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Collision course part 4

2022-05-28 00:48:00

Collision Course part 4

Kelly: what the fuck are you doing to my baby??

The lovers heard as they snapped their heads toward the kitchen and saw their mother standing there. Kelly had just come back from the mall and walked into her house and was horrified by what she was seeing. There was a son kneeling in between her daughters legs, her feet on his chest, his now flaccid penis resting on her pussy and her body and face covered in blobs of what she instantly recognised as semen. She felt sick to her stomach but that feeling was quickly replaced by anger. It consumed her in seconds and made her move swiftly towards the couple and punch Ethan square in the face. He fell backwards onto the floor as she stood over him with a murderous look in her eyes.

Kelly: you will burn in hell for what you did, but first you will rot in jail for raping my baby.
She spoke in a shaky voice. It was shaky because it was riddled with anger and a tinge of hatred. She turned around and walked toward the kitchen ready to call the cops when she heard her daughter beg her to stop.

Amber: please mom don’t do it, I love him.

Kelly had trouble digesting what she had just heard but she instantly saw it as Ethan took advantage of a 16 year old girl’s hormones and emotions which was still rape in her eyes since they were brother and sister. She dialled 911 and was about to report a rape when she noticed her daughter was now standing behind her, still naked and covered in cum but her eyes where blood shot red from crying.

Amber: if he goes to prison, im going to kill myself. I need him.

Kelly looked at her daughter’s face as she took the words in, she realised Amber wasn’t joking as she had a look in her eyes that was as serious as death. Not knowing what to do, Kelly hung up the phone and ran out the kitchen door, got into her car and drove of at quite a speed. Amber walked back into the kitchen still shaken up from the drama and sat back down on the sofa.

Ethan: what happened? What did you say to her?
Amber: I told her the truth, I don’t know where she went but she needed to know I was serious. I cant lose you, id rather die.
Ethan: fuck! What are we going to do now? Shit, you better get cleaned up while I try and figure out how we are going to deal with this.

She looked at him with hopeful eyes and walked off without saying a word, moments later the shower was heard running.

Ethan: what the fuck dude? How could you let this happen? What were you thinking, right here in the living room?

He chastised himself for being so careless. He picked Ambers shoes up off the sofa, looking at them and remembering how sexy she looked in them, he put them to his face and inhaled as he loved the smell of her feet. He walked up stairs to her room and put them on the floor. He always took care of his sister, it was instinct, maybe it was that same stupid instinct that got them in this mess in the first place. On his way out he heard his sister crying hysterically in the shower. She sounded like someone had just given her a death sentence.

Ethan: you gotta fix this.

He said to himself as he walked out of her room and back downstairs. A few minutes later she came downstairs dressed in a skimpy night dress. She had no intensions of starting anything, it was just a hot summer evening and had nothing else to wear that would make her feel comfortable. She curled up next to him on the sofa, clinging to him as if he were her life source.

Ethan: don’t cry please, ill fix this, ill do whatever I have to do in order to make sure you ok.
Amber: just as long as you understand that ill only be ok if we are together.

They kept quiet for a while until he noticed she was fast asleep. He looked at her sweet face and thought about things. He would have to talk to his mom and try and find some solution, even if it meant taking himself out of the equation, he would do whatever it took to make sure Amber was safe.
He stretched her out on the sofa so she could sleep more comfortably and began pacing back and forth in the living room until he heard a car pull up the driveway. He opened a slit in the curtain and saw his mother’s car, thankfully she wasn’t with anyone and no other car was following her. She walked into the house and walked past him without saying a word, without even acknowledging he was there. She walked into the kitchen and poured a glass of wine and drank the whole thing in one go. She poured another and then another although it was quite evident she had been drinking wherever she had been for the past couple of hours.

Ethan: mom im really sor….

His sentence was cut off by that same murderous glare she gave him earlier.

Kelly: how could you do this to her? She is you sister for crying out load.
Ethan: I didn’t mean to. The last thing I wanted to do was hurt her in any way or confuse her in any way.

Things just happened between us. The more we tried to stop ourselves, the more stuff happened, its like we weren’t in control of our own bodies.
She looked at her son and could see he was being honest, she was still very pissed off at him but she was calm and willing to hear what he had to say since she realised it wasn’t an act of some horny disturbed teenager raping his sister because she was the closest thing with a cunt. Kelly walked off into the living room to find Amber laying on the sofa fast asleep.

