. Trust me, it's amazing.”

“First taste?” I panted, glancing down at them.

Becky winked a blue eye at me then engulfed the tip of my cock in her hungry lips. Her ruby lips sealed about my tip. She sucked. I groaned. My body quivered as she stroked me, teasing me, driving me wild. I groaned, my entire body trembling.

It was wonderful.

She sucked harder while Daniqua nuzzled lower. Her frizzy hair brushed my thighs as her lips found my pussy. I shivered as the Black cheerleader savored her first taste of pussy while our school's student body cheered her on.


My body spasmed at the duel delights of their teasing mouths. Daniqua's tongue slid along my folds, diving between them and wiggling into the depths of my pussy. The tingles of delight rippled up my shaft to my cock's head buried in Becky's hungry mouth.

She bobbed her mouth as she sucked, her tongue swirling and dancing about the sensitive crown. I shivered, my pussy clenching about Daniqua's tongue. The crowd's roars swirled over me. I found my group of admirers licking my cum off each other's faces, kissing and snowballing it back and forth, not caring about the crowd or the teachers or anything.

“This is so hot,” my little sister moaned on her knees, her body quivering as she rubbed at her virgin pussy. “They love us.”

“They do,” I moaned, my next orgasm building and building.

“And the Pussycats are going wild on the field, really getting the crowd pumped,” the announcer said, ignoring the game. “Kimmie has two of her fellow cheer-sluts on their knees worshiping her cock and pussy. I have never seen the sight.”

I shuddered at the man's narration, the crowd's cheers booming, my admires moaning as they loved each other. The two cherubs had their breasts out, tops and bras pulled up and bunched beneath their armpits as they rubbed their tits together, kissing each other so hard.

My pussy clenched on Daniqua's probing tongue. My cock throbbed in Becky's hungry mouth. It was all too much. I groaned, shuddered, and came. My orgasm burst through me. Hot jizz flooded Becky's hungry mouth. Her cheeks bulged as I filled her with blast after blast. My pussy convulsed. Cream gushed out, squirting into Daniqua's hungry mouth.

The Black cheerleader moaned her enjoyment.

“And Kimmie is clearly cumming into her cheer-slut's mouths,” the announcer continued. “And the crowd just loves it. Their cheers are really driving the Washington Jaguars down the field. They are explosive.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” I moaned, drunk on the excitement, on acting out my fantasies. This was so wild.

I bucked, the pleasure coursing through my body. My admirers screamed my name. The crowds chanted. I raised my arms up high, eyes closed, floating on a sea of adoration. My breasts heaved in my top.

I had to take it off. In a single motion, I tore off my top, my round breasts and fat nipples bouncing out. The cheers were even louder. My orgasm peaked through me as I cupped my tits, squeezing them, my nipples aching, throbbing.

I fired the last blast of cum into Becky's mouth.

She grabbed Daniqua, kissing her, shoveling my cum into her mouth back and forth. I shuddered, blinking as the rapture peaked through me. My little sister had her tits out, her small mounds topped by pink nipples almost as fat as mine. She squeezed them with sticky fingers, smearing her virgin pussy juices around on them.

Amy appeared before me, peeling off her top, revealing her round breasts and small, pink nipples. She squeezed them, wigging her hips. Her ass swayed beneath her pleated skirts. I caught a flash of naked skin.

“Fuck one!” moaned my admirers, all their tits out, shaking them at us, fondling each other. Hands vanished low, cheeks flushed as girls fingered each other, lost to the lust. “Fuck one, Kimmie!”

“Fuck one, Kimmie!” they all started shouting. “Fuck one, Kimmie!”

I stared at Amy's wiggling ass.

“And it looks like Kimmie's going to fuck one of the Pussycats,” the announcer boomed. “The crowd is eager for it. They're chanting so loudly for it. The Franklin Pierce Falcons must be quivering in their nests right now.”

“FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” roared from the crowd.

I grabbed Amy's hips from behind, turning us to have a side profile at the crowd. I pressed up behind her, my throbbing cock rubbing on her pleated skirts, my dick wet with Becky's saliva and my precum dribbling from my dick. I cupped her breasts from behind, squeezing her mounds. My fingers pinched her nipples.

