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The Torture of Pauline

2022-05-28 00:44:28

The man watched the school children being dismissed from their venue of higher learning. His eyes fell upon the one chosen girl, probably 9 or 10 years old. Her red hair pigtailed on both sides with freckles covering everywhere he could see. She wore red shorts, a red tank top, and red sneakers.

What the man looked like is not relevant to the story. Let’s just call him rather nondescript, looking like every other 40-60 year old man. For several weeks he followed her, to see if she ever changed her route from the school to her home. She never wavered, not one iota. Several times he followed her, at a distance of course, and found the perfect place to kidnap her. A copse of trees hiding her from prying eyes for about five minutes. This is where he waited, and soon the little girl came within his reach.

He reached for the chloroform and the cloth, wetted on with the other, and just as he finished she appeared right beside him, next to the tree he hid behind. As she walked by he stepped out, slammed the chloroformed clothe over her mouth, and held her around the chest with his other arm. Soon she fell limp in his arm. He picked her up and carried her away, to his car many blocks away. No one really paid any attention to him.

He put her in the car, on the passenger seat. He bent her over, tying her wrists behind her back, then her ankles together. He sat her back up, shoved a ball gag into her mouth and buckled it behind her head. He put a bandana around her face, in the style of the old robbers of the west, so no one could see the gag, then buckled her in. He slid in behind the wheel, and started the car. It would be several hours before he came to his house. Once he got out of the city, he stopped the car and put a blindfold on his little passenger. During his drive home she woke up, screaming. The gag kept her screams to a soft squeal.

“You need to hush, sweetheart. We still have a long time to go before we reach your new home, and your beginnings of torture.”

He watched her as she struggled against her ropes. He chuckled, having fun watching her struggle. Then she really screamed as she released her bladder.

“Now why did you do that, little one? You will be tortured even harder now.”

He pulled off the road onto the shoulder and put on his emergency blinkers. He knew no cops patrolled this are of the highway. He got out, trundled over to the other side of the car. He opened the door, unfastened the girl’s seat belt, and lifted her out and stood her by the car. He pulled some cleaning solution and rags out of the trunk, and cleaned up the urine fairly quickly. He pulled a pair of scissors out of the glove compartment for situations just like this.

“Now, sweetheart, I am going to cut your clothes off so I can clean off your urethra and all round your vagina and legs where I’m certain all that nasty liquid must have hit sitting the way you were.”

As she felt the scissors touch her shoulders to cut off her tank top she screamed again and tried to get away. She fell on her face, scratching her nose and skinning her knees. The man picked her up and applied some antibiotic to both knees and her nose. He then continued to cut off all her clothes, and removed her sneakers. He gently rubbed a warm soapy cloth around her vagina, forcing her knees open so he could get everywhere he needed to get. He even opened her labia and rubbed the cloth deep inside her slit. He walked slowly behind her, ordered her to bend over. She didn’t move. He ordered her again, this time shoving her head down. She obeyed finally, and he ran the still warm soapy clothed across her buttocks, then with one hand opened her bottom cheeks and ran the wash cloth up and down her crack, paying special attention to her little pink anus.

Finally, he lifted her back into the car and fastened her in, completely naked. He could tell she was crying.

“Don’t worry. We’ll be home in another couple of hours. Then you can eat and drink, go the bathroom, I’ll even let you play in my playroom. But bedtime will be at 2100, and not a minute sooner or later. Tomorrow morning your torture will begin. And I intend to start out severely. Won’t that be fun?”

He watched the girl’s little nipples move up and down as she cried harder. He couldn’t help himself. He noticed that her nipples sat atop small breast peaks. He reached over and pinched first her right nipple, then her left. She squealed through her sobbing. He did it again. And again . . . and again . . .

He looked down at her legs and feet. God, what beautiful feet! He thought. I will enjoy torturing those little feet unmercifully! Not to mention those small breasts. He might even put some type of clamps on those nipples. Yes, that would be nice, too.

As he drove on, she stopped crying. He thought she might have gone to sleep. He drove the rest of the way in silence. He pulled into his driveway, his home being far out in the country with his nearest neighbor 4 miles away. Very secluded, which allowed him to do what he wanted to do without any interference.

He turned off the engine and sat there a few minutes, thinking, “Should I kill her when I’m finished with her? No, I can’t do that. I’ll just leave her somewhere.”