Kelly: you know I tried so hard to teach you kids right from wrong. Did I make a mistake or something?
Ethan: we know what we did was wrong and if we could go back and change it we would.
Kelly sat down on the empty seat next to her daughter.
Kelly: what happened? How did you guys even get to that point? I knew she was interested in boys but I didn’t think she was ready for sex. And you should’ve had more sense being the older one.
Ethan: I know mom, I know. Things just got so messed up. The one minute we were normal brother and sister, the next thing I know its like im being controlled by someone and so was she, and we started feeling things for each other and couldn’t help but act on them.
Kelly: felling things? What kind of things?

She asked him in a surprised voice.

Ethan: well it first started with lust, we were consumed by it, all we thought about was ripping each other to pieces. Then other feelings started growing.

She looked at her daughter and then her son.

Kelly: you cant tell me….no it cant be….please don’t tell me you guys are in love or something.

She asked him with a terrified look in her eyes. Ethan just stared out the window not knowing how to respond. How do you tell your mom that you are in love with baby sister after she catches the two of you having sex?

Ethan: I couldn’t help it, there is just something about her. It makes me wish every day that we weren’t related or even just really distant cousins then we could be a normal couple. I didn’t stand a chance against her. She is perfect in every way and has not one flaw about her whether physical of personality wise. She is an angel.

Kelly having had a couple of drinks was beginning to soften. She began to feel sorry for her son. Its not every day you find your perfect match and life gives you a kick in the nuts by making that match your sister. She looked over at Amber who was in such a deep sleep she was oblivious to the noises going on around her. Kelly looked her up and down and realised she was a carbon copy of herself except with many upgrades like having proportionate but large tits, a slender but curvy body and even Kelly felt a little jealous when she looked at her daughters feet remembering how one of her work friends told Kelly that she had nice feet and she should use them to her advantage since every second guy on planet earth has a weakness for women’s feet. Kelly admired this creature that lay on the sofa like an angel, she was filled with a sense of pride knowing that this perfect creation came from her own body.

Kelly: yeah you right, you never stood a chance, she is quite something hey. Talk about every guy’s dream girl.

Kelly giggled at what she had just said, realising she finally understood what happened. Ethan wasn’t the instigator in this mess, he was actually the victim. Once a girl of that calibre so much as even teased a man, whether it was intentional or not, he was going to fall for her.

Kelly: im sorry son, I didn’t realise what had happened. Im sorry for accusing you before knowing what was going on.

Ethan turned to look at his mom just to check if it was the same person who was talking. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. A few minutes ago she was ready to send his ass to prison now she is on his side. But what did this mean for his sister? Was she the one in trouble now?

Ethan: what do you mean?
Kelly: I understand and I forgive you. It wasn’t your fault I can see that now. It wasn’t her fault either because she doesn’t know yet that she is a temptress. She is still learning how to control herself.

Ethan couldn’t believe what he had just heard. He looked at Amber and he began to hope for the best. It seemed as though everything would be ok and no one would have to go anywhere. He looked over and he too began admiring the goddess that lay blissfully sleeping unaware of her surroundings. His eyes trailed down her body, it wasn’t hard to undress her with his eyes because the night dress she was wearing hardly left anything to the imagination. His eyes trailed down further and he got to her feet and wouldn’t you know it, there was a new colour on her luscious milky toes. Bright pink.

Ethan: when the fuck did she have time to change her nail polish during all this commotion?

He thought to himself as he admired her feet. He loved it when she wore pink clothes but he had never seen it on her toes. They pink matched her milky skin perfectly. He felt a stir in his pants as he admired her gorgeous feet. That’s when shit hit the fan.

He looked over a little more to the left and started noticing his mom. It was weird because he had never looked at her that way before. Now Kelly was by no means out of the game. She had a face that you would only see in a 60’s classic film. She had a Marilyn Munroe kind of look to her face. She had a relatively small build for her age but with full breasts, D cups of course since that was the family trait. The only thing out of place was her wide hips which gave her away as being a mother. Ironically most men loved it. They would see her and instantly fantasize about being under those hips as she rode them into next week. Her feet of course were gorgeous, her daughter had to get them from somewhere but she was no competition for her daughter in that department because one look at Amber’s feet would have someone believe they actually belonged to a goddess.