“You want me to fuck this Pussycat?” I screamed at the admirers.

“Yes, fuck her, Kimmie!” the cherubs said, their tits bouncing side-by-side, two lush, round mounds. “Fuck her so hard!”

“Fuck me,” Amy moaned, wiggling her ass back into my cock. “Just pound me. Ram that cock into me. I'm so hot and wet.”

I grinned at her. I had already enjoyed pussy. I was looking for a new treat. Watching Amy finger her ass had gotten me so excited. I pinched her nipples one last time. “Get on your hands and knees! Get ready to be fucked, Pussycat!”

“And Amy gets on her hands and knees,” the announcer said, my dick throbbing so hard, “shaking her ass. You know what she wants. She wants Kimmie's futa-cock ramming into her pussy.”

How did he know I was a futa? Was it my wish? I shuddered in pure delight as I fell to my knees behind Amy, flipping up her pleated skirt and exposing that hot ass. I decided I didn't care. It didn't matter how any of this worked.

I just had to fuck Amy and keep the crowds pumped. I was a cheerleader. It was my job.

And I loved it.

I rubbed my cock against Amy's wet pussy, sliding through her shaved folds. She wiggled her hips, her strawberry-blonde hair, caught in a ponytail, slid off her supple back. She pressed back, her hole eager to engulf my cock. But I had other plans.

“It looks like Kimmie's not fucking Amy's pussy,” the announcer said, his voice so loud, so excited. “It looks like she's plundering Amy's asshole.”

“ANAL!” screeched my admirers. “GO, KIMMIE!”

“Holy shit,” Amy groaned as I rubbed the thick tip of my cock against her puckered asshole, smearing pussy juices, saliva, and precum on her brown sphincter. She looked at me over her shoulder, her blue eyes wild with lust. “I love it up the ass!”

“I saw,” I grinned and thrust.

Amy and I both groaned as I sank into her bowels. It was a different delight than pussy. Hot and tight but not nearly as wet. It was more velvet that silk. The friction was incredible. Her back arched, her bowels clenching on my cock as I drove my huge girl-dick deeper and deeper. Every inch sent flutters of delight rippling up my cock, my pussy clenching, juices dribbling down my snatch.

I bottomed out in Amy, my pleated skirts pressed into her asshole. I gripped her hips and drew back, groaning at the friction. She moaned, her bowels clenching again. She wiggled her hips as I drew back farther and farther until only the tip was in her.

And then I thrust in again.

“Holy shit, you're huge,” groaned Amy. “Oh, fuck, that's bigger than my boyfriend's dick. Oh, my god, I love it. Fuck me. Fuck me in front of the entire crowd!”


“Fuck her ass!” my cherubs screamed.

“And Kimmie is pounding Amy's ass hard. The Pussycats are going wild, rutting with all their passion,” the announcer said. “Look at her breasts bounce. Those are youthful, barely legal titties. Just amazing to see. And the crowds loves it and... yes. Touchdown!”

I fucked Amy so hard, my pleated skirts thudding into her ass. Her firm butt-cheeks rippled. Her asshole clenched on my dick. The pleasure was so hot. It burned through me. My tits bounced and jiggled as I fucked her. I rammed it in so deep, looking to my right at the cheering crowd.

Cameras flashed, immortalizing my first taste of ass. I groaned, back arching, my tits heaving before me. My pussy clenched every time I buried into her bowels. I savored her hot, tight flesh wrapped about my cock, caressing me.

“They're watching us go wild,” I moaned at her. “Hear them.”

“I'm hearing them,” Amy moaned as she rocked back into her thrusts. “This is so hot. I love your new cock, Kimmie. I love it in my ass! I love being a cheerleader!”

“Yes!” I groaned, my pussy clenching so hard. Juices flooded down my ass.

“Fuck her, Kimmie, fuck her!” the other girls of the squad cheered. Becky, Daniqua, Linh, and Jamie shook their pompoms and their naked tits. Even my little sister's small breasts bounced as her skirts swirled about her slim thighs. “Fuck her, Kimmie, fuck her!”

