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Maria is initiated Part 4

2022-08-13 00:00:04

Maria phoned about midnight, it sounded like she was drunk, I asked her if she was, she said she wasn’t but Donni had given her something to take which had made her feel full of energy and a bit crazy.
I could hear music playing in the background and also men’s voices, I asked her if they were still at the club, she laughed. and said that they were at Donni's place.
I said that they must have left the club early, she replied that they hadn't been to the club, I asked her why, she said because when they were in the car Vasko had asked her if she really wanted to go to the club or go to Donni's and start the party straight away, she had said that she wanted to start the party straight away, Vasko had said good because that was what they had already decided to do anyway, she didn’t have a choice because the other guys were waiting for her at the flat to fuck her, Maria had told Vasko to drive there quickly, she didn’t want to waste any time.
I asked if that meant that she had been gangbanged, she laughed again and said most definitely, they had already gangbanged her three times ,my cock went rock hard when I heard this, I asked her what it was like, she said fantastic.
I had got my cock out and was gently working my foreskin backwards and forwards whilst I spoke to Maria, I kept on asking what had happened ,until she told me that first of all the guys had fucked her arse, everyone of them, they said it was her initiation into their group, then they had taken it in turns to ’spit roast’ her, I didn’t know what she meant by ‘spit roast’ so asked her. She told me to imagine a piece of meat being spit roasted, where did the rods go?
I understood ,she had been fucked at both ends at the same time, my cock went even harder imagining it.
After that they fucked her ‘properly‘ , she said it was fantastic
I asked her how many guys were there, she said five, I said I thought that she had arranged with Vasko to get more guys, she said she had ,they would be there later, but in the meantime Donni had phoned some friends to come and join in, I asked her how many and she said two or three, I was still a bit disappointed and said it still wasn’t ten, she let out a huge sigh and said she would tell them to find more, I made her promise she would ask, I was happy then.
I asked her if she had cum very much, again she laughed and said that she had cum a LOT, the guys couldn’t believe how many times she could cum.
I asked her when she expected to come home, she laughed even more and said she had no idea, she went on to say that she hoped not to be finished for a very long time yet, she called out to the guys asking them when they would be finished with her, I heard the reply, they said not for hours yet, she told me not to expect her home until the morning, she asked if she was doing well for me, I said she was.
She let out a yelp and laughed, I asked her what was happening, she said that one of the guys had grabbed her from behind and was playing with her nipples, I asked if she was naked, she laughed again and said of course she was, she had been naked from the moment she had walked in.
She said that she had to go the new guys had arrived, I asked her how many, she said three, then said that she couldn’t wait to start again for me.
I asked if I could speak to Vasko, I was close to cumming , my cock wanted to make sure Maria was well and truly used, when Vasko came on the phone I told him to make sure Maria was fucked long and hard, all night if possible, he laughed and said they would do their best. I said that Maria was looking forward to more guys turning up, Vasko laughed and said he knew she was, she was insatiable.
I asked Vasko what else they had planned for Maria, he said did she like fisting, Maria had never been fisted but I told Vasko she loved it, he said ok that was what they would do to her next, they would take it in turns to fist her, I told him to make certain they got their hands in deep enough to feel her tonsils, he laughed and said they would make sure they did.
I told him that Maria loved swallowing cum, he laughed and said they knew she did, she had swallowed litres of it already, but they would make certain she swallowed even more.
I spoke to Maria again and told her to make them fuck her all night, I told her she was in for a surprise, she asked me what and I told her she was going to be fisted, she didn’t know what I meant so I explained it to her, I told her to make sure every guy fisted her and also that all of them got their hand all the way inside her cunt, I said I would ask Vasko when I saw him that they had, she laughed and said she would do it for me.
Just before she hung up I reminded her about getting more guys, I told her to keep on about it, she laughed and then she shouted out to the guys that her husband wanted them to get more guys to fuck her, I heard someone shout back in reply ‘how many’ Maria said at least another twenty, I heard lewd laughter, laughing she said was that enough.
When she had hung up I remembered that I had meant to ask her if she knew the address of where she was, I rang her back straight away but her phone was turned off, she didn’t want to be disturbed.
I wondered if they would tie her up and fuck her, so I went to look at the things she had bought from the sex shop, they were nowhere to be found, Maria must have taken them with her.
I went to bed but kept waking up wondering what was happening to Maria, I kept thinking that there were nine guys taking it in turns to fuck her I imagined her being handcuffed, gagged and blindfolded, maybe all at the same time, I worked out that if each one of them fucked her two or three times each she would be fucked between eighteen and twenty-seven times. She had never been fucked anything like this before.
I wanted her to used and abused by all the guys over and over and over, until she begged them to stop.
I got really excited thinking about her being fisted, fucked and ‘spit roasted’ all night, I wanked myself off several times during the night.