She glanced over and saw Ethan’s eyes gliding over her own body. She had to hold in her laugh as the notion that any man would find her attractive at her age was just hilarious to her, and not possible in her mind. She looked down and noticed a bulge in his pants.

Kelly: you know I got a call from Coach Simmons the other day.
Ethan eyes shot up to her face as he swallowed hard.
Kelly: I guess that’s part of the reason I freaked out this afternoon, I couldn’t bear the thought of my virgin baby being torn by that thing.
Ethan looked at her in disbelief.
Kelly: I think we should have this conversation in the kitchen.
She smiled as she got up and walked over to the kitchen. Ethan refusing to believe what he had just heard followed her swiftly as he needed confirmation of what she was talking about.
Ethan: mom what did the coach tell you.
Kelly: oh nothing much, just that I should keep an eye on your manhood, make sure you stay intact.

She giggled as she told him what the conversation was about. At this point the wine had gone straight to her head and made her feel quite good. Ethan sat down on one of the kitchen stools trying to process what he had just heard and trying to hide his embarrassment.

Kelly: is it anything I should worry about? Is there something wrong? Is it disfigured?

She was giggling at the fact of talking so openly about his manhood. She walked up to him and tried to put on a serious face. I need to see it. I need to check if you are still intact. Youre my son so I worry about you.
She said to him as she was now blatantly looking at his crotch. Ethan knew he had to play it right. If he didn’t play along with her little game, she would snap and all hell would break lose and they would be back to square one. He figured he rather not risk it so he stood up and pulled his pants down. His cock was semi hard but still hanging. She looked at it with a tilted head and then noticed a button had fallen off his jeans and rolled past her. She turned around and bent by the waist and the thin, tight cotton pants she was wearing had a hard time containing her hips and ass. This sight woke something up for sure. When she turned around to face him again he rock hard. She gasped as she looked at it.

Kelly: oh my fucking word. Look at that monster. You could satisfy an elephant with that thing.
Ethan: mom keep you voice down, Amber is still sleeping.

He whispered to her as he sat back down in the chair, clearly not interested in her reaction or response.

Kelly on the other hand was amazed. She started speaking as she moved closer to him.
Kelly: you know its been a while since your father has touched me. Ive been lonely too you know.

She said to him as she reached him and peeled her pants off her body. Before he could even react she straddled him and sat on his cock, taking it slowly into her wet pussy. Her head fell back and her eyes closed and her mouth fell opened as she bottomed out and had his entire length in her. It stretched her beyond what she is capable of taking in her pussy. She could his feel his cock reaching places in her body that had never been touched before. He sat there in a daze and she took it as a signal to continue as she started to rock back and forth on him. She felt herself get wetter and wetter as each minute passed so she lifted herself up and slammed back down on his cock. She continued impaling herself on her son’s cock for all of 3 minutes before her body stiffened and she came so hard she thought her head was going to pop off. She leaned into his chest as her orgasm continued to wreck her body 6 ways from Sunday. When it finally let up she lifted her head and gave out a drunken laugh.

Kelly: did you? You didn’t?

She got off him slowly still marvelling at his size and thickness. She got on her knees and wrapped her hand around the base of his cock. It was wet and shinning like it had been smothered with baby oil. She smiled as she began licking the tip of his cock, running her tongue up and down the slit on the head of his cock. He closed his eyes as this spot is particularly sensitive and enjoyed the feeling when suddenly he felt his entire cock going warm and heard chocking sounds. He opened his eyes and saw his mom literally gagging on his cock as it was all the way in and down her throat but she wouldn’t let up as she continued fucking her face on his cock. He had to admit that he was quite impressed that his mom could be such a slut. He felt the familiar feeling of his balls tightening up and he knew he was about to blow.

Ethan: mom im cumming.

This didn’t sway her as she continued swallowing her sons cock. He was seconds away from exploding.

Amber: mom no! he is my boyfriend.