He got out of the car and carried the little girl into his house, down a set of stairs to a 6’ thick steel door, opening it. Down another set of stairs, another 8’ thick steel door, another set of stairs and a third and final steel door, 12’ thick. The doors opened from the outside without any problems, gliding across a pneumatic cushion. The simple lock fell away at his hand at each door, but no one not knowing the right set of letters and numbers would never get in. This is where he deposited her. Her room, although a she was a captive, was large, with a four-poster bed, complete kitchen, hidden bathroom with sink and mirror. He stood her up, removed her blindfold. He watched her blink quickly trying to get her sight back after being blindfolded for so long. He removed her gag. He guessed she realized screaming would do no good. He removed the ropes from her ankles, and finally untied her wrists. She rubbed all the places the ropes had cut into her.

“Where am I?” she asked.

“First, I need to know your name, OK?”

“My name is Pauline Elizabeth Manfine. I’m 9 years old. I want my mommy and daddy!” She lunged at the man, hoping to surprise him. But he suffered through many a fits like this so he averted her attack by grabbing both wrists and pulling them behind her back, then forced them up, Pauline bending over farther the farther he pulled her wrists up in the air.

“Don’t try anything, and you won’t get hurt. Not yet, that is. But if you continue, I will begin your torture right here and now. Understand?”

“Yes, I understand. Just please, let go of me.”

“Very well. Are you hungry?”

Pauline nodded.

“Do you have any favorite foods?”

“I love my momma’s goulash, with a sweet red wine, and sugar pie for desert.”

“I don’t know how to fix either the goulash or the sugar pie. In fact, I’ve never heard of sugar pie. The red wine I can provide. What else do you like to eat?”

“How about spaghetti with mushroom sauce and sausage, with whatever you think would be good for desert.”

“I think I can manage that. First, there are three doors to this room, with staircases between, each door of different thicknesses of steel. They each have a different letter and number combination. If I ever forgot what they were, I would be stuck down here with you, and we’d both die eventually. There is plenty of fresh air. I have a ventilation system set up where there is more than enough air to keep you alive. Come here.”

She knew better now not to disobey. She approached him slowly. He gently grabbed her arms just below the shoulders.

“You are a very beautiful girl. Your freckles are everywhere aren’t they?”

Pauline merely nodded.

“Turn around and bend over with your legs spread as wide as you can get them.”

Again, she obeyed, wondering what he would do to her. He merely spread her butt cheeks to inspect the crease for freckles, which showed prominently. He spread her labia, and there too sprouted delightful freckles.

“All right, you can stand up and turn around now.” She did so. He reached up and very lightly touched her strawberry sized nipples and breasts. She gasped at his touch. She knew about sex, but had never experienced it. Is that what her mom and dad meant?

He removed his hands, and she shuddered. It felt so good. But she was only 9 years old! Was she supposed to have these feelings?

“Tell you what. You get cleaned up, take a shower, wash your beautiful hair and body, and go sit on the bed and wait for me. I will be down in a little while with your dinner.”

“OK.” She watched him go, and as he shut the door she ran after him. She tried to pull it open, but it wouldn’t budge. First, she didn’t have the strength to open it, and second, it must have automatically locked when he shut it. She gave up and took a very long hot shower, making sure she was clean from the top of her head to her clit and cunt down to the bottoms of her feet.

Pauline found a very thick towel hanging over the towel rack. She dried herself, then her hair, and brushed it out with the brush provided. She went to lie on her bed, waiting for whatever happened next.

She guessed about fifteen minutes later the man came down with supper. The wonderful smell reached her before he did. He set up a large old-fashioned card table, and lay the food on it. Two plates filled with spaghetti with mushroom sauce, a big bottle of red wine, two wine glasses, and a mouth watering big apple pie.

They began to eat, in silence. Pauline gulped down the red wine, demanding more. He never touched it. After everything was eaten, or nearly eaten, she asked him, “Why are you doing this to me? What will you do to me?”

“Pauline, I do this because I can, because I like to see little girls in severe torture and pain. Your pain will give me great pleasure. It will begin first thing in the morning. I have closed off the bathroom so you can’t pee. Nor even have a bowel movement. Your body is mine to do with as I please. And no one knows you’re here. If you’re good about taking all the torture I give you, you will go home. You will live. If you don’t, I don’t know what will happen. I will take you down in just a few minutes, as soon as you clean the table. Then, go brush your teeth and take another shower. Then I will ready you for bed.”

As things were completed, Pauline was finally ready for bed. The man carried several different sized ropes to Pauline’s bed where she waited.

“Give me your hands,” he told her. She obeyed. He tied her wrists together tightly. “Bring your feet up now.” Again, she obeyed, and he tied her ankles together just as tightly as her wrists.

“Now, lay down in the middle of the bed.” He waited while she scooted her naked body to the middle of the bed.

The man went to work, first tying her wrists to the head rail, then pulling her on her feet to take up all the slack, tied her ankles to the foot rail. He managed to ball gag her with a slightly larger ball then he had used before, and used a thicker leather blindfold than the one he used before as well.

