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The Excitment of Cheating

2022-07-01 00:00:03

The Excitement of Cheating

…..Randy and I (Sheena) were in bed naked watching a porn film. We were getting ourselves all sexually excited before we had sex. It ended and had been a real hot one. The film had been about both a guy and a girl cheating by agreement. Later they would tell each other in detail, how it went. They would do this about every 2-3 weeks. It was putting high thrills in their own personal sex life. The guy would go have sex with another woman who had a boyfriend. He would have to sneak around and fuck her quickly in his car, or at her place, so as to not get caught by her boyfriend. Risky but exciting.

…. The next time he and his girlfriend were going to have sex, he would describe his sneaking and cheating in detail. It made them both turned on to a new high.
…... The girl would do the same. Go and have hot sex with another guy…. then describe the sneaking, kissing, the feeling up, undressing with only limited time to have sex and not get caught by his girlfriend.

…..Randy and I lay in bed naked and felt our bodies. We said we wondered what it must be like, to sneak around, hide, be careful, take risks, to sneak and have hot exciting risky sex.

….. Randy and I decided to describe if we did cheat,…. how it might go.

…..This where the fun began…..

….I said: “Randy, you go first. Pick any woman and tell me how you’d cheat with her.” Randy thought. I noticed his cock began to rise up and get real hard as he began to smile. “Any woman?” he said. “Yes any woman. This is a fantasy cheat so don’t hold anything back.” I said.
…The cheating excitement was already making me wet. I wanted to know what he was thinking about that was making his cock get hard. He paused a long while…..I said: “Come on Randy, ANY woman that you would like to cheat with, just for fun.” I reached over and started stroking his now erect cock. He closed his eyes. I whispered: (“…who would you like to cheat with and have hot sex with, Randy. It’s only a fantasy, so go for it.”) His smile got bigger.

….I found myself getting real excited waiting to find out what this fantasy woman was like he wanted to cheat and have sex with. This was turning out to be a real turn on for me. Picturing him having steaming sex with this fantasy other woman, was making me real wet.

(Randy thought…)
…..Damn, a guy thinks about a lot of women he’d like to fuck, but not actually doing it. Now I could pick a woman that had really turned me on in the past, or even today, or create mentally a super hot woman.
…. But….one woman had immediately come to my mind.
Sheena’s mom…. Sandi
…she was no fantasy. We had just had our first sex a while back after wanting each other secretly for a very long time. Sandi was built just like Sheena. Long brown hair, nice full tits, beautiful face and skin. I had fantasies of fucking her from when I first met her. She had been a single mom since Sheena was little.
….. Guys can tell when a woman is showing interest for real by the way they act when you’re alone with them. If I put my arm around her shoulders for some reason, she always gulped and took a big breath. Soon the alone together hugging started. Nothing was spoken, but our hands slowly did the talking. Slowly we began fondling each other.

.....About a month ago, we were in her laundry room together and Sandi got real sexually excited. We were hugging tight together and my boner was rubbing on her pussy. She was breathing hard and started feeling my boner up and down real firm. I whispered: (“…I want you so bad and for so long, I could make love to you right here on the floor.”) She started to tremble. After having her feelings for me all suppressed for so long, she let it all out.
….She whispered back: (“..Oh god, don’t say that, we can’t….I mean…Sheena and you are together and…I…well… I want you so bad too, but we can’t…we must have a private talk about this. I’m off for two weeks soon. Come by and…we must talk…I can’t take anymore of this….come by and help me deal with it. Right now though…hold me…I can’t help but feel you...I know I shouldn’t…but….oh god…hold me tight!”) I kissed her for the first time and she stopped trembling and melted in my arms. We were all over us our with hands feeling everything. She gasp for air and ran out of the room.

….I came by one morning during her time off. She was wearing a robe and sat by me. “Randy”, she said quietly…”We should end this…but I can’t. Sheena must never know, but I’ve wanted you so long now, I’m tired of waiting.” She pulled me over on top of her and began kissing me and pulling down my shorts pants. Her robe was open with no bra and no panties. Her legs came up as she reached for my cock. She stroked it as her breathing was gasping for air……
….”Ok Sheena, here’s the woman I would like to cheat with.”
…..(I started telling her the ’true’ story of her mom Sandi and I having our first sex. I just changed a few things and called her ’Mary’.)

…..”I went to ’Mary’s’ house to talk about the hot crush we had on each other. I sat on the couch with her and she said she couldn’t end it even though I already had a ’girlfriend’. She knew the ’girlfriend’ real well and felt troubled getting a crush on me, not wanting to cut in on the girlfriends guy…..me.
…..‘Mary had a boyfriend, but was out of town a lot.
……She had on a robe with no panties or bra and pulled me over on top of her. She pulled my short pants down and began to stroke my hardon. He robe was open and her legs came up as she started kissing me all hot and out of breath. I told her I was tired of waiting and wanted her real bad. She said: “Lets go up to my bed and get comfortable. I picked her up and carried her to her bed. I said: “ We’d better hurry, as my ’girlfriend’ could drive by at any time, see my car…and…she would go crazy if she caught me fucking ….well…a…her mom.”

…..Sheena was all wide eyed and intrigued at my story and said: “Wow…your fantasy is to cheat with your girlfriends mom!….Wow…that is so hot, go on!…tell me more”….

(I continued)
…..Mary’s mom and I got completely naked and got into bed. Mary’s mom hadn’t had any sex in a long while, and she was ready. She started getting real hyper and wild. She immediately went for my cock to suck it, as I went for her wet pussy to lick it. She could really moan and squirm as we licked each other. This was a real turn for me and I began to lick her real good.

