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My Friend My Cousin Marie part II

2022-11-13 20:35:37

This is part two of the true to life tale between my cousin Marie and I many years ago when we would travel together from Minnesota to my Bio-Dads (BD) house in Arizona. Part one includes the start of this transition from friends to so much more.

…...The next morning…..waking up I could still feel the sticky residue of cum on my cock, the light of the morning was just streaming through the window. Looking over at Marie, her eyes were closed, my eyes roamed lower and I noticed areas of her shirt were stuck to her body where my cum had dried to her skin.

I still remember the feelings going through me that morning, watching her sides rise and fall with each breath, my hand shaking as I raised it up, grazing my fingertips across her body with the softest of touches afraid of waking her. My fingers tracing over the spots full of dried cum, feeling the fabric changing from spot to spot.

Suddenly I found my finger raising up the mound of her breast, I felt like I was out of my body, a budding teenager and I had felt the softness of a natural breast against my bare hand, I ached for more.

The thought of returning to JCPENNY catalogues and my imagination seemed boring and dreadful.

My finger stopped as I felt a bump, I felt the change as her nipple started to perk up and become erect under the shirt, feeling the wrinkles of her areola as it perked up and the nipple protruded more. My finger softly circling, feeling each bump.

A sudden intake of breath and Marie's eyes opened, she looked at me without speaking. My hand still hovered near her breast. I don't think I was able to breathe waiting for her next move. I could feel my cock beating as the blood pulsed through it, hoping that it might be given attention similar to last night.

The look between us was suddenly broken hearing BD’s door open as he readied to leave for work. This gave Marie time to break away and head to the bathroom where I heard the shower start.

After BD headed out I went into the master bathroom and climbed into a hot shower, feeling the water wash away the sticky cum from my cock brought back memories from the night prior. Feeling Maries warm palm wrapped around my cock, my hand feeling her skin, the warmth of her breast, the roughness of her hard nipple. Aching to do more but enjoying every minute.

I started to rub my cock aching for another release when I remembered Marie’s comment to always let her know, groaning I left myself hard and aching as I turned off the water.

I came out of the bathroom with just a baggy pair of shorts on and found Marie eating breakfast, she smiled as I came in. My eyes dashed down to take in her clothes, noticing the tight tank top and the short jean shorts she was wearing. Knowing what was under her top made me wish I could rip it off her right there.

We had plans today to take the bus to the mall and go bum around at the arcade so I quickly gobbled up some cereal and we locked up and headed to the bus stop. Being a busy bus line it was standing room only. When the first seat opened up I let Marie take it. I was standing holding the bars near her with my eyes closed listening to the hum of the bus.

Pictures of Marie's breasts were dancing in my mind's eye, thinking about how it felt as she had grasped my cock and softly stroked up and down. Remembering the feeling of every rope of cum bursting from my cock and knowing it had laid down strips up and down Maries body, even landing in her mouth. I became acutely aware that I was getting hard fast, being much warmer than my home town, I was wearing baggy shorts and a muscle shirt...this was a mistake.

I had been facing outward but quickly turned around and realized I was now a mere foot from Marie and with her sitting, she was eye level with the ever growing bulge in my shorts. She was quick to notice my movements, her eyes glanced down and when she noticed the ever growing extension she gained a large smirk, I couldn't help it, I started to laugh out loud. She looked up and winked at me, mouthed “wow” and just shook her head.

Thankfully this break in my train of thought allowed my protrusion to start to lose its blood flow and go back to normal position.

We arrived at the mall and thanks to BD’s funds provided to us for entertainment we were able to buy unlimited points passes which would give us all the time we wanted to play arcade games, laser tag, anything and everything was available to us for all day.

We bested Jurassic Park virtual shooting game, and moved on to some other arcade style games when Marie had the idea to jump into a series of laser tag games with some other kids.

We were on the blue team with 2 others and there were 4 on the orange team. Wins were pretty evenly matched for the first 8 rounds and then a 9th kid asked to join the rounds and was put on the orange team, this quickly swung things against us. This round found Marie and I hiding behind a bunker guarding each side.