“Good night, little torture toy. I will see you in the morning.”

Pauline began screaming, struggling against her ropes.

“Now, now. Don’t struggle too much. You will need all your strength tomorrow for all the severe torture I will be giving you.”

Pauline stopped struggling, and just lay there on her back, knowing it would do no good to scream or struggle. Besides which, the gag fit so tightly she could only breathe through her nose.

“That’s better,” said the man. “See you in the morning.” He walked out, closing and locking the three doors behind him.

Pauline wondered what kind of torture he would inflict on her. She’d been spanked before, so that didn’t scare her.

Little Pauline, laying on her bed start naked, wrists and ankles bound to the head board and foot board, blindfolded and ball gagged, wondered what tomorrow would bring her. The man said he was going to torture her. What did he mean? She didn’t know what ‘torture’ was. Oh, she’d heard the word, and even looked it up in the dictionary one day, but that still didn’t give her any clue as to the type of torture people could do to each other. She hoped he wouldn’t hurt her too bad. She couldn’t take a lot of pain. Her dad would make her strip so he could spank her bottom really hard without any clothes being in the way. But that wasn’t really torture. He never touched her otherwise, though she had heard other girls and boys tell of different things their parents did to them.

She finally drifted off to sleep.

Pauline awoke to the man untying her feet and wrists from the bed.

“Mmmuummm!” she murmured through her gag.

“Sorry, little torture victim. No food, no water, no going to the bathroom.”

Once he got her untied from the bed, he picked her up in his arms, a finger between her legs playing with her slit and clit, and carried her to the torture room. She felt feelings down there she had never felt before, and hoped the man wouldn’t stop. But stop he did.

“We are now in the torture room. I am going to put you on a sawhorse. Then I will retie you more severely.”

He lay her face down on the sawhorse, her slit spread apart by the cornered top of the horse. She squealed at the painful touch.

“Lay with your wrists out as far as you can get them.” As she complied he pulled on her wrists roughly and tied them to a bar at the end of the sawhorse. Next he pulled her feet up and placed them flat against the horse’s sides, and tied them there.

“Now comes the torture,” he told Pauline. He gathered the hammer and nails he would use. He grabbed her right nipple and began to pull on it, barely touching it to the wood. He used two hands to get it where he wanted it, put a nail against it, then began hammering her nipple to the wood. Pauline screamed bloody murder. He repeated the procedure on her other nipple. Not screaming, he deduced she must have passed out from shock.

He took a sponge and filled it with cold water, and wiped Pauline’s face and brow. She finally came to.

“More torture, little one.”

“Mmm! Mmmmmmm! Mmmmmmmmm!”

He then began to drive a nail into the skin between each of her toes. She tried to move them away from him, but to no avail. He had tied them too tight. When he finished with her toes, he then pulled her labia far apart, and was able to get enough skin to nail them to the sawhorse as well. He was barely able to get her clit nailed as well. Finally he took a large tube of the athletic heat that begins as a cool sensation, then turns into severe heat, and put a copious amount into her slit, onto her clit and spread her butt cheeks so he could push a large amount up her rectum as well.

When she felt the heat working on her, she screamed and screamed again and again and again. When she struggled to get away from the burning, her nipples pulled, as well as her labia, clit and feet. “I am going now to get something to eat. Probably McDonalds® or someplace like that. Enjoy yourself. Bye.”

No! She couldn’t believe it! He was going to leave her all alone! When he nailed her to the sawhorse, she felt something wet run from those places. She decided it was blood.

She struggled again, but all the nails hurt her too badly to try that again. Her nipples throbbed. Her labia sent searing pain through her body. Her clit burned. The nails between her toes sent wave after wave of blazing terror to her brain.

The next thing she knew of her captor is when a paddle smacked her on her rear end. She let out a gasp of surprise. But then, and he began to spank her harder and harder, Pauline began to cry, making little noises from her gag. She didn’t know how long he paddled her, but it hurt tremendously, especially as she tried to writhe to escape the paddle, but the nails caused her even more pain. And still he continued to paddle her. She knew her exposed bottom must be a very bright red. She could feel the heat coming from her little butt cheeks.

Finally the paddling stopped. Then she felt something being pushed into her cunt. Slowly, and finally entered her fully. Then something no on had ever done before, something being eased into her anus. She screamed as it pushed in farther and farther. Finally it, too, filled her rear passage. Then the strong vibrations started. She jerked her body at the surprise, forcing her body to pull against all the nails. But she couldn’t help herself. The vibrators caused her to pull against the nails at the feeling she felt deep inside her cunt and butt hole. Soon, she felt something building inside her. She began to move with the vibrators, and suddenly Pauline reached her first ever orgasm. She knew about orgasms, but never experienced one. The pain she suffered from the nails actually seemed to heighten her orgasm. She instinctively knew that’s what it was. But the vibrators remained inside her cunt and butt hole, and remained on. The vibrations once again began to work on poor Paul ine. It didn’t take as long this time to reach another orgasm. And still the vibrators stayed in, and she suffered yet a third orgasm.