.....I liked to feel her twitch and squirm as I put my fingers in her pussy and began to massage it. Her hips went wild moving as I sucked her clit hard. I heard her peaking as she moaned loud. She deep throated me and squeezed my butt cheeks hard. I exploded cum in her throat as my body jolted again and again. Her juices flooded my fingers as she trembled when she climaxed. Our moans of ecstasy were awesome.

…..We heard a car door close outside. Someone was here! Mary quick got up and headed for the shower as I quick put on my clothes. It was my girlfriend, Mary’s daughter! I had to think quick. My girlfriend just walked in and called out to us. I came downstairs all out of breath. “Hi dear, I was just carrying some boxes upstairs for your mom. “Where’s mom?” she asked. “In the bathroom I think.” I said. “Oh“…she said. She said she left some papers here and got them but had to get going. She gave me a peck on the lips and stood at the door a second. She licked her lips with a puzzled look on her face. I could still taste and smell the aroma her mom’s pussy on my lips. I got a stomach jolt when I realized that. She slowly went out the door, still licking her lips. I heard her car leave. I got in my car and left, still trying catch my breath……I still thinking about Mary’s sweet pussy and the wonderful cum I had just had…..
…My girlfriend never said a word about that day…
Whew…THAT was a close call……
….Sheena loved my ‘fantasy’ about cheating on her. She was now really turned on and still stroking my hardon. (little did she know I had really fucked her mom.)
…..Now it was her turn to tell me about fantasy cheating on me. I turned towards her and started fingering her wet pussy. She lay on her back and started feeling her own tits and was just thinking….I watch her face as she slowly began an evil looking smile….she kept thinking…

(Sheena thought….) Randy, if you thought I would never make the connection about that day I tasted and smelled pussy on your lips, you are sadly mistaken. (*I had tasted and smelled the aroma of a womans pussy before..) The fact is…I was happy for my mom, getting some good sex… and I knew who you were cheating with at least. I saw the looks between you two, and I liked it. The thought of you two sneaking behind my back to fuck, was actually a turn on….plus one tiny little fact….I was making it with your best friend Dan after I found out you and mom were having sex. I know my mom’s aroma, and it was a dead giveaway when I first smelled it on you, a long time ago. I knew you must be fondling her behind my back. She also smelled like your aftershave at times. When I tasted pussy and smelled her aroma on you, that’s when I said to myself, go for Dan for some extra sneaking thrills too.
….So Randy’s fantasy cheat turned out to be a real cheat with my mom….no problem. Now to tell my ’fantasy cheat’ and telling the ’disguised’ version of Dan and my cheating….

…..I started talking…

….I slowly got the hots for my boyfriends best friend. I’ll call him Troy. He had a nasty girlfriend I didn’t like. We started lightly flirting a long time ago, and It got to me. One afternoon I came up behind him and put my arms around his tummy. I whispered: (“…your girlfriend is so lucky to have you, sometimes I wish I was her.”)
He reached around and started feeling my hips and butt. He leaned back and whispered: (…”sometimes when I have sex with her, I imagine it’s you under me..”) He took my one hand and moved it down to his cock as we both rubbed his hardon. His girlfriend was gone for a while. We just let our lust grow and kept going with our hands. We got really hot and turned on. Before we knew it we were kissing and letting our feelings all out. It was so exciting sneaking the feels and his hands up under my blouse and on my tits.

..... I unzipped his pants and felt a nice warm cock in my trembling hand. It was happening fast and he backed me up over to a chair. I had on a short skirt. He got my panties down so quick I got dizzy with the anticipation of us fucking right now. He whispered breathlessly: (“Sheena…. oh baby…oh god I’ve wanted you so bad.”) I whispered panting back: (“..put it in me quick, I’ve waited so long for this.”) He turned me around and leaned me over the soft chair. He started slipping his cock in me from behind. His girlfriend could be back anytime, but we were desperate to fuck now. His hands went under my blouse and under my bra. He held my tits firm and we fucked together and moaned. We fucked hard and fast letting it build up as much as we could in the short time we had.

.....I spread my legs wider to get him in deeper in my wet pussy. Loud slapping noises filled the room as my butt cheeks were slapping against his thighs. He kissed my neck as we both felt it coming. “Oooooooo!!!” we yelled as his cum shot hard in my pussy. I clamped my pussy down on his cock and fucked for all I was worth. My hips moved like never before, taking all the good feelings I could get. Damn I was hot with passion. I had never had this sneaking excitement before, and it was peaking my pussy out. My pussy trembled with excitement. I loved the flow of his hot cum in me. I squirmed to feel it over and over. I heard a car pull up in the drive. I didn’t want him to pull out, but we had to. I quick pulled my panties up as he ran for the bathroom. I quick air sprayed the room and headed for the kitchen. I grabbed a big box and held it. My pussy kept tingling non stop.

..... I walked out into the living room out of breath. It was his girlfriend. She assumed my panting breath was from moving boxes. My panties were full of Dan’s cum and I couldn’t help but smile at her. “Where’s Dan?” she asked in her blunt tone: “In the bathroom, I think.” I said. She sat down in the same chair that Dan had just fucked me over, I walked by her with Dan’s cum oozing slowly down my leg. I passed Dan in the hall as he came out of the bathroom. He was carrying a newspaper in front of his erection. We just smiled as I went in the bathroom to clean up….

….My boyfriend never knew what a wonderful and exciting afternoon I had, sneaking a hot fuck from his best friend………(which was all true!)

….Randy said my fantasy cheat story had really got him hot and he began to roll over on top of me. We had wonderful exciting sex that night, with plans to do this more often….We continued our fantasy cheat stories and never seemed to run out of new stories …we always complemented each other on how ’real’…..

….our stories seemed to be………(wink)