They heard Amber screaming and crying like someone was burning her with a branding iron. They both turned to look at her when Ethan’s cock exploded all over his mom’s face. Thick blobs of cum covered her face as it was like endless squirts of cum blasted onto her face. Amber ran upstairs crying and slammed her bedroom door shut. Amber buried her face in her pillow and cried like her world was coming to an end. Meanwhile downstairs Ethan and his mom were trying to straighten themselves out.

Ethan: I should go talk to her.
Kelly: no ill talk to her. I made this mess worse so ill fix it.

She told him as she finished washing her son’s cum off her face, dried off and went upstairs. She got to Amber’s room and knocked on the door but heard no answer. Fearing for the worst she opened the door and went in to find her daughter face down in her pillow. She rushed over and turned Amber over only to find she was silently crying but stopped when she saw her mom. She just went numb.

Kelly: Amber im so sorry, I didn’t mean to do it, it just happened. Ironically I guess now I know how you guys felt when I caught you two.
Amber: and that’s all you have to say? You’re sorry? For you that was just sex and nothing more. Mom I love him, I need him and you have just taken him away from me.

She told her mom in a freakishly cold voice which made Kelly worry even more now.

Kelly: honey you shouldn’t be with him in the first place, he is your brother!
Amber: yeah so you’ve told me, it doesn’t matter now, he will never want to be with me now.
Kelly: aww what makes you say that?
Amber: who would want to be with me after they have had you? You’re a real woman, im just some kid.
Kelly: honey I seduced him. He has feelings for you, you should know that by now.
Amber: whatever, just leave me alone. Thanks for ruining my life, I hope you’re happy.

She said in an icy voice as she buried her face in her pillow again. Kelly knew there was nothing more she could say so she thought it best to leave her alone until she can come up with some way to fix things.
A few days passed and none of them could face each other. They all avoided each other as best they could by never being in the same room or just ignoring each other when one of them tried to speak up. One evening Kelly was passing her daughter’s room when she heard her daughter talking to someone.
Amber: we will be together again. I need you so much, I just wish you could forget about her and come back to me.

Kelly opened the door slightly and peeped through. She saw Amber sitting on her bed with her back facing the door and she was holding a picture of her brother. Kelly felt a strong surge of guilt wash over her. She knew it was wrong for them to be together but she saw that this situation was causing them a lot of pain and she never wanted to see her baby in pain. She walked away and went to find Ethan in the study. She walked in and found him playing a video game on his laptop.

Ethan: mom I cant do this with you right now im busy.
Kelly: we should take about what happened.
Ethan: I think you have done enough mom. Look at the state of Amber, she is losing it.
Kelly: I know, that’s what im here to talk about. You need to fix it.
Ethan: me? Things were fine until you jumped me.
Kelly: you shouldn’t have been fucking your sister in the first place! And don’t make like you didn’t enjoy it. you shot enough cum on my face to make a whole village pregnant.
Ethan just kept quiet and continued with his game.
Kelly: look, I just want to see her happy that’s all, and right now you’re it kid. She wants you.
Ethan: I want her just as much but you’ve seen how things have been for the past few days. That ship has sailed.
Kelly: I wouldn’t be so sure of that. Right now she is in her room talking to a picture of you.
Ethan paused the game and gave her a questioning stare.
Ethan: if that’s true then why does she keep avoiding me? I know I hurt her but she seems like she wants nothing to do with me.
Kelly: that’s because she thinks you and I are an item now. She thinks she isn’t good enough any more.
Ethan: what? She was the best thing that happened to me. She is perfect in every way.
Kelly: you telling that to the wrong person.
Ethan stood up and left everything as is and walked up stairs. He knocked on Amber’s door but heard no reply.
Ethan: Amber, its me.
There was silence for a few minutes then she spoke.
Amber: come in.

Ethan opened the door, entered the room and closed it behind him. Amber was laying on her bed in her PJs. Her eyes were red and puffy, signs of days of constant crying. He walked up to the bed and sat next to her.

Ethan: are you ok? You haven’t spoken to me in a few days.
Amber: I didn’t think I needed to, thought you were busy.

She spoke in a frighteningly cold voice. If he didn’t know any better, he would be sworn it was some on else and not the sweet and tender sister he knew.

