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Bicurious In College No Longe

2022-11-06 14:24:05

It was a warm spring day like any other. I was a sophomore in college and lived in a house with 3 other guys. I lived in the finished garage so I had plenty of space to myself. I am an average built white guy with light body hair standing at 5'9" and 190lb. My cock is 5.5" cut and thick with a hefty pair of balls swaying beneath. I always considered myself good looking and had a girlfriend that I had been dating for about 6 months. I was not a virgin by any means but I felt I was missing something.

I always considered myself straight and definitely acted the part. However, when I was learning about sex and started looking at porn online, I would find myself searching for guys as well as girls. Something about comparing my cock to another guys interested me. I would get glimpses in the locker room and shower, but I was so nervous that I'd get caught looking that I never was able to take it all in. Early on I noticed a pair of my sister panties in the laundry room. It was a white lacy thong and my animal instincts took over. It was much skimpier and sexier than any pair I'd seen before and something clicked inside of me. I inspected them and decided to jerking off with them. I'd smell the crusty spots and wrap the soft material around my cock as I stroked. Soon I tried wearing them because I wanted to see how girls felt wearing them with the back wedged between their cheeks. I would continue to wear panties and thongs from then on and jerk off with the tight, soft material cradling my sack and rubbing against my asshole. I was a very horny and curious person when it came to sex and had even explored my asshole with my finger a few times. It was hard and messy but the couple times I jerked off in the shower and had a finger inserted in my hole I would cum so hard.

Fast forward to today. I was prescribed adderall for my adhd by the school and it helped me study, but for some reason made me horny as hell. As I took it, my thoughts of cock and other guys started becoming more pertinent. I still wore panties and had a few that I borrowed from my GF without her knowing. I would read other stories on here about straight guys and college guys having first encounters. Eventually I got so turned on by the idea of being naked with another guy that I wanted to see and feel a cock in person. Online pictures, stories and videos weren't cutting it. Recently at a party she threw with her roommates I went into her room when no one was around and stole her purple vibrator she had shown me. One night I used my Vaseline and tried to insert it into my tight pink hole as I lay on my back. I started with a finger. I slowly rubbed between my small cheeks and found my rosebud. It teased it a bit and felt my cock grow. I slipped the finger in and wiggled it around as I searched for my prostate. I was so turned on and added a second finger. My hole was lubed and warmed up as precum began to wet the head. I lubed the purple dildo and aimed it at my warm asshole. It was bigger than my fingers but easy enough to get in. It sent a shiver down my spine as I slowly pushed it in and out as I lay on my back with my knees bent and my cock laying on my stomach. I wondered why girls loved vibrators over dildos and turned it on. Immediately flushed with an overwhelming sensation I kept going and started to stroke my cock. I had no experience and was not aware of my prostate enough to hit it, but it felt so good none the less. I felt a different tingling sensation deep in me, I couldn't control it anymore as I burst. The first shot of cum landed on my face and dripped down near my mouth. The next few created a pool on my chest. I pulled the vibrator out and cleaned up. I knew my panty fetish was a submissive thing, but why did I enjoy having a vibrator thrusting in and out my asshole? That confirmed it, I had to experience the real thing.

I began to search around online and discovered craigslist ads. There were so many fake and creepy posts, but I kept searching. I wanted another discreet student that was more dominant to show me the ropes and lead. I was nervous but eventually found a freshman that fit my needs. He lived on campus so I invited him over late one night. We biked and met a few blocks from my house. He seemed normal and masculine. He was about my height and weight too. He was asian and good looking. I had never seen an asian cock in person before and was getting excited. We biked to my house and I told him that we had to be quiet as my roommates were home. My room was far from the others and we parked our biked on the side yard. I led him through the back door to my room. I was so nervous but he seemed to be comfortable and confident. We were both wearing basketball shorts and t-shirts as we sat down on my couch. I turned on some late night porn show on hbo to try and get comfortable.

We both were sneaking peeks as we watched the show, not talking much. I noticed he would grab and rub his cock through his shorts from time to time as a bulge began to appear. I did the same, seeing him start to get horny and touch himself made me horny too. Soon enough we were watching each other and not the tv anymore. We were both hard and it showed. He finally spoke up and told me to move closer. I scooted over as he reached inside his shorts and grabbed his cock.

