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Lost Empire 67

2022-05-11 00:00:04

0001 - Tempro

0003 - Conner- Thomas

0097 - Ace - Zimmel

0098 - Lucy

0101 - Shelby (mother ship)

0125 - Lars

0200 - Ellen

0301 - Rodrick

0403 - Johnathon

0667 - Marco - Brown

0778 - Jan

0798 - Celeste - Shelby (human)

0805 - Toran

0808 - Radella

0908 - Tara - Mara


Ungrown - unnumbered


2 - onboard Shelby, in Re-gen

0250 Tendra

1000 - Sherry

0999 - Zan - still lost


Known and OR numbered


0501 - Thaddeus

???? - Lena


Shelby was staring at the almost petrified Tendraxian female. Though she'd visibly relaxed, Shelby could still tell that the female was terrified.

"Who are you?" The female was whispering barely looking at Shelby.

"Well, since you called my husband the beast leader, then I must be the female beast leader." Shelby stated after thinking a moment.

"You? We have never been told that the females were leaders. Therefore, we know that no females can be the beasts of this kingdom." The pale female stated growing less frightened.

Shelby's eyes were wide a moment then she nodded. So, she was going to have her work cut out for her.

"No, my dear, I can well assure you that I also rule the empire. Though," here Shelby looked at Derrick. "At the moment I am working toward ruling more equally than I was."

This of course made Derrick grimace a bit. Which of course wasn't lost on the pale female, whose mouth was hanging open even more.

"It really is true; we'd not believed it had we not seen it." The female was muttering under her breath. Turning toward Derrick the female lowered her head as she almost whispered. "I beg for mercy for the others here Master lord sir. You may dispose of me if you wish, if you will only spare my sister and the other two."

A long drawn out sigh from Derrick caused the female to briefly look up then back down to the deck.

"I don't know what I'm going to have to do to convince all the races that I am not a war monger" Derrick stated, causing Shelby to giggle a bit. "It's really not funny Shelby!" Which caused Shelby to laugh a little more.

"You have to admit," Shelby finally said after she caught her breath. "With these fantastic, huge ships, some might see you and the empire that way."

Startled a moment Derrick could only nod his agreement. Though as he saw it, he wasn't the one attacking.

"Alright you deserve an answer." Derrick finally stated to the female. "One, I am not going to dispose of you or any of the others. Two, you are not prisoners and will be afforded freedom." Derrick held up his hand when the female had a look of confusion about that. "Three, if you wish I will return you to your world unharmed."

"This goes against all that we were told and learned all our lives." The female stated. "We were told that if we were ever captured that we would be tortured unmercifully." The female said a look of worry on her face.

Derrick could only sigh again putting his face into his hands. It was going to be an obviously long day.

Lucie had been watching the proceeding the whole time. Trying her best not to laugh after all seeing her proper military brother having trouble. This was just too good to be true, after all his strict military years. A sly smile came to her lips when she thought that, he needed to have things shook up a bit.

Then again she thought, as she saw the emperor put his face into his hands, too much might not help either.


Captain Greeson and General Norman had just sat down when there was a knocking outside the ship. Turning on an external view screen they all saw the almost enraged form of Mara Callie.

"Oh dear," the pilot of Onai's ship stated. "It appears that there is an extremely angry female outside the ship." Just then they saw that the young woman was shouting.

Greeson's and Norman's eyes went wide when they recognized Mara. "Uh oh," Norman stated as he looked over to Greeson.

Greeson nodded, "Yeah I agree, you think we could let her in?" Greeson said as he turned toward the pilot.

The pilot looked again at the woman now yelling in earnest at the ship. "That depends, just who is she?"

Greeson sighed about to answer, when Norman answered, "She is my daughter, also his fiancé." Norman said indicating Greeson.

The pilot nodded a moment then his eyes opened wide, "Ah! I see, the woman Onai spoke of. It might be rather prudent to allow her in, I am sure Onai would allow it."

A moment later the door started to slide open slowly. They could hear the end of Mara's tirade. "Open this door, don't make me get the emperor!" A moment later a still angry Mara marched in right up to Greeson. "Don't do this again without notifying me!" She suddenly stopped when she saw the body of Onai. "Oh my god what happened?"

Greeson spoke low as he answered, "I went against the new leader of the sect. For a while I thought I had him, I was too confident. When he put me down, Master stepped in. When Master Onai also entered the fray, she was hit falling away. When I awoke Master gave me this recording, asked me to bring her body here. I was to ask her pilot to contact her father and play him the recording."