The crowd took up the chant: “FUCK HER, KIMMIE, FUCK HER!”

The roar surged around me, propelling my hips to pump even faster. To slam over and over into Amy's hot, tight ass. The pressure built in my depths, feeding on the passion of the crowd and the thrill of plundering her tight bowels. I groaned, feeling almost drunk off the exhilaration of this moment. Hundreds and hundreds of eyes watched me.

Girls in my fan section came on each other's fingers. They moaned and shuddered, their youthful titties bounced. And not all of them were youthful. I spotted a few teachers with them, their more mature breasts heaving as they fingered their students. Glistening fingers smeared juices on other girl's lips before kisses were traded.


“And the Falcons fail to convert and the Jaguars' offense is back on the field,” the announcer said. “The cheering of the crowd and the passion of the Pussycats has them fired up. You can tall they are inspired by Kimmie fucking Amy's ass so hard, driving her big, throbbing futa-cock into the cheerleader's tight asshole. You can almost hear the slap of their flesh. And look at both girl's tits bounce and sway. See how passionate they are.”

“So passionate,” Amy moaned, her head throwing back.

“And it looks like Amy is cumming on Kimmie's futa-dick!”

She was.

I groaned, driving my dick into spasming bowels. The writhing flesh clung to my cock. I groaned, my eyes rolling back into my head. The other cheerleaders were now booty-shaking at the crowd, their pleated skirts dancing, flashing hot pussies. My sister grinned at me.

“Cum in her, Kimmie,” she moaned, licking hungry lips.

“Cum in me!” moaned Amy.

I slammed my cock into her bowels. They writhed about my dick. The velvety caress shot rapture to the depths of my pussy. The pressure swelled there. I groaned, drawing back, the friction of her spasming bowels so intense about my futa-dick. I gripped her hips so hard and buried my girl-cock into her asshole.

And came in her.

“And Kimmie is cumming now!” boomed the announcer. The crowd cheered so loudly. “She is flooding her cheer-slut's asshole. Pumping her full of all that futa-jizz. What a game! This one will be remembered by Washington Jaguar fans for decades!”

I shuddered, my body heaving as my cum pumped over and over into Amy's asshole. I couldn't believe how much I had already cum. Twice in the locker room and now three times on the field. And I still felt so hard. So horny. So eager for more orgasms. I had to keep the crowd pumped. We were kicking the Falcon's asses.

“Fuck,” I moaned, the last blast of cum firing into her asshole. I ripped out my dick, turning and standing, thrusting one arm up into the air in a victory pose.

My admires went wild. They screamed and cheered, more cumming on each other's fingers while their tits bounced. They loved me. They worshiped me. They loved watching me fuck. I felt their hungry gazes burning on my body.

I wanted to fuck more. It had nothing to do with keeping the crowd pumped. I just was so horny.

And then my little sister fell to her knees before me. She opened her mouth. I gasped in shock as she sucked on the tip of my dirty cock. It was just in Amy's asshole, and now my little sister's tongue swirled around my dick, cleaning it. She moaned, her brown eyes twinkling.

“You like the taste of her ass on my cock?” I asked in shock.

She popped her mouth off my dick, giving me such a dazzling smile. “I love it. So sour and naughty.”

And then she sucked more of it into her mouth, bobbing her head, her hair swaying about her face, her small tits jiggling. I groaned, my pussy clenching. It was so hot. My little sister was sucking on my cock.

“And that's Jamie, Kimmie's younger sister,” the announcer said. “Isn't that amazing? Incest right on the field. What a show we're getting.”

“Yes,” I agreed, trembling.

My sister sucked with such enthusiasm. I shuddered as she stroked my dick. She sucked so hard, her cheeks hollowing. Beside us, Linh was on her hands and knees behind Amy, licking my cum out of her ass, lost to such depraved lusts. I stroked my sister's hair, staring into her loving eyes.

This was so wrong. So taboo. And the entire world, or at least our entire college, watched. And cheered.

