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Sybil, A Story About Interracial Slavery Chapter Two

2022-08-05 00:00:04

Sybil, A Story About Interracial Slavery

Chapter Two

Sybil's next few days at college were a whirlwind of new things, people surroundings and college life. In her black African history class one of the first things that the female professor required was for her to write a believable story as to how it felt to be a shackled young slave girl in the 1850s. The fact that she was the only white female attending this college and a young, and very naive one at that , only added to her most interesting problems as the days progressed. This requirement coupled with one other fact of having no underwear not even a slip made things even more awkward and revealing leaving her with the most humiliating feelings of being a little sex slut that only added to the looks she got and the strange sexual feelings these looks had incurred.

All of her clothes were worn out hand me downs and the few long dresses ,along with the skirts and blouses she possessed, had been washed so many times that the material they were made from was quite thin and tight, allowing her young ample female charms to easily show through, thus enhancing how shapely she actually was. At first most just viewed her as someone different, the new white girl, but many especially the boy's and those on the football team that looked a little closer began to take quite an interest in her.
Many of the young black girls disliked the attention she received as they viewed her as loose, provocative white competition, something they could not compete with. She had an incredible body that these young lads were quickly and easily drawn to. Word started to get around, and all of the gossip that went with it that she liked sex, especially interracial sex and that she openly expressed her interest in being a white slave girl to black men, much to the dismay of the young black coeds and that the gossip was true!

Sybil was quite uncomfortable in some respects at the looks and catty remarks that came from many of the girls and the lewd crude and sexually explicit ones offering all sorts of kinky sex from the boy's! She was still oblivious to the fact that she was... an attractive, over developed young woman and her plain colorless clothes did little to hide the fact.

But men especially young college age men, let alone the fact that she wore no make up and her straight black hair had never been fixed up or professionally styled, plus her clothes were not any where close to what one would call fashionable. . None of this deterred from her shapely body. In some respects she may just as well have been wearing nothing as her breasts and especially her nipples were as plain as day! Also if there was any light at all from behind, the shape of her body left little to anyone's imagination as her female form was clearly and sinfully silhouetted.

Each evening After several days of this new life, Triva would perform oral on Sybil much to the delight of both, after the crude humiliating comments from the girls and the in your face offers of sex from the boys Sybil, from both would be randy and ready for most anything. Sybil came into their dorm room one evening only to find Trivia laying on her bed naked playing with herself ? For Sybil this was different, she had been wondering about Trivia's pussy and how hers might be different!
Triva said, Sybil come here I have something I want to show you? She sat down on the bed next to her older roommate and was for the first time able to see this older girl's most appealing female treasure's. To Sybil, at first glance the only difference seemed to be skin color, and this alone was quite perversely erotic. As she looked closer there was no pubic hair at all and Triva's labia lips were longer, fuller and much more meaty than Sybil's.

The fact that inside her slit was a wet pink and lighter color skin much like Sybil's that was quite a contrast from the darker brown skin that surrounded it. Her clit though was much different, bigger and the fact that Triva had been abusing it left it firm sensitive and swollen!

The other most interesting thing about her clit was, it was pierced vertical with a good sized gold ring. Sybil was fascinated by this and up close was intently looking it over when Triva said, you can touch it, and I really want you to, go ahead? Sybil still in awe cautiously grabbed the big gold ring and barely pulled. Triva moaned and a most delightful and pleasurable gasp was barely heard from her lips from the young girls hesitant tug!

Triva then said you can pull on it much harder it won't hurt me, going on to say others have tried! Sybil was still unsure as she pulled it straight up! Triva then said harder, pull it harder in a loud deep voice that was laced with another pleasurable gasp! Sybil now even more fascinated did as she was told, and this treatment brought Triva's body to an arched up trembling position. She was more than ready from earlier pleasuring herself and this is all it took as she climaxed! After several moments, Triva said as her breathing returned to normal. I have something else in mind I want you to do,.. to it?
Then Triva quickly and easily removed the ring followed by placing a hand on the back of Sybil's head and guiding the young girls lips toward this perked up meaty orb! Sybil had never done anything like this before, but from the stories she had read and the fact she had watched Triva do this to her now knew what was expected. At first she, uncertain and hesitantly stuck out her tongue licking it, Triva impatient and having none of Sybil's timidness forced her face and lips down firmly onto her warm juicy folds!