Greeson turned bowing to the pilot. "Do not feel you failed young student of Masuta Kimon. You continued the art as it should be. You followed his orders to the letter." The pilot stated, also bowing.

Greeson shook his head no, "I am afraid of what master will do. He told me that: {I would say that I will see you in Ame, though the path I am on now, almost guarantees I will be sent to Jigoku.}"

Both the pilot and Norman hissed when Greeson conveyed this. "Plus, I also fear that he loved her far more than he let on. Greeson said that Kimon was already in the beginning throes of the blood lust." Norman sadly stated.

"That is indeed a tragedy. After the test, Masuta Kimon was elevated to clan Masuta. There hasn't been one for a long time. Father was the last if I recall." The pilot replied. "Please, be seated while I contact council and clan leader Isamu Sakuta," here he turned toward Onai's body, "her father."

It was a few moments before the holo-gram of the same older oriental man as from before appeared. "Rida," the pilot said as he bowed. "The student of Masuta Kimon has returned with grave news."

"Sir," Greeson started bowing, "I was instructed to return with the body of your daughter. I was also instructed to play this, when I contacted you." The older man looked over the body of his daughter nodding. Then at the three men and woman that were also bowing to him.

"Arise. This is from Masuta Kimon I take it?" The man said. "He has also gone after the one who did this?" When Greeson could only nod the older man indicated for Greeson to play the recording.

A moment later the voice of Dempsy filled the cabin. "I know that my student has brought this to you Rida. I hold my self responsible for the death of my great love, you daughter. I am even now tracking the Akuma that did this. My hesitation caused her death. I will hunt the Akuma, I will kill him with no honor, I will utterly destroy him 'til there is nothing left to remind the clan of the dishonor I will do. Sayonara Rida, 'til this is done it was an honor."

The older man was nodding his head 'til the recording was done. "Kimon was always quick to act concerning things of honor. Never, has he ever thought that there were others that might also be involved. He was always so quick in fact that he doesn't always look closer before he goes off like this. As he got older he was better though, still too quick."

"Is there nothing that we can do?" Mara asked concerned for Kimon.

The older man turned toward Mara his face softening, "no, I am afraid there is only one that can do anything. She I am afraid, is too far away to do much at the moment." Turning toward Greeson he said. "I suggest that you seek medical attention. You are hiding your injuries quite well. You make me that much prouder of your Masuta."

Greeson's eyes were wide a moment then he nodded. Mara went to Greeson as the man stumbled a bit, then they both left the craft.

"It is again a great honor to greet you General Norman. May I suggest that you make ready to receive either the body of Masuta Kimon your friend, or the one he now seeks." The older man stated.

Norman nodded then bowed as he also left. Both men watched at the last of the three left. "Riku, make sure all is ready to return when this business is finished."

"It will be as you say father." Riku replied as he turned seeing that the body of Onai was gone. "What of her?" Riku said his eyes wide.

"We shall see, your sister is as strong willed as Kimon. I had hoped for a strong match, now? I, no longer have a good idea. We will have to wait and see." The older man stated.


Derrick was starting to get concerned, it had been over an hour with no sign of Hartwell. He was about to reach out to call him when he felt a soft female hand on his arm.

"As long as he has been with you, you think he would abandon you now?" Shelby told him.

"It isn't that Shelby. It's the fact that he is overdue to be here or check in. With that huge fleet out there heading this way, I am a little at a loss. These Delcrons are definitely different than any other opponent we've ever faced. Plus, the fact, I might lose one of my troop isn't sitting well with me either." Derrick stated feeling frustrated.

"Do you think that Mary sending them a message might help?" Shelby suggested.

Derrick thought a moment then shook his head. "I am still unsure as to just how their world works. If I say or do the wrong thing then I might escalate things further. We are barely holding on now. I don't want to start another war before we even have a chance to do this peacefully."

Shelby nodded as she turned to Mary. "I want all the information that you have on the Delcrons. I also want all the new information that the three recon members supplied to you." Here she turned to Derrick. "Let's try to make better sense of this ok?"

Derrick's eyes were wide only a moment then he nodded. "I just hope that we can get something from the new information, Shelby. From all I've seen so far this race goes against all that we know. While we wait, I'm still going to check on them. You know I can't stand really being out of the loop."

Shelby sighed then nodded, she knew there wasn't much she could say at this juncture.

Derrick nodded to Mary as a holo-gram of Hartwell appeared. "Admiral? Is everything alright? I was expecting you to be back by now."

Hartwell nodded about to speak when Lucie Hartwell interjected. "He would sire, though at the moment he seems to be having problems."

"I can give my own damn report Lucie." Johnathon growled at his sister.