As we waited for the impending ambush I could feel her warm body pressed against mine back to back, we decided that instead of going out like cowards we were going to run out guns blazing and attempt to swing the round….this lasted less than a second, Marie stood up and was quickly taken out, I turned around to find her stepping back….right into my outstretched leg, I reached to catch her as she fell to have her roll onto me.

Suddenly I found her fallen across my chest as I twisted under her, everyone rolling with laughter as she tried to right herself so we could get up. I reached up to try to help push her up and accidentally landed half on her bra covered breast, feeling the squish as I pushed, I knew I had wronged but didn't care, it was such a delicious recalling of the night prior, I quickly moved but the look on Marie’s face was of shock and something else I couldn't put my finger on.

We called an end to our laser tag rounds and ran off to get some lunch. We found ourselves in the food court ingesting some unrecognizable form of greasy and yet completely delicious food, talking about what was next. Marie wanted to go shopping, I was voting for a movie.

We decided to split our time, we checked in at the mall theater and saw that the movie was about to start. The ***********ion was thin but we decided on a Ben Stiller/Cameron Diaz flick that I had heard had some pretty funny parts in it.

Back row middle was the best seat in the house and the theater was mostly empty for a matinee showing.

The movie was mostly uneventful until Ben Stiller “flogged the dolphin” and shortly thereafter Cameron Diaz got some new hair gel….suddenly Marie was tapping on my arm and whispered in my ear…”gee I guess I know how she feels….except I got to taste it too”....her warm breath washing across my ear sent shivers down my spine.

I chuckled and smiled back and put my mouth near her ear and whispered back “If your aim was better maybe you would have been cleaner last night and we may have won the laser tag match today”

That earned me a nice jab to the side and a smirk from her.

The movie finished and we walked out back into the mall, we still had an hour to kill before catching the bus back to the apartment so we went shopping. Marie stopped into some girly shop to try on some new clothes, because the 2 suitcases she had brought just weren't enough i guess?

She disappeared into the changing room with an armload of clothes and I sat on one of the “guy” benches waiting.

Suddenly I heard a quick whistle and caught sight of her motioning me into the room. I looked around and found that there was no one watching and snuck in. I found a mess of clothes strewn about the room as Marie locked the door behind me, hanging on the wall were a few swim suits and some bras, my eyes locked onto the bras which were lacy.

“What am I doing here exactly?” I asked

Marie: “Well….I don't have anyone I normally ask for opinions from so you will just have to do so sit down and shut up”

I know when to shut up and when to argue, this was definitely not the latter.

I went to ask a question when suddenly Marie was lifting her shirt off, apparently her bra had been removed in trying on other items because suddenly I was treated to a full daylight view of those soft globes I had been teasing the night prior. Time stood still as I watched them fall from the shirt being lifted and jiggle as they settled into their natural state...I could have replayed that moment a thousand times over.

My eyes must have bugged out because Marie laughed “It's not like you haven’t seen them before, figured you wouldn't mind seeing them again”

I shook my head very strongly in agreement, feeling the blood flowing into my ever growing cock.

Marie proceeded to try on several bras and ask my opinion. I gave her my thoughts from the male perspective, she piled them in separate piles, my assumption for return/purchase.

Then came the swim suits. She turned away as she stripped off her bottoms and before my eyes was her naked lower half, the curve of her ass as she bent over in front of me.

I was done for, there was no hiding my erection as it tented out of my shorts and I gave up trying to find a way to hide it. My brain gave up fighting for blood and my cock took the majority share of it, intelligent thought was not in my favor at that moment.

She slid on the bottoms which did little to hide her curvy ass but did more to accentuate it, she turned around and I found the top was struggling to hold in her breasts and gave her a massive amount of cleavage, this swimsuit earned my two thumbs up and should have won an award for engineering to be able to accentuate and hold those glorious globes so well.

She then got self conscious as she appeared to be looking at her crotch, she looked up “Do you see anything...wrong there?.....any hairs poking out?”

I'm not going to look a gift horse in the mouth, I quickly scooted up and started looking, I confirmed that I did see a few, she asked me where, instinctively I reached out and pointed, as she shifted, this ran my finger across the bikini bottoms, I felt a cleft and Marie suddenly sucked in her breath, my finger continued to trace along as she shifted forward in reaction and suddenly my whole hand was cupping her mound, in a moment of surprise her legs went weak and she almost stumbled.