He asked me "Do you want to touch it?"

I had been thinking about this moment for so long. I said "yes I would like that."

He removed his hand and leaned back with me sitting right next to him. I reached out my hand towards the big tent in his shorts and started to grab and feel it through his shorts. It felt thick and hard as I tried to stroke it through the material. As I zoned out on his cock, he reached down and pulled his shorts down as I pulled back. I finally got to see a hard cock up close. His asian cock was cut, thick, about 6" with a big round purple head. His balls were on the smaller side but he was shaved smooth. I grabbed his cock and started to stroke it. It was curved up so it angled towards his stomach. I fondled his little sack and stroked up and down. It felt warm and harder than I thought but it was soft to the touch.

After a few moments of me playing with him, he suggested we move to my bed. He asked me if I wanted to 69 and I agreed. I loved doing it with my girl so it should be fun. We stripped naked and walked to the bed. He told me to lay down and I did as he said. I was getting nervous, I wasn't sure how I'd do sucking a cock but I had imagine it so many times. I wonder what it smells like up in my face and how it would taste. He got up on the bed and straddled my head with his knees. I could see his smooth brown asshole and wrinkly sack. He bent down and started stroking my cock. I was so turned on as he played with me that I reached up and grabbed his cock. It was hard with his bend to get it to my mouth but I managed to bring it right to my face. I started by licking his purple head. It was soft and squishy against my tongue. I ran my tongue along his veiny shaft as I felt him take my rod in his mouth. It felt so good as he bobbed and swallowed me up. I had to try. I slowly slipped his cock in my mouth and began to try and take as much as I could. I managed to get about half way before he spoke again.

"I want you to eat my asshole"

I did not plan on this... But I was so horny and fueled by his commands that I released his cock and moved my hands to his butt as it hovered right above my face. He was smooth and had a bubble butt. I grabbed his cheeks and spread them revealing his brown asshole. I jiggled them, making his hole wink at me as I tried to work up the courage. I leaned up and licked across the clean hole. He moaned and moved into a sitting position giving me full access to his ass. I used a finger to tease it and I began to suck and rim him. I pushed my tip of my tongue into his asshole making him squirm. After about 5 minutes he told me to give him a blow job so I got up and he laid down on the bed. I stood at the foot of the bed as he spread his legs and gave me a full view of his cock and ass. I started to lick around and then take him in my mouth. I would stop to lick his hole and balls then I used a finger to tease his ass. He moaned that he wanted me to put a finger in so I slipped my middle finger in with little trouble since his hole was wet from my spit. I managed to get his whole cock down my throat and worked faster. I had a cock down my throat while keeping rhythm with my finger in his ass. I couldn't believe how gay this was, but I was loving it. I was his good cock sucker and he was starting to moan loudly. I released his cock from my mouth and told him he needed to be quiet and then went back to work. With in a minute he was squirming and fighting to stay quiet. It was so hot seeing him writhing on the bed because of what I was doing. I knew he was close and I wanted to taste his cum. He finally gave me the signal and I took his cock deep. He exploded with his cock down my throat. I managed to swallow his entire load but was a little disappointed I didn't savor it. I was in such a cock sucker mood that I just took it all deep.

Now it was my turn. I laid down with my cock still sticking straight up. I grabbed the purple vibrator and told him it was my girlfriends. I wanted him to make me cum while fucking my ass with it. I wasn't sure how he'd react but he thought it was so hot two discreet guys would do this. I applied some Vaseline and he probed my asshole with the dildo until he got it in. He pushed it in and out as he sucked my cock. I was in heaven. He had a better angle than I did alone so he was hitting deep. He took my cock in his hand and stroked me. The view of him stroking and fucking me was hotter than I imagined. Before too long he sped up his hands and I could feel my orgasm building. I quietly moaned that I was going to cum and he maintained his pace. Suddenly I tensed up and blew my cum all over myself. He pulled out the vibrator as I cleaned myself up. We both got dressed and I walked him out secretly.

No one knew what had happened but I couldn't believe how hot the encounter was. I had one of the best orgasms I've ever had that night. I discovered my love of being a bottom and developed an asian cock kink after that. I never saw him again but think about it often. Not a bad first time!