"Yeah I know, though you'll leave out the best parts." Shot back Lucie.

"The best parts? What in the hell are you talking about?" Johnathon groused.

"Oh," Lucie stated batting her eyes "Like how embarrassed you are. How you are madder at your men than you're letting on. How you are feelin..."

"That's enough Lucie! Right now, you are making my job far harder than it should be!" Johnathon almost shouted.

Lucie walked up to Johnathon with a small smile, leaned to his ear and whispered, "Good!" Then she danced away before he could catch her.

Turning to look at Derrick, Johnathon could only shake his head. "That woman will be the death of me I swear."

Derrick look over toward Shelby as he nodded, "I know what you mean!"

"Now to answer your question sir, it's taking longer as we discovered Lucie needs to be with two of the females more time than we thought."

"How much longer?" A surprised Derrick asked.

"Uh, about two more hours. The other two seemed to have been exposed a hell of a lot more than the sisters." Johnathon replied.

Sighing Derrick nodded, "I should have known our luck wouldn't hold out that long. Get here as soon as you can, as safely as you can."


Kimon Dempsy had almost lost all conscious thought as he felt the blood lust take over. His senses heightened he was more an animal than a human now. Stopping he sniffed the air, looking at the prints in the dirt.

Nodding he started out again, he was slowly gaining on them though it was going to take more time than he wanted.

It was several hours later when, he finally caught up to the first of the stragglers of his prey's men. Scoffing he was going around them when they shifted to block his way.

Growling out in an almost animalistic voice Kimon warned them. If they wished to die then they should remain where they were. All but one rapidly moved aside. Snarling at Kimon, Kimon snarled back, took a step toward the male then was continuing on the male's severed head hitting the ground a moment later.

Sneering at the others who had their mouths open, Kimon roared then vanished as he again leapt forward. Hardly feeling anything, his blood seemed to be boiling slightly as the excitement grew.

He could feel that he was getting closer, though for some reason, he could almost see the trap that he felt was waiting for him. Shaking his head, he tried to shut off all conscious thoughts.

A moment later Kimon smiled as he felt the blood lust bubble back to the surface. Good, it wouldn't do to get distracted before he could completely destroy the demon. The demon who took the only other thing that was precious to him.

An hour later, Kimon broke into a clearing seeing another group of men. They all seemed to be waiting for him, these though, seemed to be far better trained than those from before.

"So, the dishonored one is attempting to capture our master. You will not pass us, nor will you harm him!" The obvious leader of these men stated.

In an almost animalistic growl Kimon stated. "I do not wish to kill all of you, I am in the blood lust. If you engage me, you will be dead within minutes. For you, the death will be honorable, though for the demon that you call master, it will not be so."

Several of the males started to laugh. "You are no master! You let another with you die, therefore you have no honor. After we kill you, our master will elevate our status within the group."

The same male that had spoken took a defensive stance against Kimon. "Now we'll see just how good you are!" With that both males started to move faster and faster.

The others smiled as they followed the motions of the fighting males. Less than three minutes later, there was a crushing thud then both males stopped.

Kimon held the male's heart in his hand as it beat twice then stopped. The male looked shocked at Kimon, then his lifeless body fell forward.

"Now then, before the rest of you have to die, I will now continue after the demon." Kimon could only growl as several more males stepped in front of him. A small thin smile came to his lips as he tensed up preparing to move. Growling out again, Kimon seemed to vanish as the first three fell their throats crushed. Appearing on the other side of the group, Kimon waited for any other that wished to die.

When no others stepped forward Kimon nodded then took a step seeming to vanish.


Mara had just gotten Greeson to the sick bay when several alarms went off. Looking up Mara asked, "Celeste? What is going on? Are we under attack?"

The fiery redhead appeared stating, "No prime Mara. It appears that my command matrix was overridden. It also appears that I have no information on who or what did this."

"I think that the Emperor should be made aware of this." Mara told the uncertain hologram.

A moment later Derrick appeared. "What in the hell is going on?"

"Sire, it appears that Celeste has had some type of attack upon her. She said that her command matrix had been overridden. I thought that was impossible for anyone except a tech directly in contact with her data stream." Mara stated to a startled Derrick.

"I thought so also, you have nothing on sensors?" Derrick asked.

"No sire, it appears that the information was either deleted or blocked, in such a way that I cannot access it." Celeste stated a look of concern on her face.

Just then the holo-grams of both Kimison and Rayburn appeared. "You called us sir?" Rayburn stated.

"Apparently, someone with skills that I haven't seen since the first emperor's time, bypassed Celeste. It also appears that someone left the ship though there is no trace of who it was." An irritated Derrick stated.