The next morning I woke early, I wanted to phone Maria to see if she was all right but thought that she wouldn’t be very happy to be disturbed if she was still busy, which I hoped she was.
Eventually my curiosity got the better of me and I phoned just before going to work, Maria’s phone was still turned off, I imagined Maria still being fucked, it was fantastic, my cock went hard and I had to toss myself off again.

I had been in work for an hour or so when my phone rang, it was Maria.
I asked her where she was and if she had finished already, she laughed and said she had to finish because the guys were too tired to carry on, I asked her if she had fucked all night, she laughed again and said of course she had, she had promised me, I asked her how many guys had fucked her, she said she would tell me later.
I asked her again where she was, she said that she was downstairs in Vasko’s car, she said she didn’t have her keys. I told her I would be straight down,

I went downstairs to give my keys to Maria. Vasko’s car was parked outside the front doors.
When I got to the car Maria opened her door and smiled at me, she looked radiant. Her dress was up to her cunt, Vasko had his hand high up on the inside of her leg rubbing it.
I asked Maria if she was alright, she smiled and said that she had never felt better.
She said gangbanging was good for her.
I asked Vasko if they had fisted her, he said they had, I asked him how many had, he said all of them had, Maria had insisted on it, Maria looked at me and smiled.
I wanted to know if they had all got their hand inside Maria’s cunt, Maria answered this time and said sadly they hadn’t all, Vasko interrupted and said they would next time, Maria said she hoped so, I noticed that she was already thinking of next time.
I asked Vasko if she had done well, he said that she had been fantastic, she could be a professional.
Maria put her hand on Vasko's leg and smiled at him and told him that he had done pretty well too, she asked him how many times he had had her, he thought for a moment and then replied four or five times, Maria said that was pretty good, Vasko said it wasn’t bad but Donnie and his friends had had her a lot more, Maria laughed and said that was true but Donnie and his friends were animals.
I quickly worked out that if each of the guys there had fucked her at least five or six times she must have been fucked at least forty or more times.
I noticed that Vasko's hand had travelled higher up her leg, Maria had opened her legs wide to make it easier for him to get to her cunt, his fingers were touching her cunt, Maria told me later that she had told Vasko to finger her cunt whilst I was there ,she told him I would like it, which I did.
I asked her what she was going to do now, she turned to look at Vasko and said she would go to bed, I said I supposed she was very tired, still looking towards Vasko, she said she wasn’t very tired.
I wondered if she would go alone or not.
I said that I had to go back to work.
Maria said that she would see me later, they drove off, Maria didn’t even look back.