She regained her stance and with flushed cheeks asked me to just verbally describe where. I told her and she noticed, she seemed upset, and started to undress without thinking, this led to her pulling down her bottoms facing me, I was graced with a view of her pubic hair covered mound and her lips peeking out from below. I know my groan was audible and I didnt care.

My eyes were glued. She realized what she was doing and turned around, I just sat there in a daze, my cock throbbing in my shorts as she finished putting the bikini back on its holder. She had redressed into her shorts and her original bra and sat next to me on the extra chair.

Marie: “So...was shopping so bad?”

Me: “Nope...you feel free to bring me any time!”

Marie chuckled “So….let me guess you are going to need to take care of that huh…..ya know….this room is pretty private if you can keep your noises down”

I was shocked at the idea, but it quickly settled as intensely erotic to me, I reached down and pulled my shorts down, my cock was pointing straight up.

The look on Maries face was near to the point of licking her lips. She took in a breath “Would you like me to help?”

I could only nod, she got off her chair and knelt in front of me, her bra lifting her breasts into jiggling masses that were my focus point until I felt her hand grasp the base of my cock.

My body responded, showing it was very excited to have another hand besides mine back in control.

I had already started to drip pre-cum out of the end and Marie used her finger to smear this all over my shaft and then used that to start stroking up and down. I didn't figure to be long for this orgasm after all the stimulation from the visuals previously.

I could feel my balls boiling with cum as she stroked up and down, she slowly leaned her head against my thigh as she stroked, her face ever closer, I could feel her breath on my cock as she stroked. She looked up at me “Is it bad that I kind of liked the taste when it went in my mouth last night?”

I could only shake my head no

Marie: “Would you be offended if I tried to taste some more, I am really curious if I actually like it”

Again, my head could only shake no. I could feel the tingles going up my legs.

Suddenly she released my cock and undid her bra.

Now as she took back up stroking, her tits were jiggling even more and swaying from side to side. I could not take any more, I let her know I was moments from cumming.

Marie shifted slightly and the evil look in her eye told me all. She pointed my cock at her face and opened her mouth, it was mere inches away but it could have been miles, her aim still proved off. The first jet of cum shot forth with great speed and traced a line across her face from her forehead down to her chin.

She adjusted fast and the second jet of cum mostly entered her mouth. Drops were falling off her face and dripping down onto her breasts and the floor. She continued to stroke me until the hyper sensitivity took over and I was jerking around from the tingles.

At this time I finally had the opportunity to look at what we had done. Her face had cum from her hairline down across her cheeks and chin, she was licking her lips and was looking down at her cum covered breasts.

The smile on her face said it all as she started taking finger fulls from her body and putting them in her mouth. She was definitely enjoying it, not sure if it was the taste or just the naughty factor of it.

I could do nothing but sit there and bask in the glory of such an amazing orgasm.

Marie started to get up and put her bra on, putting her cum soaked breasts into the cups and strapping it up. “I like the way it feels against my skin, so slippery and yet so sticky” she said. She put her shirt back on and then looked around for something to wipe her face.

I offered up my shirt and she leaned down and used the inside to wipe my cum from her face.

She grabbed the items she wanted to buy including the bikini and then we snuck out, I wish I could have seen the face of the person in there next. It was clear that something devious had happened. Several pools of cum still lay on the floor in front of the chair and I had no intention of cleaning that up.

Marie paid for her items and we raced out to the bus stop, making it just in time.

That night, we lay in bed, she asked if I was going to make myself cum again, I was shocked and yet not upset at how often she prodded me to play with myself, being that it was quickly becoming my favorite activity at that age I was not about to complain.

This time I was slightly let down as she didn't offer to help but I again noticed her breathing changing as I lay there stroking, I could see her hand was between her legs but nothing more.

My cum coated my chest, this time instead of grabbing a washcloth right away she reached out and grabbed finger fulls and brought it to her mouth again, suddenly she was leaning over me and started to lick it off of my chest directly.

Her lips and tongue grazed over my nipple to suck some cum off which caused me to suck in my breath, I was not aware of how sensitive they were and she looked up as if she had hurt me, I just breathed and watched as she continued to lick up more cum.

