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Before the Civil War

2023-01-23 00:02:38

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Before the Civil War

NOTE: The American Civil War (1861–1865) was a civil war between the United States of America (the "Union") and the Southern slave states of the newly formed Confederate States of America under Jefferson Davis. The presidential election of 1860 resulted in seven Southern states declaring their secession from the Union even before Lincoln took office. The Union rejected secession, regarding it as rebellion.

REMEMBER: This is just a dirty sex story and is not meant to degrade Blacks, Whites, American Indians, or even the Chinese. Take it at face value and remember that in that time period an apology like this would have never even been considered.


I was born in 1845 in Maryland not too far from the Virginia state line. My father was a schoolteacher and he didn’t believe in slavery. However, not too awfully far away lived my Uncle George in Virginia. He believed in slavery and he owned several field hands and a couple of girls that help his wife out in the house.

In 1860 there was a lot of unrest and talk about secession. At fifteen I knew what was going on and I also knew that I would be smack dab in the middle of it shortly.

I had spent the previous summer helping out my Uncle George on his tobacco plantation with his crops so when he invited me back again I jumped at the offer.

Uncle George had three children and Constance or Connie as everyone called her was the oldest at fourteen years old, George Junior was twelve years old, and little Mary was eight years old.

My father let me out of school early so that I could get down to my Uncle’s before he got started on the planting. My father allowed several other boys to do the same thing for their fathers and relatives. The last few weeks of school were mostly for the girls, I guess.

I made the trip in just two days and had spent the night lying out under the stars. Whenever I ran into someone along the way they always stopped to say hello and offered to trade something that they had for something that I had.

When I turned into the plantation George Junior came running to meet me. He was excited to see me. After all it had been a whole year since we had seen one another. He hadn’t changed too much but apparently I had. I had grown and put on some weight.

When we entered the house I spotted Connie right away. She was beautiful and she too had grown over the past year. At fourteen she had nice sized breasts, a tiny waist, and she was wearing a big gown with petticoats instead of a shift like she had worn the year before. She looked so grown up and lady like. As she ran to me, I could see her breasts swell as her breathing picked up. She ran into my arms and crushed her breasts into me as she hugged me tightly to her. Then she kissed me on the lips. It was my very first kiss and it was with my cousin too.

Little Mary found me and jumped into my arms. Then my Aunt Grace came to me and gave me a big hug but that time I got a kiss on the cheek. George took my backpack to his bedroom and told me that I would be sleeping with him. Aunt Grace took me into the dinning room and had me sit down while she got me something to eat and drink. Connie sat with me. Soon a pretty slave girl came out of the kitchen holding a glass of milk and a plate of food. There was a big chunk of beef, a chunk of cheese, and the end of a loaf of bread with butter. There was plenty of nice cold water to wash it all down with.

The slave girl turned out to be Ruth a very pretty fourteen-year-old with light brown skin. She obviously had some white in her somewhere. She stood right behind Connie as I ate. All she had on was a thin white shift that I could almost see through. She had marks on her wrists and on her ankles from manacles. I never thought much about a slave being human. After all you could buy and sell them like a horse or a cow and they even came with ownership papers.

I wondered about the talk of secession and the possibility of Lincoln becoming President. I knew where my father stood on the subject and I also knew where my Uncle stood too. How could two brothers have such vast differences over the same issue?

After my late lunch Aunt Grace sent me up to my room to rest. Uncle George was older than my father was but Aunt Grace was younger than my mother was. Uncle George married her at sixteen and even now at thirty-one she was a beauty. My mother was now just thirty-six, like my father but she looked a lot older. I couldn’t help but wonder if it was all because Aunt Grace had slaves to do her housework for her and that my mother had to do it all by herself.

As I lay there Connie came in with Ruth right behind her. The two girls were both fourteen and the conversation went directly to sex. Connie wanted to know if I had ever done it and I told her that I hadn’t. She said that she hadn’t either but that Ruth had. No kidding! Then Connie made Ruth tell me of some of her encounters.

It seems that Ruth had been raped by her owner right after she had her first period at the age of twelve. Connie mentioned that she got her first period last summer while I was there. I never knew about it. Ruth continued to tell us about all of the beatings and rapes that took place almost everyday before Uncle George bought her. She smiled and said that Uncle George only did the ‘four legged frolic’ or the ‘shift service’ once a month and that she never tried to fight him off. She added that he never beats her either unless she really needs it. Then Connie had Ruth take off her shift so that I could look at her body. It was the first time that I had ever seen a naked girl. I just stared at her tits and her dark nipples then I looked down between her legs at the curly black hairs. Connie had Ruth turn around so that I could see the scars on her back from many whippings that she had endured. Connie said that people that would do that to a pretty young girl were giving all of the slave owners a bad name. Then to my surprise Connie told me that I could have Ruth at night if I wanted her. What? Really? Why? Connie said that Ruth could make me a man and keep me warm at night. Ruth just smiled at me as I continued to stare at her bare breasts.