When I got home that evening Maria was up.
She still looked radiant, whatever had happened to her seemed to suit her.
I asked her to tell me all that had happened, she said she would in bed.
As soon as she began on her story my cock went rock hard, Maria laughed and said that my cock seemed to like her story, I said not only my cock but me as well.
She told me not to waste time but to fuck her straight away, she said that she wanted to try some of the things the guys had done to her.
Her cunt felt completely different, it was much more welcoming, it seemed to grab my cock and squeeze it, also it seemed warmer and wetter, I liked it.
I made her tell me how many times she had been fucked, whilst I fucked her.
She pretended not to remember, she said that she would have to think about it, then she said not many, I asked her how many again, she said about twenty or thirty times, I knew that she was trying to please me, but also thought that she could well have been fucked that many times, according to her she had been fucking on and off for about ten hours or so, therefore she would have been fucked about three times an hour, quite possible.
I asked her how she had kept going for so long, she said that Donni had given her something several times, which made her feel full of energy, I asked her what it was, but she didn’t know, I also asked if she would like to be gangbanged again, she said of course, she said that she had meant to tell me yesterday, but she had forgotten to because she was so excited about going out, she had had several phone calls about her advert, she said after we had finished we would decide what to do, this really excited me.
I asked her if she had liked being fisted, she said she did, although at first it was painful, but once she had relaxed it was fantastic, Maria asked if I wanted to try and fist her, I said I did.
Maria lay on her back on the bed and opened her legs, she told me to fill her cunt with lubricating gel and then to put only two fingers in her cunt, my fingers went in easily, then I put three fingers in , and then four, very slowly and carefully I worked my hand into her cunt.
It took me four or five minutes of careful manipulation before my fist suddenly went completely into Maria’s cunt, she let out a loud sigh of pleasure.
As soon as my fist was in her cunt Maria began working her cunt up and down on it, I twisted my hand backwards and forwards at the same time it felt fantastic.
We carried on for five or ten minutes, when Maria said we should stop otherwise she would cum, and she wanted to cum with me.
Next she told me to put her legs over my shoulders and fuck her, it was fantastic, my cock went very easily its full length into her cunt, it went in so far my bollocks were hitting her cunt as I hammered it in and out.
She asked me if I liked it, I said I loved it and asked what else she wanted to try, she miss-understood me and said that she had been decided that from now on if she saw a guy that she fancied, wherever she was, she was going to bring him home and fuck him, for me. She asked me if I liked her idea.
My brain was in my cock , I was so excited I would have liked anything that she suggested, I said of course I did, then , because my cock was doing the talking, I asked did she mean only one guy at a time or more, Maria was as excited as me ,her brain was in her cunt, she asked would I mind her bringing home more, I said of course not, I told her I would feel upset if she brought home only one guy, I said that she needed fucking by at least two guys every time, she smiled and said she realised that now, she then let out a sigh of satisfaction.
She told me to get her toys out of the cabinet next to the bed, the things she had bought were back there, I asked her if they had used them on her when they gang banged her, she said they had.
She knelt facing the top of the bed then got me to handcuff her to the headboard, then I had to blindfold her, I asked her why she wanted to be blindfolded, she said because when the guys had gang banged her and she was blindfolded she hadn’t known who it was, she said it was more exciting, she told me I had to fuck her arse, this is something we don’t usually do, normally Maria doesn’t like it.
It took me a minute or so to get my cock all its length into her arse, she was saying all the time how nice it was, at first I found it a bit painful but as Maria’s arse relaxed and became bigger I began to enjoy it.
I fucked her arse for a while.
Next she lay on her back on the bed and told me to handcuff her again to the bed.
This way was even better, it was an amazing feeling having Maria completely at my mercy, I asked her if the guys had done this too, she said of course they had, they had fucked her whilst she was handcuffed, blindfolded and gagged all at the same time, they had fisted her when she was like it too, she said even when she screamed it was hardly noticeable, talking like this really excited me and I kept asking her how many guys would she bring home, Maria was excited too and she kept saying more each time I asked, eventually she said at least five or six , she asked if I would like to see her fucked by five or six guys, this really got to me and I couldn’t stop myself from cumming, Maria laughed and said now she knew how to make me cum fast.