They loved it. They were screaming so loud. They were watching forbidden lust before them. It made them so horny. So passionate. It was all too much. I didn't mean to cum. I wanted to savor my little sister's blowjob, but all the sensations rushed through me. All the lusts and desires surged through me.

I acted out my most filthy, erotic, exhibitionist fantasy.

“And she's cumming in her little sister's mouth,” groaned the announcer. “Just flooding her mouth with incestuous girl-cum. She's only eighteen, folks. But she's drinking down her older sister's cum like a pro. And I hear she's a virgin.”

I shuddered, savoring the sound of my sister gulping down my jizz. I stared into her eyes, loving the enthusiastic lust in them. I groaned, firing the last salty blast into her mouth. She shivered as she swallowed it, moaning her enjoyment.

I groaned, the lusts shooting through me. I pulled my cock from her mouth and fell to my knees beside her. I pushed her down on her back, kissing her in the process. My tongue jammed into her mouth. I tasted my salty cum and traces of Amy's sour ass. I shivered, my hands parting her legs, sliding up her skirt, unveiling her pussy to the crowd.

I broke the kiss and turned, facing my admirers. My fingers slid through my little sister's brown bush. I felt her hot flesh, nuzzling into her folds. I groaned when I brushed her hymen, full of little holes, covering her pussy. She hadn't broken hers doing cheerleading.


“See that,” I moaned, pulling her labia open and unveiling her pussy. “That's a hymen. That's my baby sister's hymen. And I'm going to break it in.”

“Folks, if you are too far away, and I'm sure you are, Kimmie is showing off her little sister's hymen. That's right, we're going to watch her deflower her baby sister before you all. So get pumped, Jaguar fans, and watch Jamie's induction into the cheer squad Pussycat style.”

God, I loved that announcer. He made this just so much hotter.

“Pop her cherry, Kimmie!” the other cheerleaders shouted, shaking their tits and pompoms. “Pop her cherry, Kimmie!”

“POP HER CHERRY, KIMMIE!” the crowd and my admirers shouted.

“It looks like Kimmie's making sure her little sister is wet and primed for her first taste of futa-cock,” explained the announcer. “I bet we all wish we were licking that virgin slut's cunt.”

“Yes,” Jamie moaned, my little sister shuddering as my tongue ran through her virgin folds, tasting her tart musk.

I knelt between her thighs now, shaking my ass at the crowd, my cock swaying back and forth between my thighs. Pussy juices dribbled down my legs and shaft, tickling that delight that made me shiver. My tongue lapped through my little sister's folds, savoring her taste, the hot silk, brushing her hymen.

I flicked against her little clit. She gasped and moaned, her body bucking and her small tits jiggling. Her face twisted with rapture as she squirmed on the ground. Her hips humped against my face, her passion growing and growing.


My dick throbbed with every cheer, eager to fulfill the crowd's screaming demand. Beyond my sister, the football team crushed our opponents, scoring another touchdown. I sucked on my sister's clit, so glad we were winning, that we were inspiring them. My pussy clenched so hard while my sister's nub throbbed between my lips.

“Oh, my god, Kimmie,” Jamie moaned. “You're such an amazing big sister. I love you.”

“Mmm, and you're such a cute and hot and sexy little sister. I'm going to fuck you so hard.”

“Pop my cherry, Kimmie!” she chanted with the other cheerleaders, humping her pussy into my face.

I tongued my sister's pussy hard as she moaned and chanted. She ground her flesh on my face, her body trembling. Her eyes squeezed shut. Her back arched, thrusting her little titties into the air. And then she came on my lips.

I drank down my little sister's pussy juices. I groaned, lapping at her hot folds. Her cream flowed out of her, splashing across my face. I drank down the incestuous flood, loving every drop of my sister's juices. This was all so amazing. So wonderful.

“POP HER CHERRY, KIMMIE!” screamed the crowd.

“Jamie's cumming hard on her big sister's mouth,” boomed the announcer, sounding like he was commenting on a soccer game, his anticipation building. It made my cock throb so hard. “And it looks like... Yes, Kimmie is going for the cherry. She's mounting her little sister, and Jamie looks so eager, grabbing her big sister's futa-cock and guiding it to her cherry pie.”