Amber: what do you want?
Ethan: we need to talk.
Amber: ive got nothing to say to you.
Ethan: please just hear me out.
Amber: save it for your new woman. I always knew you would leave me. Didn’t think it would be so soon, and with mom. Its because she is mature isn’t it? you think she is better than me because she is more of a woman than I am?
She said softly as a tear rolled down her cheeks. Ethan touched her cheek and whipped it away.
Ethan: im not with mom.

She looked up at him as if she wasn’t sure she had heard right.

Amber: but I saw you two in the kitchen.
Ethan: yeah that was a mistake. She came on to me. She had too much wine that’s all.
Amber: oh. So then why have you been avoiding me.

She said sniffing while sitting up on the bed against the headboard. It was 11 pm and the moonlight shining through the curtains was the only light in the otherwise dark room.

Ethan: you’ve been avoiding me. I thought you were mad at me for what happened in the kitchen.
Amber: I was mad at you. But it was because you went on like nothing happened. That’s why I thought you had moved on to mom.
Ethan: well I havent. Its hard to do that when you still have feelings for someone else.

She looked up at him and he was sure he could almost see a sparkle in her puffy eyes.
Amber: you mean?
Ethan: yes you, silly. Its always been you.
He said as he wiped another tear from her cheek.
Amber: so you still want me?
Ethan: I always want you.
Amber: you really hurt me Ethan. Seeing you cum all over mom’s face was painful. I thought I had lost you to her.
Ethan: im sorry sweety, I didn’t mean to. Let me make it up to you.

He said as he slid of the bed onto his knees, pulled her night dress up, moved her panty to the side and planted a big wet kiss on her clit. She jumped when she felt the sensation course through her body. He began licking and sicking on her clit and sliding his tongue in and out of her pussy.

Amber: my pussy missed you baby. Its been really lonely without you.

She said in a shaky voice as he French kissed her pussy all over. She pushed him back a little and lifted her legs.

Amber: my pussy isn’t the only thing that missed you.

She said to him as she placed her toes right in front of his lips. He moved forward and started sucking her toes one by one very slowly.

Amber: mmmmmh baby, that’s it, suck my toes. Make me feel like a princess again. make sure you suck every part of them. Don’t miss a spot.

She said to him as she felt her pussy quiver from the intense pleasure that was coming from her sensitive feet being sucked.

Amber: ok you’re forgiven. Now get out of here, I need an hour to prepare.

She smiled at him as he got up. He was good at giving her what she wants.

Ethan: just an hour?
Amber: just an hour. Got to get ready and make myself look decent for you.

She winked at him as he left the room and closed the door heading towards his room. Amber sat there on her bed trying to take in what had just happened. Could she really be getting him back. She would know by the end of the night so she made sure her dream came true by making herself look extra sexy. She applied make up to her eyes to cover up the puffiness. This was aided by her wearing her glasses as the frames provided some cover. She wore a pink corset which ended above her naval and did nothing to hide her tits as the bra area was completely transparent. In retrospect it worked out in her favour because the pink corset matched her pink nipples. She added to that a pink thong and made sure her pussy was freshly shaven as she wanted it to be baby smooth. On the bottom she had a fresh coat of pink nail polish on her perfect toes and encased them in pink thigh high stockings which had a bow on the thigh lining. She found a pair of pink strappy high heels which had an ankle strap that was diamond encrusted. The rest of the shoe just had one strap across her toes as the purpose of the shoe was to showcase her feet, not hide them. Satisfied she had achieved looking like the cutest slut in existence she set off towards Ethan’s room on a mission. She was going to reclaim her brother as her boyfriend.
She reached his door and knocked ever so softly.

Ethan: come in.

He answered. He was sitting at his desk fiddling around in his laptop when a heavenly fragrance strong armed his brain for its attention. He turned around and was blown away by what a sight. He literally sat there with his mouth opened as she was a combination of everything he had ever fantasised about on a woman. He was hooked from the way her hair was done to the down to her choice of shoes and the fact that he could see through her stockings that her toes were painted pink which was his favourite colour on her. She quietly walked up to him and kissed him with quite a bit of force trying to show that she meant business. After a long kiss she straightened out and made a slow 360 degree turn to show him what she had in store for him. He was still unable to speak as there were no words that could possibly explain how gorgeous she looked. She moved over to the bed and laid down on it. Laying on her back seemed to make her tits push out even more as if being D cups at 16 years of age wasn’t enough. She reached over and turned on the bedside lamp so he could get a proper view and this just made things worse. Now the dim light made her look like the teen pornstar every guy wants to marry. He looked her body over, up and down licking his lips as he did so and noticed an unusual but pleasant taste on his lips. His memory quickly jumped back to the kiss that happened a few minutes ago and he looked at her lips to verify his train of thought. She was wearing pink lipstick with a thin layer of glitter lipgloss over it to give it that shine. Along with the pink make up on her face she looked like a fairy that was born to give blowjobs.