I lay on my back recovering, I decided to ask Maria if Vasko had fucked her when he brought her home.
She laughed and said she wouldn’t tell me, I asked her why, she said that she wanted me to imagine what had happened, she said that she thought that I would find it more exciting not knowing, she asked what difference it made if Vasko had fucked her or not, she had had so many cocks in her cunt in the last few days one more wouldn’t make much difference.
We lay there quietly, I was fingering Maria’s cunt, it was still very wet and getting wetter, Maria said Vasko had asked her to do something for him, I asked what it was, Maria said that he wanted her to fuck his brother but she didn’t know if she should, I asked her why, she said because Vasko’s brother was only seventeen years old and he was a virgin, she asked me what I thought.
I thought about it for a minute then said she should do it ,It would be good for Vasko’s brother to learn sex from her, she could teach him a lot, Maria let out a loud sigh and said she had thought the same but wasn’t sure, she said she would tell Vasko.
Maria said would I promise her something, I said of course, she said that I didn’t know what it was, I said I would promise her anything, Maria then said that she wanted me to promise that every day I would encourage her to fuck guys other than me, I wasn’t to take no for an answer because she would be doing it for me.
I didn’t know if she meant that I was to encourage her to actually fuck different guys every day or just encourage her every day to fuck, but I said ok as long as she was certain that was what she wanted, it was, she said that I was right she did need fucking regularly, at least twice a day, she said that from now on that is what she was going to try to do for me , she should have listened to me a long time ago, now she was going to have to make up for lost time, she asked me what I thought, I said twice a day was better than once, and three times was better than twice, I also said that I would only do it if she promised me something, she asked me what, I said she had to promise to do everything I wanted her to do without argument, Maria laughed and said I was incorrigible, but she would promise to do it for me.
We started fucking again, this time neither of us spoke, we were both in our own worlds, I was sure Maria was imagining being fucked by other guys.
I was imagining Maria being fucked by other guys and also thinking what I could get her to do, I was determined to make her behave outrageously.
We left bed about an hour later.

Maria had turned her phone off, now she turned it on again, straight away it rang.
It was another guy about her advert.
After she had hung up I asked her if he was any good, she said she didn’t know, it was difficult to know what to ask them.
I thought about it for a minute or two and then said why not give them marks, out of ten for example.
Maria asked me how.
I said first of all write down the questions she wanted to ask in the left hand column of a piece of paper, then draw columns from the top to the bottom of the page, numbering each column.
Then on a separate piece of paper write the guys name against the column numbers.
After each question put either a tick or a cross in the numbered columns.
Finally add up each guys ticks, and then choose the ones with the most ticks .
She liked my idea, and we spent some time working out the questions to ask.
We decided she should ask things like, were they married, did they have girlfriends, could they stay overnight, what was the normal number of times they came, what was the most times they had ever cum, what was the most important thing when having sex, etc,etc.
Maria asked what about the guys that had already phoned, I asked her if she had their numbers, she had numbers for most of them, I told her to phone them back and the guys who hadn’t given their numbers to forget.
I was feeling horny again now and made Maria phone the guys.
I was feeling horny enough to want Maria to go out and find a guy or even guys to bring back and fuck.
I told her that she had to go out and find guys to bring back. I even insisted that she went out and found someone straight away, she smiled and said she would think about it, but first she wanted to finish phoning the guys. I said that wasn’t good enough and insisted that she went out, she looked at me and smiled and said that she would for me, only later, I said that because she wouldn’t go out straight away she would have to please me even more, Maria asked me how and I said by bringing home three guys to fuck, she laughed.

There were ten guys on her list, when she had finished I asked her if any of them were any good, she said about half seemed promising.
I asked her what next, she said next she would interview them.
The phone rang again, it was another guy replying to her advert.
By ten o’clock she had had another three calls.
She turned her phone off, I asked her if she didn’t want any more calls, she said she didn’t, she reminded me that she had to go out ,and find some guys for me , my cock went hard, especially as she had said guys and not a guy.
She went to get ready, when she came back she was wearing the same dress as the previous night, again I couldn’t see any sign of her wearing a g-sting, I asked her if she was, she said she wasn’t, she asked if I wanted her to, I said of course I didn’t, especially as I didn’t want her to have any trouble finding guys to fuck.
She asked me to take her to the club where she had meet Vasko, I guessed that she wouldn’t mind meeting him and his friends again.
When we got to the club she told me not to wait up for her, she would either get a taxi home or more likely some guy would bring her home, I kissed her and wished her luck, I reminded her because she had been disobedient she had to bring three guys back, she smiled and said ‘ only three?‘ I said it was up to her, she could bring more if she wanted, she laughed and said I was being greedy ,but she would do her best for me.
I watched her go in the club, she didn’t have any trouble entering.