Sybil was shocked at first by Triva's rough treatment, but after a short time though it was wonderful to be forced and settled into a pleasurable rhythm of sucking on Triva's clit. First descending into Triva's light pink colored very wet vaginal slit before returning to her most interesting clitoris. She had a pretty good idea from the oral pleasure that this older girl had given her, of what was needed. Softly at first followed by harder and more aggressive nibbling sucking and biting Triva quickly turned from forcefully telling her what to do,.. to a blubbering almost incoherent young woman as she orgasmed again! Now, she had both hands on Sybil's head! Holding her firmly in that perfect position as Sybil lapped and sucked! The perverted animal like noise that Triva was making had drawn the attention of several other girls in the dorm that were now standing around watching quite intently!

Although the positions were reversed from what had happened the last several days the results were very much the same. Sybil although embarrassed to do so in front of others seemed to enjoy pleasuring Triva, who by having the favor returned, obviously loved receiving this young girls newly acquired talents! The next afternoon Triva had another surprise for Sybil

This surprise was the sorority called the Alpha Blues that Triva belonged to and that Sybil was invited to join, Sybil was not a lesbian probably more a bisexual, but anything that had to do with abusive and submissive interracial sex was quite appealing to her The reason Triva, and her black lesbian friends started this sorority was to give lesbian and bisexuals a sisterhood with other young lesbian women that other sororities did not have. Most sororities were formed to help bond women with similar goals such as African America, academic, honorary and artistic ends and opportunity,.. and this one professed the same, but its focus was almost entirely sexual and of the most perverse sexual play that any young lesbian women could imagine.

Many lesbians who join most sororities aren't surrounded by women that can truly understand or appreciate what it means to be one. This of course was not the case with the Alpha Blues. It was even worse for women like Triva who in the past had identified themselves as a butch/stud like female, or if you will a bull dyke and a black one at that. They are many times completely overlooked in traditional sororities because of their perceived aggressive sexual nature and outward looking male appearance.

So, a lesbian sorority like the Blues would give women like her a chance to be a part of a sisterhood where they can truly be themselves and be completely accepted. Triva was one of the founding principle's of the Alpha Blues, but had toned down , at least in public her original butch like appearance by fixing her hair and wearing make up, something she had detested in the past. But this had not dulled her interest at all when it came to being an aggressive black butch when she was around a new and very innocent sweet naive young thing like Sybil!

The girls in this sorority were all of color as no other girl of any other race had ever attended this college,let alone being asked to join the blues, Sybil was the first! It wasn't that they couldn't, it was just that none had ever applied! The girls in the blues had in the past loved to talk about, and quite boldly, what they would do to a naive innocent young white girl if they had the chance to do one! When these conversations took place the possibility of actually getting to do all of the sexually kinky and perverted sorts of abuse, to a submissive helpless young white pledge was mostly fantasy!

But now with Sybil, fantasy was fast becoming reality and Triva along with her lesbian sister's could indulge themselves in just about any sort of perverse form of public sexual hazing and humiliation that they could think of ,and Sybil would helplessly experience it to the fullest. Women especially young black lesbians could be quite creative and abusive when it came to sex games with a new pledge and to have a very young white girl that was so innocently willing to be a sex slave to blacks and a horny one at that , was better that they had ever imagined.

Sybil when asked by Triva to join the Alpha Blues had a rather innocent idea of what might be expected. But now that both had enjoyed each others most intimate genital pleasures. Sybil was more than willing to do what ever she was asked. Triva went on to say that some of the requirements could be quite embarrassing humiliating, possibly painful and maybe even sexually sadistic!. She also said that Sybil in order to be excepted into the Sorority might have to act the part of a real slave girl!

The thought to Sybil of sexual humiliation and abuse as a white slave girl being part of the sorority requirement was more than just subconsciously appealing! She told Triva that she would do anything!... Or what ever was required of her, and to be treated as a slave girl by black sorority sisters in order for her to be excepted into the sorority could not be more perfect, as her fantasy's about such things started once again, and she began to entertain several possibilities. But it also played right into Triva's hands as these requirement for Sybil to do as a pledge also opened the door to an even more sinister set of perverse circumstances! There was one other thing in this local college community that that Triva was involved with where she thought Sybil could be used sexually, and this was a Civil War reenactment pageant that depicted several actual slave scenes where half naked young women were required to participate! “As slaves”!