She motioned with her finger for him to come closer and as if under some spell he followed her movements like a snake being charmed only instead of using a flute she began using her feet. He got onto the bed and while moving closer to her she lifted her feet in the air and he quickly followed them rising up to his knees on the bed. She giggled as she felt that feeling again of having a man fall for her all over again. She finally stopped moving and he caught up to them and he picked up that familiar scent of sweaty high heels and lavender body lotion. The brain candy was back. It was his own personal brand of Viagra, courtesy of Amber sex productions. She giggled as he sniffed her feet. While doing so she reached for his boxer shorts at the waist and pulled them down revealing his super hard cock. As she wrapped her hand around it he inhaled her foot scent and licked the 5 inch heel of one of her shoes. This resulted in a huge drop of precum oozing out of the tip of his mammoth cock. She scooped it up with her index finger and smiled at him sweetly as she sucked it off her finger. She was brain raping him again, something she was particularly proud of, little did she know only a very few woman can do it with their feet. He twisted his head around her legs and began kissing her feet. The kisses increased in length and lingered when he got to her toes. He was obsessed! She loved the effect her feet had on him and she vowed he would have her feet whenever he felt like it, even if it meant having to endure having her feet sucked in public and messing herself through an orgasm she would gladly do it for her brother. And for her pussy and toes! He continued to lovingly kiss her feet and shoes until she snatched them away from his face. Before he could snap out of it, she grabbed him by his shoulders and made him lay on his back which he did with no resistance as he was still under her foot spell. She straddled him and lowered herself on to his cock. She realised too late that it had been a while since they had sex so her pussy had tightened up a little. By that time she had already moved her panty to the side and his cock was parting her pussy lips. She decided to suck it up and sat down on his cock and needles to say it stretched her beyond any natural boundaries. She literally felt like she had someone’s arm inside her but something happened in her head. She realised it wasnt enough. As she rode his cock slowly she it became clear what she wanted. She wanted his cock to reach inside her womb again. She stopped for a moment and lifted her legs, placing her feet on his chest, the shifting of her thighs caused her to sink down on his cock even further. She threw her head back and moaned as she felt him slowly penetrate her womb. He was halfway inside it before she felt her thighs touch his abs which didn’t help because feeling his chiselled abs on the back of her thighs made her clit throb like never before.

She rode him slowly, trying not to move too much as she was scared she would tear her womb. She moved up and down his cock slowly but she could feel every bump and vein on his cock which was just electrocuting her brain and pussy. It was ironic really, she had just finished teasing him into a mindless fuck pole with her feet and now she is becoming a slave to his cock as it was half way up her torso. All the while Kelly had found it too much of an eventful fay and decided to go to bed. She walked past Ethan’s room and was going to say good night when she heard the soft moans coming from the room. She opened the door slightly to see her beautiful precious daughter dressed like a complete slut, albeit a cute slut, but a slut none the less and to add to that she was riding her brother like there was no tomorrow with slow but powerful thrusts.

Amber: baby im coming, im coming for you my love.

She moaned as she tensed up and screamed silently as she was attacked by one of those tidal wave orgasms that she had only ever experienced from her brother. To her it felt like not only was her pussy cumming but also her brain was having its own orgasm. Kelly stood there and watched in amazement. To her Amber was only a baby, her tiny little baby and now there she was exploding from an orgasm from a giant cock. Kelly felt herself getting wet and decided she had seen enough and went to her room where she pulled out a dildo and started mercilessly attacking her pussy with it.
After Amber’s orgasm had finally let her breathe she looked down at her brother who was still staring at her gorgeous feet in these sexy shoes that he couldn’t get over.

Amber: you didn’t cum did you?