Both men nodded as they started to go over all the data that was sent them. "You're right sir. No way of recovering the data though, they won't be able to do it again." Kimison stated as he looked at Rayburn who was nodding.

"All pathways that were used, have now been closed or heavily encoded. I doubt it will happen again." Rayburn stated.

Giving a frustrated sigh Derrick looked hard at the two men. "I suggest you sleep or I might have to put the both of you under again." Derrick threatened.

Both men looked at each other and then shrugged as they agreed with Derrick. With that they all vanished.

Putting his head in his hand again, Derrick looked at the ceiling. He'd been right it was going to be an extremely long day.

A moment later, ship-Shelby's holo-gram appeared. "Derrick?" She asked a look of concern in her eyes.

Derrick's head snapped up at the soft concerned voice. "Yes Shelby? I am sorry that I haven't returned sooner than now. So many things seem to be going wrong right now."

"I know Derrick, I know that you have a great many responsibilities. I was hoping that you might allow me to start recovering my children. We did make promises to them; I want them back badly." Shelby said looking a little uncomfortable asking.

"Oh my god Shelby! In all the craziness that has ensued recently, I almost forgot." Derrick said as he thought for a few moments. "I think it's about time that we start the recovery as soon as possible. IMT me onboard."

"I think not!" A female voice stated behind Derrick making him freeze in place. "I thought I told you that I would not allow you to do this again. Losing you in time was bad enough, going off like this isn't about to happen again without me."

Derrick slowly turned to see his wife Shelby standing in the doorway with her hands on her hips. Then there was the fact that, she had a don't push me on this look on her face.

"Uh," Derrick started then snapped his mouth shut. Both Shelby’s were doing their best not to laugh at the almost lost look on Derrick’s face. Again, Derrick started to speak then nodded his head in defeat. "I apologize Shelby, I am as you know, newly married so I easily forget."

"Yes," human-Shelby stated, "you have seemed a bit distracted recently. Shelby, I suggest you IMT the both of us onboard."

"Yes, I also think that would be a far better suggestion." Holo-Shelby said.

"Might I also recommend, that we stop by where Admiral Hartwell is. Collecting Lucie, might help to facilitate us finding them far faster." Human-Shelby added.

Derrick's eyes lit up as he nodded that was an excellent idea. Then again Shelby only had capacity to handle eight boxes. Then he thought of the two she had in re-gen now, so only six.

"Alright..." Derrick started, then sighed as he finished, seeing that the both of them were on Shelby's bridge. "Bring us... onboard. Damn it Shelby at least let me get most of it out!"

Both Shelby's started to laugh at the look of false indignation on Derrick's face.

"Enough you two," Derrick said then smiled, "let's go get those that we can. I suggest you bring another with you to help, I know the others can't hold them for long. Though having back up is advisable."

Both Derrick and Shelby sat in the two chairs that were there for them. Both were buckled in when they heard the wind up of the engines. A large rift appeared before them, then Shelby slipped in.

Both of them got up moving to a computer keyboard. "Mary? Please transfer all information on the Delcrons to Shelby." Derrick asked.

"As you wish sire." Mary stated a moment later.

They both were reading the data, when the ship dropped to normal space. A moment later the holo-gram of Admiral Hartwell appeared.

"Sir? Is something wrong? It seems highly unusual for you to come here." A shocked Hartwell said.

"We are going to start getting all of the boxes out here. I made promises to all of them, as well as Zan. Having more of them would help to solidify our position. Lord knows we could stand to have more of that." Derrick was saying though the last part was more mumbled than the rest.

Both Hartwell and Lucie were nodding when Lucie's eyes lit up. "You need me don't you sire," she asked excited. When Derrick and Shelby both nodded her smile got wider, at least 'til she looked over at her brother. "Johnny? Will you be alright 'til I can return?"

Derrick and Shelby had to hold in their amusement when the Admiral growled at his sister.

"I thought I told you NOT to call me that!" Just as suddenly the Admiral dropped his voice. "You know that I've hated that all my life. Especially after what I had to endure all through school."

Lucie's head dropped as moved to him and whispered in his ear. "I'm sorry Joseph I forgot the hell you went through."

Joseph Hartwell sighed then hugged his sister. "You're forgiven Lucie, help him to bring them back. All soldiers deserve to be with their comrades especially at the end."

Lucie's eyes went wide with a few tears as she nodded. She remembered the pain she felt when she thought he was lost.

Derrick looked a little concerned at Hartwell. "Are you having problems with the four new editions?"