After she was done I went into the bathroom and finished wiping myself off. We finished off a movie on late night tv and went to bed.

The next day I woke to find Marie already out of bed, I could hear the shower running in the bathroom. BD had already left and we had no plans so I decided to have something more substantial for breakfast.

I finished making eggs, bacon, toast and corned beef hash and was halfway through eating it when Marie finally came out, I commented on her unusually long shower hoping for a smart ass response however she didn't pay me much attention.

She grabbed a plate of breakfast and hoovered it down. As she was finishing she said she needed to show me something later but first we needed to clean up the apartment which was a task we had been given as part of being given money for entertainment.

The cleaning was far greater than we realized, I found myself scrubbing and sweeping and mopping and wiping down and by the end of it all I was drenched in sweat.

The apartment was spotless and I was exhausted. I laid down on the couch to cool off and allow my muscles to relax, I awoke what only felt a moment later but was in fact a few hours noted by the change in the light coming through the window. Marie was shaking me and telling me I stunk to high hell, I needed to shower.

Grumbling I got up and made my way into the bathroom, the water felt great against my skin and I soaked in the water for a short period before washing up.

I came out of the bathroom buck naked as I had not brought any clothes in with me, and hey...she had already seen it. She looked over and raised her eyebrows, I said as much that she had already seen it before. Her shoulder shrug gave me no motivation to get dressed so I plopped down on the couch in my birthday suit and turned on the tv.

Marie disappeared into the bathroom and a few minutes later came out in the new bikini, she walked up in front of me and asked me again to point out if any hairs were coming through, her self consciousness was odd but I was happy to stare at her thin fabric covered mound.

I started to look and could not find any this time, she had a giant smile on her face and suddenly pulled the bottoms down. What I saw sent blood rocketing to my cock.

Where there was hair the day prior was soft and bald today. “I shaved it this morning! Now I don't have to worry about this bikini and anything poking out from the sides. I was so upset when we tried it on, and my sister told me how she shaves hers…..I just hope BD doesn’t notice I used his razor, I tried really hard to clean it out”

My eyes felt like I hadn’t blinked in years, she was laughing at me but was obviously very proud of her work “Touch it! Feel how soft it is, its sooooo smooooth”

My hand reached out of its own volition and I found my fingers suddenly tracing palm up along her mound, she was correct, it was smooth and soft, my pointer finger traced down across her slit and my fingers found her lips as I continued.

Maries eyes glazed over as I continued to feel how soft it was, the lips were soft and gave way, almost feeling like they were caving in, my finger was working back up the cleft when I felt a bump…..suddenly her knees buckled and she had to twist and sit on the couch.

Her bikini bottoms were still around her knees and she was sitting there catching her breath. “No one has ever touched me there but me, it was more than I expected”

Me: “Im sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you”

Marie: “NO NO NO….it didn't hurt, it felt very good, just far more intense than it ever has when I have done it”

Me: “I can understand that, when your hand touched me it sent tingles all over my body……...do you want me to touch it again?”

She bit her lip and then nodded. I got up and moved, she shifted and laid down, I helped pull her bottoms off her legs, she then propped her left leg up on the couch, her right hanging off the couch. I knelt by the couch and put my hand on her thigh.

Working up I came to the crossroads and softly and slowly ran my palm across her mound, dipping lower I could feel the heat emanating from her, my fingers again dipped across her slit but unexpectedly this time I felt wetness.

Investigating further, I felt my finger suddenly dip in and Marie sucked in a large breath as my finger slowly sank in a short bit. I could feel her nether lips closed around the end of my finger, a soft mew sound escaped her lips, I continued to push in until my whole finger sank inside of her (I later learned she had broken her hymen shortly after starting her period by a poorly placed tampon).

Her thighs clamped together holding my hand inside of her, I could feel her legs being used to grind her vagina against my hand.

My cock was rock hard and leaking pre-cum already, I found myself humping the air and leaning forward, my cock came into contact with the rough fabric of the couch which felt good at first and quickly turned to pain, I shifted slightly and found myself in contact with soft skin, my cock was now between my stomach and Marie's leg humping against it.