I couldn’t help but ask Connie if her breasts looked the same. Connie blushed and said that they might even be a bit bigger. Ruth just smiled as she nodded her head in agreement. I then asked Connie if Ruth could talk openly whenever the three of us were alone. So she gave Ruth permission to do just that. I then asked Ruth if Connie’s breasts were really bigger than hers and she replied that indeed they were and that they were white as her bloomers were too. I smiled at Connie as I said, “Prove it!”

Connie immediately said, “Not here!” But then she said that I could come to her bedroom if I wanted a look-see. That was fine with me. I picked up Ruth’s shift and followed the two girls across the hall and into Connie’s bedroom.

Connie locked the door and went toward one corner of her room. I just stood there as Ruth helped Connie out of her dress. I had no idea how hard it was to get in and out of those fancy dresses because my mother never wore them. I watched as Ruth unhooked things and untied other things. She started peeling Connie in layers like an onion. I watched as the outer dress came off, a thing with a big hoop in it, and some petticoats. I watched as Connie got down to a corset and a pair of pantaloons. Ruth kept working at the strings in the back making them looser and looser until she could slip the corset off. Connie did indeed have lily-white breasts with nice light pink ends and nipples that hardened as the cool air hit them. Finally Connie lowered her pantaloons by herself to her ankles and then stood up. She was the most beautiful woman in the world to me. Her brown hair hung over her breasts when she stood back up so she flipped it behind her shoulders. She had a thick brown patch down between her legs too and it excited me. Connie did have bigger breasts than Ruth had. After a few moments Connie said that it was now my turn. What? She had shown me hers so it was my turn to show her mine.

Shyly I started to unbutton my shirt and remove it. I removed my undershirt too. Then I removed my shoes and pants. Finally I took in a deep breath, looked at the two naked girls, and then removed my underwear too. The three of us stood there looking at one another as my cock started to raise. I couldn’t help it. Connie was simply staring when Ruth told her that it was necessary for it to get hard so that a man could stick it in a woman. Connie told Ruth to show her. So Ruth got up on the edge of the bed and told me to come closer. When I got close enough Ruth grabbed my cock, held it to her entrance, and told me to push it into her. When I did she wrapped her legs around me and started thrusting back and forth with me still inside her. Soon I knew what to do to her and just started thrusting in and out of her until I cum. It was the very best feeling ever. Connie and I watched as Ruth squatted over the chamber pot and let some thick white gobs fall into the pot. Then she peed in it too. I had never seen a girl pee before and it was spectacular. Connie saw me stare so she squatted over the pot too when Ruth was done. Now Connie had been tied into that dress all day and that was the first time that she had the opportunity to relieve herself. I was amazed at how much liquid came out of her.

Then I watched as both Connie and Ruth pulled a shift over their heads. Connie said that they would just tell her mother that she couldn’t hold her pee any longer. It was a training procedure for Connie to get dressed up, drink three big glasses of milk, and then see how long she could go without peeing. Women sure did go though a lot of crap to become a lady. I got dressed and then the three of went downstairs together.

I just told Aunt Grace that I had a good rest and that I was ready to help out. She said ‘nonsense’ and told Connie to take me up to the creek to wash off. Take me? That was new. We had never been allowed to go up to the creek together before.

We ran off before Aunt Grace could change her mind. Ruth was Connie’s shadow and she went everywhere that Connie went. At the creek the three of got undressed. It wasn’t fair that the girls only had a shift on and that I had all of my clothes to take off. They were naked and in the water before I could see anything. Then of course they got a really good look at me getting into the water.

I swam over to them and just grabbed Ruth’s breasts. She froze in place and it scared me. Connie explained that Ruth used to get beat real bad if she tried to pull away. I apologized to her and just said that I wanted to know what they felt like. Connie offered her breasts to me too and I grabbed onto them too. Ruth wouldn’t tell me that I was hurting her but Connie did so I was more gentle with her breasts. I reached for Ruth’s crotch at the same time that I reached for Connie’s crotch. Connie told me to reach down lower and finger her hole so I did that to Ruth too. Shortly Connie asked me to bring my finger up a little ways until I found her bump. Then I rubbed both girls at the same time as they moaned out their pleasure. Ruth then stroked my cock and had Connie try it too. Oh wow!

