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Service Call !!!

2023-01-09 00:30:59

Well, here is my second attempt to tell a true story that happened to me. I think true stories are hot In my opinion . I will make a strong effort to express detail but still stay in the "truth"

The story begins in South Florida in the Spring of 98.

I was working for a hi-end furniture store as the Furniture Technician , a fancy name for a Furniture Repair Person. I have been in thousands of homes and had some wild experiences through the years, but few as memorable as this one....

About 11 am was my appointment be at a service call in a condominium complex in Naples. I was a bit late but the Lady of the home greeted me at the door with kindness. She ( Mrs. P) invited me in and asked me if I wanted something to drink. "No thank you" I said . Then she pointed out the item in her master bedroom that needed repairing. I told her it's not a problem. It might take me an hour or so to complete the task. She said " that's find"

I started downstairs as they lived on the second story condo complex, to get some tools and supplies I needed. Back into the condo where Mrs. P. came up to me and said "I just got an unexpected call to go into to work, but the maid is here and she will help you with any needs you may have" I said "that's fine , I will leave you my card on the table when I am finished."

Not even 5 minuets went by and the maid came up to me and said she had to leave too. I then said " do I need me to come back another day?'" She said "No, the daughter is here and she knows you are working in the home" ....."Ok, fine" , I said

Well, I went back down to my service vehicle to get tools more tools and the daughter came up to me and said" Hello I ‘m Kim you look like a nice guy I could trust…. I am going to jump into the shower I will leave the door unlocked if you need to go-in- and-out .“

I quickly said Awesome is there room for both of us? “

She laughed and said….”you know what I mean !” and turned away giggling !

Shit, my fucking heart was pounding like I just ran a 10K race. This girl was a TOTAL HOTTTTTTT BABE! I found out later she was 18 years old. I said to myself , this service call might turn out to be wild. There was something, the way Kim was acting that had me aroused and hoping for the best.

A few minuets goes by...as I was busy working in the master bedroom and I looked up, to my surprise I saw Kim going in to bathroom from across the living room. Then I heard the shower go on. Wow, I would love to open the bathroom door and eat her 18 year old pussy till dawn. She was so fucking sweet. I could hardly perform my repairs as I was shaking with desire.

I heard the shower shut off and then Kim opened the door to the bathroom and left the door open and she stood there in a pair of black panties and topless !!! Fuck ! She has puffy nipples and they are big ! Now my heart is my pants making my cock wanting to be pulled out.. Kim stood there in front of the mirror blow drying her long blond hair, moving back and forth ,form side to side and those tits of hers were getting hard. She knew she was being watched.

Well out came my cock. and I stroked to her standing there oh so hot. I was watching her in a clear view, sitting on her moms bed jacking off to her very sexy 18 year old daughter. Then after several minuets of watching her she came out and went into her room where she changed into wearing a very sexy outfit. She came up to me and said "I have to go and meet someone for lunch"......"you too?" I said.

She looked at me and said "you look like I can trust you in the house alone"

I wanted to look at her as long as possible. so I said to her " come see what I am doing to the entertainment center in your Mom's room.." She went down on all fours and was looking at my repairs. .Her sweet ass was sticking up in the air as I was behind her ,it took all my will power not rape and fuck the shit out of that blond bitch right then and there.

She stood up and said ..."just shut the door when you are done, got to go"

I watched her form HER bedroom window walk down stairs and drive away in and red VW.

Now is payback for that bitch fucking with my head !!!!! First thing was to lock the door with the dead bolt so if anyone would come home I would get a little more notice. Then I went back into Kim’s bedroom and drop my paints and was working a very stiff cock that had pre-cum all over my aching swollen head I walked around her room …. sat on her bed,…. jacked in the mirror over her dresser…. I said to myself....., lets see what this bitch has in her room that would make me even hornier …..…Ahhh, …I found KY jelly in her night stand...Hummm..... This will help me for sure....I love lube, So I plastered her KY jelly all over my cock...Since the KY was in her room I then I looked for other items… she must have one I said to myself…… and found it in her closet under some shoe boxes….COOL !!!!! A nice rubber dildo cock I licked it a few times. and I put my cock against her latex toy. My cock was bigger and harder !!! LOL Then , I got into her panties drawer and was stroking my cock with some of her super small panties in my other hand and up to my mouth. But it was the Bras that got me rocking and on the verge of a massive eruption of cock cum….. A red bra with lace, I took out of the drawer and placed it on her pillow of her bed. There is where I masturbated to a violent orgasm and shot a huge load of thick hot sperm. Half the load went on the left side of the bra cup and the other half went on her white pillow. Then I milked my cock nectar and got a nice amount on her dildo too. Oh, and just a few more drops were left…. that found her tooth brush. I always wanted to do that to a chick. While she is brushing her teeth my cum is in her mouth I went back and sat on her bed catching my breath.

Made her bed all up and nice and tightly. I went back and finished my work that was a hassle after that..

Now here is something few of you people are going to believe.......I went home and told my wife this exact true store that I just told you. She came three times before I could finish the story. We often tell each other of solo masturbation experiences. Of course I did not tell her of the time I jacked off in front of her sisters kids My first story I wrote here !!!

I often wonder if KIM gets a tittie hard-on when she wears that red bra and the night she went to bed and my cum was all over her pillow. That thought had me hard all night long..