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Danny becomes Danni. Part 5 the ending..

2022-07-04 00:00:04

Aunt Lynn picked up Danni...walking in 6 inch heels...make up with blush and lipstick...new blonde wig...just so beautiful that Aunt Lynn stood and drank her in. Her nephew when this started became a woman before her eyes. And Danni knew she was something more than a lesbian...she was now bisexual...

As Lynn drove down the road she asked Danni why she wanted to hear his Aunt Lynn have an orgasm on the phone.

Unlike previous times..where Danni was choked up...she simply admitted that how she felt that first night...watching Aunt Lynn use her vibrator...seeing how it was going in...and watching his Aunt's sticky wet sperm shoot out of her quim.

As they drove in Danni simply said..."I want to eat your Pussy". Lynn looked shocked...at first...then said...I knew this was coming. "Jodi and Kristin are coming over...I think we need to make this a 4 some...and while normally I wouldn't...I am giving in...because it is me that made you..." Lynn said reluctantly..

Danni with her finely made pink nails...turned Lynn's Cheek and French Kissed her....."And I love you for what you have done.."

Danni said his mother was planning the transformation costs...and in one year she would be on hormones. She wanted to make this memorable. As Chinese Food was for dinner, some champagne to be had...and they had some Capri 120s for the occasion.

But when it came time to enter the den...where there was a bar and a billiards table...laden with all sorts of toys...Danni couldn't hold back. They soon changed...this time Danni wearing Daisy Dukes...her bulge was making breathing short and impatient. In front of Jodi she unzipped those shorts...a stringer of pre cum dangling...she said please to Jodi...and she didn't flinch...at how she uzipped Jodi's jeans...working her into her wetquim...keeling from the top of the billiards table. Kristen came to Danni from behind...spreading the Anal Folds of Danni...licking her ass...she then slide in a speculum....with a plastic tied group of vibrating eggs....which sent Danni into nervana. Lynn was sucking the orbs of Jodi.....and this Orgy was wellnon its way...

Danni pulled Jodi closer as her two fingers slid into Jodi's wet tunnel. At one point a sound of liquid hit the floor as Danni's fingers found Jodi's G-spot....the sound of her squirt caused Danni to start yeelping as bolts of hot sticky..wet semen created a dribbly stream down the side of the billiards table....and a beautiful white puddle under Danni...whose ass was pushing upward..with vibrations taking her away. Kristin went Lynn...sliding her finger into Lynn's back door. Watching Lynn make her mom lactate...caused Kristin to have a hands free orgasm.

Then the idea of an oral Daisy Chain...as Jodi sucked Danni's rod....and Danni ate Aunt Lynn...which Kristin didn't mind doing likewise. Kristin had done it a few times...and thought how Danni didn't think twice...she did so without reservation...

The sounds of muffled groans and orgasmic bliss along with the musky odor of lewdness carried on. 2 women and their Transvestites their parents, through their sexuality were making each other do naughty things to themselves...

Danni took her rod and slid it into Lynns ass..as Jodi Fucked Lynn's cunt with a strapon....and Kristin slid hers into Jodi's ass...soon Grunts and moans and audible squishes were filled wit overflowing gobs of sperm...in swollen open holes...dribbling down legs...creating the raunchy smell of unrestricted, unbridled whorring sex. Love who you were with...

Then Jodi mounted the billiard table...as Danni demanded to be under Jodi...reaming her ass...Kristin used a pool cue backwards to fuck Jodi....into geysers of creamy orgasms...Danni's dick popped loose as she sot her dick cream...oozing out of Jodi's ass. Lynn watched as she shot a hot wet load of her honey on a bar stool...dripping down..

This lurid...lewd scene was the product of three marriages that bit the dust, a lesbian affair thay helped bring a a young transvestite into being named Kristin, who showed the ropes to a very curious Danny...who admitted quickly...the woman within him....and how over time...Danny became Danni. She became clear that she wasn't ashamed about her sexual past. She simply was true to herself. And never unconsentually, as the best sex comes when all are on the same page. Where Danni goes from here one may never know. She's cummed a long way to get to this point. And her future is bright as it always was. But she'll look back upon this for she knows....that sexually she will be adept and ready.

And if anything.....be happy for it. Danny became Danni...after her Gender Reassignment Surgery...with a nice set of cleavage to go with it. And she's educated...but never once unhappy with her past....she WANTED it that way. No one can say otherwise. Let Danni be a lesson to us...a free unbridled, and lusty mind..is a terrible thing to waste. Let...sexual freedoms ring..

The End... Any names in this story are merely fictional and have no relationship to anyone or the story whatsoever.