Maries thighs finally released and I slowly pulled my finger out, I worked up the slit again and ended up coming to a bump, my finger tip grazed over this area causing Marie to damn near jump off the couch and make a noise of both surprise and excitement.

“Careful, that's really really sensitive, that's a good place I rub when I want to feel good”

I used my finger tip and softly grazed it again, she groaned. I continued to hump against her leg as I switched between sliding my finger inside of her and back up to her sensitive bump (JCPENNY catalogue didn't tell me what a clit was).

I could feel her getting wetter and wetter, the smell in the air was tantalizing and Marie was humping against my hand harder and harder.

When I would slide inside I could feel the difference in textures inside of her, I found a rough spot and she seemed to thoroughly enjoy it, as my finger tip would slide across that and then in deeper, repeating the same motion brought escalating moans.

What I would later in life find out was the G-Spot, or as I enjoyed calling it, the crazy button.

Suddenly as I dipped my finger back inside, I felt a wave of warm wetness and Marie tensed up and she cried out, her legs clamped together on my hand and I could feel her insides squeezing my finger in pulses. She shook over and over crying out, I felt liquid leaking out across my palm and down between her legs, soaking the couch cushion, after multiple waves she sighed and then fell back.

Her breathing was extremely labored but she had a smile on her face of pure euphoria.

She looked down at me, and suddenly noticed I was still rubbing my cock against her leg.

She reached down and could feel the trails of pre-cum along her leg. She got up and told me to sit down.

She again knelt between my legs and grabbed a hold of me. After the teasing of humping against her, this direct attention felt amazing. I was in a constant state of tingle and I told her I would be cumming soon. Again she opened her mouth but this time got much closer. The head of my cock was inside her mouth between her lips, suddenly I felt the bottom of my cock resting on her lips, the tip of her tongue flicked against the tip of my cock and this sent shockwaves up my body. She must have felt me start to convulse and then I suddenly felt her mouth close around the head of my cock which took this orgasm up to 11. I lost count at 10 jets of cum which all landed inside of her mouth. I could feel her sucking on the tip of my cock, pulling more and more cum out. I was thrusting my hips with each jet which led to my cock sliding further into Maries mouth accidentally. She put her hands on my hips and rode the waves as my cock fucked her mouth.

As I finished and started to soften, Marie sucked on the head until it popped out of her mouth.

I was in shock and could not believe the feelings I had just experienced. I watched Marie and could tell she still had cum in her mouth, she was running her tongue around her mouth and then suddenly she swallowed. Her eyes closed and she then got up and laid on the couch across my lap.

My now flaccid cock was near her breasts still contained within her bikini top as she propped her head up on her hand, elbow on the couch, looking up at me.

Marie: “Well….I expected to tease you a little...didn't see that coming”

Me: “Well...don't expect to hear any complaining from me!”

I rested my hand on her stomach and softly rubbed from her hip up to her bikini top, just enjoying the sensation of her skin against my palm. Not much was said, it was more the looks given.

Tomorrow we had a planned trip to my cousins house to stay for a couple nights, originally this had sounded fun, now this meant no private time for Marie and I….could I really go a few days without this?

As time drew near for BD to come home, Marie confirmed she was having similar thoughts “We are going to have to cool it around Jennie and Amy, I don’t know how, but…..well lets just see how things go”

We quickly cleaned up and got ourselves presentable with mere moments to spare.

BD arrived home in time to go out for dinner and we spent the rest of the evening in the pool with him and each other, enjoyed the hot tub and laid out in the cooling night air.

Too exhausted from the day to do anything further, I laid in bed in just a baggy pair of boxers and under only a sheet. Marie had chosen a sports bra and short running shorts. Drifting off, Marie spoke “Do you mind if I have my hand on you?” I told her I didn't. I felt her shift, expecting a hand on my arm, instead I was graced with a hand on my boxer covered cock.

We fell asleep connected in this way, knowing the next few days would be tough, but I knew in my mind I would find a way to have some fun somehow.

This story has A LOT left to it, chronologically we are only a week into our Month long trip. I am having fun sharing this, I am still keeping it factually accurate as I wouldnt be able to count it as a true story if I embellished it. I can still feel the sensations when I think back to those days and look forward to sharing all of the adventures ahead.