After retuning to her dorm room the following school day Sybil found several of the blues girls along with Triva waiting. The first of several requirements for a pledge to perform was about to begin! A realistic metal slave collar was produced and one of the girls placed it around her neck and snapped a big brass lock onto it, another was clamped around her ankle and also locked! It had a 3' chain and on the end was a 20 lbs# lead ball! Triva said that all she wanted to do, was help Sybil feel exactly what it was like to be a slave girl. So that she could write a convincing story for the requirement the professor had given her as an assignment.

For Sybil , now with her eyes glassy the feeling was almost immediate and euphoric as her genitals with the thought and now actual slave shackles attach to her almost naked young body left her on the edge of orgasm! But there was more? In addition she had to bring each of the sorority sisters to oral orgasm,...and in a public place with both completely naked wearing the slave collar, ankle chain and ball! It also had to be verified with at least one other person watching and that person could not be one of the Alpha blues. But, the person witnessing should be a current male or female student! Males were preferred as they seemed to enjoy watching girl on girl sex much more than their female counterparts! Each of the sorority sisters were given a different colored magic marker and this would be used by the witness to mark Sybil's naked body with their initials

Since she had already given Triva several oral orgasms this meant that only the seven other members of the alpha Blues were left to be accommodated! Each day she would obediently lug the ball and chain to each of her classes and drop it with a thud! Several of the young black male students had offered to help her carry the lead ball, but she declined telling them no! That she had to do it herself in order to gain true feelings about how such things effected her so that she could realistically write about them. In her first class with shackles attached the professor had questioned her quite sternly about why she was wearing such realistic heavy shackles and asked if it was some sort of college sorority prank or hazing? Sybil told her quite honestly that she was willingly doing it to fully understand how it felt to be treated as a slave girl during this time in our history so that the required paper could be accurately written!

Omitting that in addition to this, she was required to orally pleasure each of the Alpa Blue sorority sisters in a public place somewhere on campus! Each one of the sisters had a certain place where they wanted to take Sybil in order to be orally pleasured by her. Triva had instructed each to try and outdo the other in a more public and open place in order to humiliate Sybil and make her even more submissive. As the week progressed each of the girls had been pleasured in openly public place's! Sybil's reputation as a bisexual little white slut that loved to suck off black women was enhanced substantially by the end of the week..

Things got a little out of hand that Saturday evening during the game with a rival football team. One of the Alpha Blue sisters a big manly looking gal, the last one to be orally accommodated had decided to take Sybil half naked and blindfolded into the teams locker room and had hidden in one of the small janitorial closets, and just before half time, both had stripped naked! She had then taken Sybil in between several sets of lockers that were a bit more secluded from the rest and away from the main part of the athletic building area where the coach held his half time pep talks.

Sybil now naked and on her knees was obediently pleasuring this girl who had some of the longest meaty cunt lips and the biggest clit she had ever seen of a big black sister. When several of the young black players discovered what they were doing, and pretty soon all of the players were crowding around watching. The coach at first was not amused, as he was trying to get his players pumped up and into defeating their rivals as the game at half time was very close! He gave up on this, and he to watched and enjoyed Sybil,.. this naked young almost child like white girl obediently and quite ardently pleasure this big black girl, and do so several times! The scene was quite erotic and very perverse!

The results were that this kinky little sex show had pumped this team up to the point that they were ready to go out kick ass and take names! As the horn blew to start the second half it was all the coach could do to get his players back onto the field as several of the players wanted to do more than just watch!

The big black Alpha Blue lesbian had given the marking pen to one of the players and had asked him to write his initials on Sybil's naked bottom!

This had only added to the confusion and time spent in the locker room causing the team to be late getting back onto the field to resume the second half. As not only one, but all of the players wanted to sign their initials on Sybil's naked body they also wanted to cop a feel and give her naked charms some serious attention! For Sybil the feeling was incredible as the blindfold was removed and she stood their naked with the slave collar and ankle shackle attached, as this big older black gal held her up, and standing behind her forcefully masturbated and manipulated her in front of all these young black football players.