I lifted my little sister's hips as I knelt before her, her thighs wrapping about my hips. Her small breasts jiggled, her pleated skirts sliding about her stomach. She rubbed my cock against her virgin folds, pressing it against her hymen.

“Pop my cherry, Kimmie!” she screamed.

I thrust.

“And Kimmie has SCORED!” screamed the announcer. “She has popped her little sister's cherry!”

The crowd went wild as Jamie's cherry popped. My cock tore through her hymen. Pain winced across her face for a moment as I sank into the tightest hole yet. Her virgin flesh clenched around my huge dick as I pressed so deep into her. My sister's eyes opened. She gasped and moaned.

Then she grinned, pleasure replacing pain.

I buried all the way into my little sister's cunt, savoring this incestuous embrace. My heart raced at the thrill of being in her eighteen-year-old cunt. I groaned, savoring this moment. I drew back, the friction so intense. Pleasure rippled through my body from my cock.

And then I buried into her again. I slammed into her once untouched depths. We both groaned, my tits bouncing, her small boobs jiggling. Her thighs tightened about my hips and her pussy about my cock. She moaned, grasping her little breasts, squeezing her nipples as her face twisted with pleasure.

“Oh, my god, this is amazing. You're in me, Kimmie. You're in my pussy.”

“I am,” I groaned, pumping my hips. “And you feel amazing. I'm going to cum so much in you.”


The crowd thundered behind me, clapping, whooping, screaming out their excitement. I threw a look over my shoulder. Sex was spreading. People were fucking in the stands. Guys fucked their girlfriends. Teachers fucked their students. Parents fucked their children. It was chaos. And they all watched me ream my little sister's cunt.

My pussy clenched, the pressure building so swiftly as I fucked her. She bucked into my thrusts, her pussy clenching every time she twisted her nipples. She groaned and gasped, pleasure crashing over her face.

And then she came.

“Yes!” I moaned as heaven massaged my cock.

“Kimmie!” she groaned, her pussy spasming about my futa-dick. “Yes, yes, yes!”

I pumped over and over into her spasming depths, savoring it. I made my little sister cum before the entire student body. She groaned and shuddered. She writhed. Her hips bucked into the thrusts, sliding her pussy up and down my cock as I thrust into her writhing snatch.

It was glorious. Incestuous pleasure rippled down my cock. I groaned, leaning over her. Her hands shot up, grasping my breasts as I plowed her, my hands braced on other side of her body, fingers digging into the grass.

“You're cumming so hard,” I moaned.

“I am,” she gasped. “I want you to flood me.”

“Kimmie is fucking her little sister so hard,” the announcer boomed. “The newest Pussycat is cumming hard, milking her older sister's girl-dick. And you can tell Kimmie is eager for that final, incestuous moment as halftime rapidly approaches.”

It was. My orgasm built in me. Her rippling pussy massaged my cock as she gasped and moaned. She kept cumming, one climax rolling into another. I gave her this joy. I leaned down, crushing our naked breasts together, kissing her hard as I drove into her pussy's depths.

And came in her.

My cum spurted hard into her pussy. I groaned, shuddering, flooding my little sister's cunt. It was so hot. So wild. I loved it. She clung to me, moaning into my lips as her pussy milked my futa-cock. My girl-jizz spurted so hard into her. Rapture flashed through my mind.

“And she is flooding Jamie's cunt. She is flooding her little sister's pussy. And...that's the first half of the game over, with the Jaguars leading 35-6. And, I would point out, those two field goals by the Falcons were made before Kimmie returned to the field as an inspirational futa.”

“Oh, god,” I panted, my head snapping up, the last squirt of my cum flooding my sister's pussy.

What would I do to keep the crowd pumped up in the second half? I had to think of something hot. I had to keep our team winning. I had to keep having fun with my fellow cheerleaders. Especially my little sister.

I would make the most of my wish to the futa-fairy.

To be continued...