Then the vibrators were turned off and unceremoniously removed without any warning. She actually felt empty. She needed something inside her again, inside her cunt and anus. What would happen now?

Pauline lay there, wondering what was next. The nails still hurt, but where they had been hammered through her flesh it seemed to be now a dull ache, with still a little pain involved.

NO! Pauline felt her nose burning! Then something hot being dripped down the middle of her back! What was it?

‘I don’t think a little bit of hot candle wax will hurt you too badly. Let’s just see how badly.”

She felt him parting her butt cheeks, and suddenly searing hot pain on her anus sent searing pain through her body. As she tried to move, of course, the nailed parts of her body wouldn’t allow her any movement.

“Now, let’s see how well your little cunt can put out a candle. Are you ready?”

Pauline shook her head and screamed.

“Good. Let’s just see anyway.”

The man shoved the still burning candle inside her virgin twat. He could see how wet she was, so it shouldn’t cause her any physical harm. She screamed and shook her head all around at the flame being introduced to her empty cunt.

“Now, we’re going to see how many times we can do this. OK? I’m lighting the candle again. And her it goes . . .”

Scream after scream ricocheted throughout the room.

“Good. You took many a candle flame up your little twat. Now, for two more tender areas.”

He relit the candle, and approached first her left nipple and held it under it as close as he could without the flame actually touching the tender nub, then did the same with her right nipple. Again, screams of pain echoed throughout the tiny room. The man performed this little touch of torture many times over. Finally, he flamed her toes. And screams once again filled the room.

The man parted Pauline’s butt cheeks and pulled off the dried and cooled candle wax which had formed on her butt hole and crack.

“Let me see. Now what can I do now. Oh, yes. I know.”

The man went to a bench and pulled out a handful of alligator clips. He meticulously attached a clip to each nipple, adding even more pain to the nailed nipples, clamped four each onto each labia already spread by the nails, and clipped one onto each poor bound and nailed toe. And played with all of them. Pinching them harder, squeezing them open then letter them go so they would clip back on by themselves.

He found her little clit, pushing itself out of its hood. He dried his hands, dried it, then grabbed it with two fingers and squeezed it and rotated it and otherwise tortured it all by itself.

Pauline couldn’t help herself. She reached an orgasm. With all the pain, she reached an orgasm. As she did, she jerked, and she pulled against every bit of flesh nailed down, causing her even more pain. And still he played with her clit. Pauline couldn’t take any of the torture any more. But she knew, being bound and nailed as she was, gagged as she was, and blindfolded as she was, there was no way to tell the man that. He probably wouldn’t listen to here anyway.

Again, Pauline reached another orgasm. Her clitoris was getting sore. He stopped! But would it be for good? Would he now release her? Or would he kill her?

“You know what, Pauline?” the man said to her. “You have taken all this torture so well, so much better than any of the other kids I have tortured in the same way, I will be letting you go in a little while. But you have to stay this way for several more hours. I will leave you alone to suffer in your own way. I will check on you later.”

But he didn’t leave. He sat down in an easy chair he set down there, and watched his little torture victim struggle. He would then take her home. He had never killed any of the boys and girls he tortured. He always returned them to their homes, sometimes in good shape, sometimes in not so good shape. Pauline would be returned in the best shape of any of the others.

He heard Pauline begin to cry and yell. But it had only been about thirty minutes since he had “left”.

Pauline now lay in the backseat of his car, still stark naked. She had been hogtied so severely that her wrists were tied to her knees and her ankles to her elbows. She bowed so badly she felt she was going to snap in two. She also wore the ball gag and leather blindfold. She was squirming badly because he had used the cream, which got severely hot when used on sore muscles. Where she had been nailed it pained her so brutally she could hardly stand it.

“All right, sweetheart. We are in your hometown. I am going to drop you off at the edge of town. Someone will find you. Bye baby.” The man opened the back door and laid her on the shoulder of the road. He drove off. Pauline began to cry. She didn’t know what time of day it was, or even what day it was.

Wait! She heard a car stop!

“Look! It’s that girl that’s been missing,” said a male voice.

“Quick,” said a soft female voice, “get her a blanket out of the trunk while I untie her.”

Soon Pauline was swaddled in the blanket, in the arms of the woman, the man driving. The woman kept asking questions, but she couldn’t speak. They took her straight to the police station. They recognized her immediately and called her parents.