They were amazed to see this young white girls eyes glaze over, and have a most erotic and sensual trembling orgasm right in front of them! This for her was with little regard that she was being watched by the entire football team! Several cell phone cameras had taken quite a number of pictures with Sybil naked on her knees as she orgasmed and later as she was held limp after the last shuddering release. . The whole affair had caused quite a stir and the coach thought he might get fired! But this was not to be the case at all, as his team had been in a loosing season and this little incident turned out to be a real stimulant in more ways than one, as the team went out in the second half and scored more points than they had ever done in the last half of any game!

The results were that the football team went from a loosing season to a winning season almost over night and that these two naked young women one black and the other white especially Sybil was part of the reason. She became an immediate college cult heroine as many of the pictures that had been taken in the locker room started popping up in E-mails and on You Tube! All this seemed to do was make Sybil an even bigger celebrity on campus over the next several weeks.. There was even some talk by the athletic department, to have Sybil attend another home coming locker room football team meeting and stimulate all of the players into performing better in more than just the game!

The other thing that Sybil had to endure that Triva had planned,. was for her to eventually learn how to be a slave girl, that could not only pleasure women but one that would be very adapt at sucking the largest of black cocks! Triva did have an appreciation for big cocks but always was a Lesbian at heart, she had several bad experiences in puberty with boys and had always preferred the company of other young women this revelation occurred as soon as she started to have intimate sexual feelings!

Triva had been planning several other things for Sybil? The small town where this college was located was a place where several decisive Civil War Battles had been fought, and where slaves had been fought over. The college's large park was also a place where actual slave auctions had been held and here like many other small cities in the south and those involved wanted to accurately commemorate and portray these battles by reenacting them for the public in the most realistic way. Many of the businesses had become quite active in sponsoring different aspects of these historic battles to the point that it had become quite a competition to provide the most realistic reenactments as possible!

There were several businesses that were quite successful and owned by both black and white business men in the community and the stage was set for several interesting situations and confrontations where slave reenactment was a big part of these colorful and realistic events. One of course was a slave auction and at first few young black women wanted to volunteer to be portrayed as slaves for obvious reasons as the thought to many was quite demeaning, but several of the wives of the well to do white business men came up with a unique and most interesting way to solve this problem, and that was by offering themselves as slaves to be auctioned off for charity to the highest bidders! They were of course only to be used ceremonially as domestics, but the implication for some, was quite a bit more than just this?

At first there was a hue and outcry that how could a white woman allow herself to be portrayed as a black female slave? Anyone should have seen this coming as political correctness quickly raised its ugly head, so to solve this particular problem the organizers of these events finally relented and stated that any woman could apply! Both black or white for any of the roles and by some quirk of fate numerous white women seemed to not only apply but actually wanted to be slave girls in these events and many of the slave traders masters and plantation owners in the reenactments all seemed to be black males! Go figure?

It became a rather bazaar event in some ways, but the tourists did not seem to mind ,nor did the local towns people that watched these Civil War Pageant reenactments. This most interesting change seemed to satisfy all who had complained! As the auction part of the event seemed to always raise a lot of money for charitable causes and everyone connected with the charitable organizations loved this fact!..

The other most interesting thing seemed to be, no shortage of white women that wanted to be in these events and treated as slaves! The next thing that happened that was even more bazaar, and this was the costumes of these slave girls/women as each one of the white women especially the well to do older ones seemed to be trying to out do one another by wearing the most accurate and realistic slave costume's, and as they became more realistic they also became more revealing and much skimpier!

Several of these women were the white wives of successful business owners and they seemed to be the ones most obsessed with wearing the least! One of these wife's was Amanda Carrington an organizer of these events in the community and one that had been rumored to have performed more that just charitable domestic duties! She also was involved in many of the Civil War plays that were performed in the colleges big theater auditorium and was also on the college board of regents. This is where Sybil had first seen pictures of Amanda Carrington but had paid little attention to them and then only because she had been one of the most vocal and insistent women who had volunteered to be auctioned off as a slave! All of these auctions were held for charity and connected to the civil war reenactments. But they had also spawned rumors that an auction where slave woman had actually been bought and sold,... had really taken place?.