Sighing Hartwell had to think a moment. "Not as much problems as their refusal to wear clothes. Having Shiloh and Grant here helped when they were conscious. Jimison, I am afraid has gone into hiding on the ship. Might have to IMT him here when we want him."

"Oh, we'll get him when we need him. The Empress and I are trying to find an amicable solution to that now. Though, from the looks of things we might lose him for a bit. THAT, I find to be completely unacceptable." Derrick growled out slightly.

A moment later both Shiloh and Grant appeared looking lost a moment. Upon entering they both saluted Derrick who happily saluted back.

"I want the both of you to keep a watch on Jimison. He might be the key to preventing another war with these Delcrons." Derrick told them. Both nodded as they took off into the ship.

Hartwell was nodding his agreement. "Are you ready to go Lucie?" He asked.

Lucie vanished a moment later appearing next to Derrick and Shelby. "That does take a bit of getting used to. Sire? What about the Tendraxians?"

"Yes," turning to Derrick she stated. "I hope we can find them all. I know Shelby doesn't have the room for that many how-"

That moment a rift appeared as Lucy slipped through nearby. A few seconds later her holo-gram appeared.

"Reporting as you ordered sire." Lucy stated.

"I am sorry that we have to resort to using you in this way." Derrick told her.

"Sire, I consider it an honor to be able to help my brothers and sisters in this way. As it is an honor to serve you however I can." Lucy stated.

"It is unfortunate that your mother is the only one with the energy matrix to accomplish this." Derrick replied.

"For now," Shelby said making Derrick agree whole heartedly.

It was a mere twenty minutes later that they were approaching their sixth brain box. Lucie was as happy as she could be though they weren't able to get them all on this trip. They had just stopped about to retrieve the last box before Shelby when Lucie suddenly stopped still.

Looking up she had a confused look on her face. "Yes? We are starting to retrieve them now. So far we have five we're about to get a sixth and... WHAT!? Yes, I can tell them but why? No," here Lucie sighed, "I'll tell them. Sire?" Lucie asked.

Derrick had, had a strange feeling about this retrieval the moment they appeared out here. "Something wrong Lucie?" Derrick asked.

"Sir, the ship in front of us told me that he wishes to remain here til the rest have been recovered. He wishes for the others to be saved first before he is." Lucie replied.

Derrick's eyes were wide a moment, "Did he say who he is?" Derrick asked?

Lucie looked away as she posed the question to who was talking to her. A moment later she turned back with her mouth open. "He... he says his designation is EIG 0501."

A gasp beside her had her looking at Holo-Shelby. A single word coming from her. "Thaddeus!"


On the outer rim of the galaxy several thousand oddly shaped ships slowed. Inside the lead ship a fierce looking female Delcron was pacing the bridge her tail flipping back and forth at a furious rate.

Cursing the female started toward the command crew when a male twice her size seized her.

"Where do you think you are going?" The tall strong male commanded.

Hissing, the female started to swipe at the male her claws out fully. This caused the male to knock her to the deck with the back of his huge paw like hand.

Hissing again, the female sprang to only to be batted back to the deck. "I asked you a question!" He roared.

The female immediately shook her head then sat on the floor.

"I was going to get the crew to keep moving sire" The female stated her head bowed.

Sighing the male could only shake his head. "I forget that you were as angry as you were. They have stopped on my orders. I want all ships together. This old empire has ships of unfathomable power. Recent events with the Tendraxians have led me to be cautious."

The female's eyes were large as she asked, "What events with those tech thieves could have you so concerned?"

"The fact that over eighty percent of their fleet came here not long ago. NONE of those ships have returned, this leads me to think that they were defeated by a superior force. Though they haven't the power that we do, they still had greater numbers. No, I fear this empire is far stronger than they let on." The huge male stated his whiskers twitching, his tail also flicking back and forth with excitement.

This time the female started to smile, good, having a strong mate would do much to making their empire greater. They first had to find the intended husband. They way he'd beaten her was the greatest mating ritual she'd ever had. She had to have him or perish trying to get him back.

Looking back at the male she smiled, her father the Delcron Emperor. He would make sure she got this male, the first ever to be worthy of her. Suddenly her father pointed to her room. "I suggest you meditate on what you will do when we find him."

Bowing low, she replied, "Yes father, I will plan as well as I can. As you have taught me.

Smiling the male nodded his head as he watched his only daughter exit the command bridge. Having her think things over should calm her greatly, at least 'til she met the male again. Shaking his head after she disappeared he thought, he just hoped that the tracker that they had planted on the male didn't give out. Then again they did have his unique bio-readings.