Ruth told Connie that she should let me enter her in the water because she would be wet, her legs would be spread wide, and the water would help hold her up. When I was hard enough Connie wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist. Ruth helped me get my cock up into her. Connie made me hold still while she got used to it. It was her first time. When Connie was ready I started fucking into her and she seemed to like it. All too soon I was cumming and it was over.

We actually swam for a while before getting out of the creek. We just sat naked on the bank letting the sun dry us off before getting dressed. Connie said that she wanted to do it again so Ruth sucked on my cock until I got hard again. She was quite a talented young girl. However, Connie got fucked again and that time she really did enjoy it.

We walked back to the house and Aunt Grace asked Connie how the swim was. Connie smiled and said that it was the best swim ever and that we should do it every day.

Aunt Grace looked at Ruth and asked, “Did you service him properly?”

Both girls answered, “Yes.”

Aunt Grace looked at Connie, then at me, and then she smiled. Aunt Grace said, “Well in that case I guess you three should go swimming together every day.”

Connie said, “Ruth will be sleeping with him at night after she takes care of my needs first.”

Aunt Grace said, “Wonderful. I’m so glad that you have started making some of the decisions around here. It proves that you are becoming a woman. Now go help out in the kitchen and take Ruth with you.”

Once we were alone Aunt Grace wanted to know all about our family and what we thought about Lincoln possible becoming the President. Then she asked me what I thought about slavery. I tried to get out of telling her and said that I really didn’t know enough about it. However, we talked about Ruth and how she had been mistreated, beaten, raped, and then sold. We talked about what would happen to Ruth if war were to occur. We did not come to any conclusion other than we were both scared.

After the sun had set that first night we went up to bed. Ruth went into Connie’s bedroom and I went into George Junior’s bedroom. After I had gotten the bed all warmed up Ruth came in and climbed in with me. She was naked and she was cool from the walk to me. She snuggled her ass into me and placed my free hand on one of her breasts. This time when I squeezed it a little too hard she whispered for me to be more gentle when I did that to Miss Connie. I was more gentle with her too and she seemed to like it. When I reached for her crotch Ruth rolled onto her back and opened her legs up for me. I took a long time examining her with my fingers. She kept giving me pointers that I should use on Miss Connie the next time that we went swimming. Before I fell asleep Ruth climbed on top of me and had sex with me. I liked it and I thanked her. Thanking her was something different for her. Connie had told her to take good care of me and that meant sex. I thanked her again anyway, snuggled into her ass, and grabbed onto her breast. I slept very well that night.

When I woke up the next morning Ruth was already gone and so was Georgie. Shortly Connie came in with Ruth right behind her carrying a tray. I was getting special treatment, breakfast in bed. I ate the food and then I got dressed while the girls watched me. Then I went down to say good morning to Aunt Grace with the girls right behind me. Aunt Grace asked me how I had slept and if Ruth had taken good care of me. Yes to both questions. Then she asked Connie if Ruth had taken good care of her too. Again the answer was yes.

I was curious about the question to and answer from Connie but I waited until we were on the way to the creek to ask her about it. Connie told me that Ruth takes care of her sexual needs too. When we arrived at the creek and got undressed I told Connie that I wanted to watch her and Ruth having sex. Connie just looked at Ruth, laid on her back on the grass, and then told Ruth to do it.

I watched intently as Ruth stood between Connie’s feet and then knelt down. Connie opened her legs up wider and Ruth bent over to kiss Connie’s crotch. She parted the hair with her fingers and then licked up the center causing Connie to shutter. I watched as Ruth put her fingers inside Connie where my cock had been and then up to the bump that I had found on Ruth. It wasn’t long before Connie was moaning through an orgasm and Ruth was back licking her crotch again. Connie sure seemed to like it. Then it was time to go swimming again. I fucked both girls in the water while they were wrapped around me. Later I practiced what I had seen on Ruth and she liked it as much as Connie had. Apparently I was the first person to care about Ruth’s pleasure.

That summer of 1860 I did very little work around the farm. I did however get to have sex with both my cousin Connie and her servant Ruth every day and sometimes even twice. I slept with Ruth every night and came to enjoy her body pressed against mine. I came to love both girls no matter what their color.

At the end of that summer I made my way home to my folks.

That fall Abraham Lincoln was elected President of the United States.

That was the beginning of the end…

The End
Before the Civil War