Almost everyone just assumed that these rumors were baseless and had there connection to all of hoopla and gossip that went with these spiced up historic events? The local towns people especially the business owners loved these racy and perverse rumors as the thought and stories became not only the talk of the town it also became the reason why so many of tourists came to watch! The result had brought an enormous amount of money to the community.

But the rumors persisted and never seemed to quite go away, so when one prominent women that had been charitable volunteer as a slave girl disappeared the rumors became rampant and the talk of the local towns people!

Of course local law enforcement thought that her disappearance was only a coincidence and never even considered that a well to do white woman who was a pillar in the community had actually been abducted and sold into slavery! But most thought this sort of thing happened in other countries or long ago, and certainly not in today's modern society.

The thought was just so bazaar and unbelievable to everyone, but in reality though this was exactly what had happened! Several years before an underground group of black business men had formed just such a group. They,.. some years ago had been repressed by local white bankers and other white business owners in an organized attempt to oppose their success, and every obstacle and roadblock that they could think of was put in their way. They had bought bribed and paid off quite a number of these public officials and bureaucrats in order to stop them! But all this had done including the money they spent never seemed to keep them from succeeding and had only made them bitter and looking for revenge.

Their entire model was to do exactly what many whites had preached, and that was for them to go back to Africa! But their idea was to send white women back to their ancestral home land as slaves a kind of reverse to what had actually happened to their forefathers! The very first victim to be abducted and sold into slavery was the wife of one of the,” most prominent business owners”, he had been the worst, and had tried to do the most to insure their failure! But one should not have been all that concerned about his wife as she was much younger than her husband ,and they had only gotten together because of his money and power. All he had ever wanted from her was to be a good looking woman on his arm during all of the social events, and in many respects was only what one would call a conniving gold digging bitch of a trophy wife!

Most including local law enforcement thought that after their stormy relationship, had just moved on,.. to shall what we would say was greener pastures! As no one including her husband had even bothered to file a missing persons report! But rumors persisted as almost always during these events a young woman sometimes two would disappear, and no one even the police considered such a wild story that they had been sold at a slave auction! Most just thought them to be runaways, and of the thousands of people including naive young women who came from all over the country to watch these incredibly historic and realistic reenactments considered these rumors to be just part of the colorful rumors and events!

Sybil had become quite good at pleasuring the girls in the sorority, but as yet was still a virgin and the new thing Triva had in mind was to make her a very good head hunter! To this end she had acquired several big life like black dildos of varying sizes and lengths starting at about 6” long and an 1 ½ in thickness and varied up to 10” in length and over 2” in thickness! At first she started Sybil out by having her strip naked get down on her knees still with her slave collar and ankle chain with the ball, and then place her hands tightly behind her back and close her eyes! She was told in no uncertain terms that she must keep her hands behind her back or she would be beaten quite severely just like the slaves of old! Triva had also acquired several videos of young white women aggressively sucking monster black cocks they were to be training aids and had made Sybil watch them!

The first time Triva told her to get down on her knees was after supper and she obediently did so expecting only to suck on Triva's pussy! She was quite surprised when Triva raised her skirt and was wearing one of these strap on's a black phallic replica of a dick! This was followed by forcefully placing it in her mouth and quickly shoved down her throat! Sybil at first gagged and choked and was quite unprepared, just barely able to breath let alone keep her hands behind her back., but forced herself to do as she was told!

Triva wanted to make sure that Sybil would learn fast and be trained well as she needed this young white girl to be quite proficient at this type of oral pleasuring of large male attributes especially big black ones! So Triva gave her little respite that evening as over and over they would repeat this perverted ritual, that became more and more aggressive and abusive each time!

Finally quite late in the evening after Sybil was getting use to having a black dildo in her mouth, and forced down her throat. Triva had come up with some smaller metal shackles and had fastened them tightly to her wrists behind her back. This was followed by placing a tight leather head harness on her head that forceably opened her jaw that held her mouth in this open position allowing a big black imitation phallic replica of a cock to be easily inserted and forced down her throat! It could then be fastened so that she could do nothing but helplessly experience it in her mouth for long periods of time such as this evening and over night this would leave her helpless with no way of removing it!

This sadistic device allowed her only to breathe through her nose. Triva had thoughtfully invited several of other girls from the dorm in to watch . Sybil, now naked and humiliated with a black dildo down her almost virgin throat had to endure helplessly this perverse tutorial training in front of others! But the worst and most uncomfortable part was later having to sleep over night with it in her throat along with being helplessly shackled!

The next morning Sybil seemed to have endured this perverted and sadistic sex abuse better than Triva had expected. She remove the big black dildo pacifier and head harness followed by the wrist shackles! This was so that Sybil could shower and attend her classes of the day, This would be again, a repeat of the last several days as she lugged the big lead ball around to each of her classes. Her throat after eating that morning did feel a bit strange, as she kept trying to swallow,.. something that was no longer there, but she seemed to have no other lasting effects as her mouth and jaw muscles seemed to be stretched open and were only a little sore!

It seemed that every several days Triva would come up with a different sexually perverted thing for Sybil to do as a pledge! She loved to threaten her, with all sorts of sexually explicit and abusive situations so that Sybil would have no idea which one she would have to submit to! For her and Triva it became quite a perverse adventure! Triva had started referring to Sybil in front of other girls as a cocksucker and a slutty little white one that liked to suck big black cocks!

The idea was, to plant this thought in her young impressionable head that after her actual perverse and abusive imitation cock sucking during the day and her over night pacified helpless gagging, along with several more sessions of the same she would be ready for the real thing! It was Friday night and all of Sybil's classes were over for the week leaving her free for the weekend. Triva had carefully planned out the last two requirements for Sybil that she would have to experience in order to be excepted into, and become a member of the Blues!

What Triva had planned for Sybil was to attend a fraternity party where she was to suck off and pleasure and equal number of new male pledges eight in all. The second part was even more adventurous and had the possibility to not only humiliate but if caught she might also loose her virginity!

Two of the new male pledges to be accommodated were 7' tall big black,... really black exchange students that had been recruited for the college basket ball team. They were from Zimbabwe South Africa a place where by coincidence many of the black African women had been taken, during the time of actual slavery in the 1800s. This was also a place in South Africa, and not by coincidence, that had a sinister underground connection to real modern day slavers in the group of black business men!....

Triva had Sybil get ready for this frat party by taking a shower and having her shave what little pubic hair she had and as she came out naked Triva had applied some gaudy bright red lip stick along with a period type chastity belt she had acquired so as to keep Sybil's virginity in tact at least for the first part of the evening.

She placed it along with the metal slave collar leash and ankle shackle, attached lead ball and chain as it would be a required part of the proceedings. A coat was placed over her naked body and a leash was attached to her collar. She was then helped down the back stairs and into the back of the Fraternity's van, they had sent for her. Triva was the only other female allowed to attend, this Fraternal male right of passage! This was more of a special ritual as the woman that was going to perform this right,... was a young white one! As all who had done so before had been black!

The fraternity was just off campus but was some distance almost four miles from the girls dorms and in between both, was this big old theater/auditorium,that was used for many plays and performances of the Civil War reenactment festival. Next to it was the large campus park where many of these outdoor performances were also portrayed in their original settings. This park had actually been use for slave related activities back during that time period The student union building along with several maintenance and grounds keepers buildings was also in between the frat building and the women's dorm.

This fraternity building was where the kinky pleasuring of the male pledges was to take place! Once out of the van both girls were confronted with numerous male students from other fraternities that were standing around, they had heard rumors that something kinky with a nude white girl might take place! Triva in order to pep things up, quickly removed Sybil's coat and kept it leaving her naked!

As Sybil was being escorted into the building comments as to her fate was being expressed by several of these young black male college students! Saying things like White slut, Cunt face, Whore for black dick, and boy, are you going to get face fucked, and suck more cum than you can stand,... you little white bitch!

For Sybil the feeling was incredible with all the young black men taunting her and everything that she could imagine. She was totally naked manacled in chains, leashed, and helplessly lugging the lead ball, in front of numerous young black men that only wanted to use and abuse her! The only thing that would have made it better was, if she really was a young white slave girl who had just been sold to perverted black slave traders and was on her way to her first humiliating and sexually abusive encounter with numerous big black men!

Oh! My! For Sybil the thought was sinfully intoxicating and had left her tight pink little virgin pussy literally dripping with anticipation even though she was wearing this chastity belt! Once in the frat building she was led into a large communal area where numerous fraternity brothers and the new young male pledge's were waiting all naked in two rows with four on each side! Triva forced Sybil down on to her knees and roughly pulled her over to the first young black pledge!

Sybil had been instructed by Triva that her job in assisting each pledge to pass into the fraternity as a member was to orally bring them to ejaculation and that every one watching should be able to clearly see each one of the male pledge's get off!

This was so that their was no doubt that she had done her job and that they had indeed cummed their full load in her mouth! She was also instructed that she must do her best to bring each one of them off without the use of her hands as they should remain clinched tightly behind her back during the entire ordeal and that she could only touch their manhood with her face mouth and lips!

This Fraternity had performed this sinful right of passage numerous times before. Of the eight young men six of them had no idea of what was going to happen, and at first were shocked embarrassed standing there nude in front of others and then wonderfully pleased as Sybil was brought in naked shackled and forced down on her knees in front of them.

The young men had been told almost the same thing, as their male members started to spring to life! And, that was to keep their hands behind their backs and in no way could they touch her! They were also told to do everything possible to keep from offing their load, as in order to become a member in good standing of this fraternity, they had to hold off ejaculating for at least a full five minutes!

Several of the young lads had been given a heads up by other frat members of what might be expected and they had earlier in the day jacked off several times. This was to make them as sexually spent as possible so they would have some hope of lasting the full five minutes. The others, however being a bit more naive and uninformed especially the two black basket ball exchange students. Who after seeing Sybil naked on her knees, were now almost dripping with anticipation as they were starting to have some idea of what was in store for them. Both along with several other pledges were already in no condition to last and would have a very difficult time becoming a fraternity member on this particular evening!.

Sybil who's eye's were now wide with the wonder of a young girl, who's youthful sinful sexual excitement and anticipation of what she was going to enjoy doing to these beautiful hard black cocks! The smallest of them was at least 7” long, and most were already at attention! Triva had leaned down and whispered in Sybil's ear some encouragement and several helpful hints,...and that was for her, to at first lovingly and with as much female emotion as possible kiss the very head of each hard dick and then try to suck as much precum out of it as possible! Triva had observed in the past at several mixed parties straight females that were ardent head hunters do this, and that this unexpected sensual benefit had brought many grown male's who were receiving this wonderful oral attention,.. almost to their very knees, and that they could not resist blowing their sperm!

Triva had a tight hold on the leash that was attached to Sybil's slave collar and for her there were no restrictions as to how she could assist this young girl or the young men in this most sinful and perverse sexual act of oral stimulation! The first young black pledge was beside himself as Triva lovingly slipped her hand around his young hard cock squeezing it, and milking it down to Sybils most willing red lips!

This was Sybil's first attempt at sucking a real hard male cock and as Triva had explained to her, as a slave girl she must be able to do this very well! Sybil was more than eager as this evening along with the requirements were the last two that would get her into the Blues, and she was determined to make it a memorable one! She did exactly what Trivia had suggested pursing her lips like a young most innocent little sweetheart and sucking at first tenderly and then more aggressively as Trivia milked a rather large amount of the young black mans precum into Sybil's mouth!

For Her it was much better that the big black dildos she had been trained on, as it was warm tender flesh and the precum was also quite warm, and the taste was so sweet almost intoxicating as she could feel the membranes and blood vessels surge and swell as she gingerly at first sucked his almost virgin juices as her cheeks were now concave as she tried to impress him so lovingly of her new talent!

For Triva this thoughtful attention was quite enough and with little hesitation forcefully grabbed his cock and at the same time the nape of Sybil's neck and literally shoved them together! For Sybil as her gaudy red lips parted and opened wide, this was followed by an even more forceful mouth pumping as Sybil was roughly and helplessly face fucked by Triva's well trained hand on one side and the equally helpless young mans hard buttocks on the other!

This young lad was literally fucked before he ever started as he could not hold back at all,.. and their was no doubt at all by those that were watching when he came, as loads of cum, even with Triva forcefully holding Sybil's face as far down onto his cock as possible and with his dick down all the way into her throat gagging her as the warm gooey cum seeped out and then dribbled down the corner of her red lips! Onto her naked breasts Her eyes were as big as saucers as the dildos she had been trained on had not produced any cum!

She was gagging, but Triva would not relent as Sybil finally figured out that swallowing would be better and allow her to breathe enough through her nose to where her first real ordeal of cock sucking became much more bearable. She was even more surprised after swallowing quite a bit of the warm sperm that is was much more pleasant than she had first thought it would be, as a mater of fact the sweet somewhat salty taste was even appealing! One down and seven to go!

Triva gave Sybil little time to prepare for the next young man as she drug the young girl by the leash over to him and repeated the almost exact same scenario,.. of the eight young black pledges amazingly five were able to some how last the full five minutes. But two of the three had not even come close! The three that did not, was of course the first, and the last two,.. that did not were the big black and exceedingly dark skinned young South African exchange students from Zimbabwe!

The first of these two to be pleasured reacted almost exactly the same, as the very first young man. Neither of these young men had ever been this close to any white woman and especially such a pretty young white one. That was not only naked on her knees, but was most intent on and wanted to quite aggressively suck their big black cocks! For Sybil the fact that these young pledges had been arranged so that, as she started and progressed, the cocks got a bit bigger. The last two were the biggest, and they had cocks well over 10” long, were quite full and robust with the excitement of the moment, and from this naked willing young girls interest in them!

The last of these young black men to test his will power and the battle not only of the sexes but of interracial sex, and he was determined to last the full five minutes, but Triva had other plans as she to, was determined to foil these plans and was going to help Sybil destroy his noble effort!. She, did the same as she had done with the others. At first lovingly squeezing his foreskin of this hard black meat and milking his cock, and at the same time guiding Sybil's lips and lipstick that was now smeared all over her face making her ever so more sinfully appealing as an aggressively slutty young whore!

This young man had will power,.. one would have to admit as he gritted his teeth and thought of desert sands orange trees and basket balls! Anything to keep his mind off of the most pleasurable attention he was receiving. Triva again placed her hand on the back of Sybil's head, slowly at first, followed by an ever more ardent and aggressive forceful face fucking! Sybil was now so much better now, as her head bobbed back and forth at this new found art of orally pleasuring such a big black cock! Her expert dildo training had given her the edge in this perversely sexual skirmish!

With her hands obediently clinched behind her back and her cheeks first ballooned out like a chipmunk followed by being sucked in almost concave as she sucked and was pumped hard by Triva, was going from the tip of her lips,.. just barely touching the head of his cock ,..to being forced all the way down to his kinky pubic hair and bone! As the time came closer and closer ,.. and around four and a half minutes into this perverted cock sucking session! Triva had stood up on her tip toes and with the leash tightly in one hand pulling Sybil up helplessly and holding her against him, and with the other had also reached up grabbing him by the neck and pulling him down to where she could kiss him full on the lips with the most ardent and deep throat smoking hot tonguing she could muster!

Again, he too,... like the first young man was surprised and caught off guard as he easily and helplessly ofted his spent up cum load just before the full five minutes was reached! For Sybil this particular young man had much more semen than she at first expected, as again loads of cum squirted out and around her lips and even out through her nostrils as she tried to swallow and gag it down! Finally with her eyes watering and coughing up loads of cum was able to breathe normally and recover to a well used specimen of slutty little cum soaked white slave girl,..or at least one in the making.

Oh, My! What an evening it had been, But it was far from over as the last part of Sybil's pledge hazing was about to begin and if successful would become a Blue!.

Triva had planned this part well as she helped the young girl up. First removing the chastity belt leaving only the metal slave collar ankle shackle chain and ball. Then she told Sybil in front of the male pledge's that she,... was required to make her way back to the women's dorm at night totally naked . She would be given a good head start but would still have to lug the heavy lead ball and ankle chain,.. this was to be her disadvantage!..

The three young men that failed the hazing ritual would get a chance to redeem themselves as it was up to them, and if any one of them caught her they could fuck her, and the incentive was, two fold! If they did catch and fuck her they would get the extra added bonus of not only becoming a member of the fraternity in good standing. They would also get to fuck a cute young white virgin!....

Continued in: Chapter Three