Ethan just shook his head as he was preoccupied. She didn’t seem to mind her feet getting all the attention because she just thought her feet were part of her. Any attention shown to them is shown to her. She smiled as she moved her feet and placed them at his sides on the bed.

Amber: I have to make you cum but my pussy cant handle it just yet. Ive got a idea and please don’t stop.
Ethan: it depends on what it is.
Amber: no, promise me you wont stop me.
Ethan: ok I promise.

She leaned back and slowly lifted herself sliding off his cock which took forever since it was so deep inside her. She was thrown off balance a little by the sudden emptiness in her mid-section. She reached back and picked up a tube that was on the bed since she first laid down but it was obvious Ethan wasn’t paying attention to anything other than her. She shifted back and sat on his thighs, he could help but enjoy the feeling of her soft meaty ass on his thighs. He closed his eyes and put his head down as she removed the cap from the tube of astroglide and squirted huge amounts onto her hand. She began smothering it all over his cock and smeared a little on her asshole as she lifted her herself again. Ethan opened his eyes to see why she stopped as he thought it was a blowjob but quickly realised what she was doing although it was too late. She sat down on his cock and thanks to the lubrication the head of his cock popped into her asshole without much resistance. He looked at her with a worried look on his face.
Amber: don’t worry baby ive been wanting to try this again so just sit back and relax.
She moved down on his cock taking about two inches into her bum.

Amber: ouch. This is going to take a while.

All the lubrication in the world wouldn’t change the fact that she had a tiny, petite little asshole and she was trying to fit something as big as her forearm into it. However this did not stop or weaken her resolve to successfully get anally fucked by her big brother. She moved down inch by inch until he was completely inside her.

Amber: wow you’re massive. I can feel you half way up my back. My asshole is on fire but damn your cock feels good. Do you like it baby? Do you like having my tiny ass stretched around your massive cock?

He had been worried all this time but now he wasn’t sure if she was putting on a brave face or was she talking so dirty because she was actually enjoying it. He looked down to see what it looked like and saw her pussy was actually dripping wet and leaking onto his stomach as a result of her being so horny. She started moving back and forth sliding herself on his cock, each time going a little faster.

Amber: I hoped that would happen.
Ethan: hoped what would happen?
Amber: the pain is gone.

She said to him as she straightened out, pulled her tits out of the corset and dug her nails into his chest as he heard her ass cheeks smack against his thighs and her tits were hovering right in his face all firm and proud. She was moving lightning fast now, impaling herself mercilessly on his cock.

Amber: fuck that feels good. Do you like having your cock up my dirty ass? I bet you do because you love being nasty. I bet you love how hot it is in my ass and how tightly its wrapped around your cock. Can you feel that?

She asked him as she contracted her asshole around his cock which to his surprise was had extremely powerful squeezes.

Amber: you like that huh? I bet you gonna make me suck your cock when its still steaming from my bum aren’t you?

This was too much for poor Ethan too handle.

Ethan: im cumming, fuck im cumming.

He screamed out to her and he was shocked at her reply.

Amber: oh my gosh im cumming too. Yes baby, shoot your cum in my ass, fill me up baby, fill my slutty ass with your hot cum.

They both tensed up at exactly the same time as they were drowned by rushing orgasms. She was squirting fluids all over his stomach while she could feel a warmth travelling up her back and knew he was filling her rectum with his cum that she desired more than anything. Their orgasms finally let up and she slid herself off his cock making sure she contracted her asshole so she could lock in all his cum for as long as possible. She then got in between his legs and began sucking his cock instantly but it seemed like she was more interested in getting the taste of where his cock had been because she was licking it all over and sucking it bit by bit like a lollipop.

Ethan: oh my word you are so nasty.

She blushed but then it quickly turned into a smile of victory.

Amber: do you like that im such a dirty whore just for you?
Ethan: yes I do but I cant believe you even know how to talk like that.
Amber: its instinct baby, it just flows out the minute I see your yummy cock. Its makes me have nasty thoughts like sucking on your cock when its been flavoured by my ass or chocking on your cock till its too far down my throat and its blocking my wind pipe.
Ethan: ok wow, I didn’t think you were that kind of girl.
Amber: do you like it?
Ethan: I love it, its so sexy.
Amber: good because I cant help it, I just want to do filthy things with you and have you shower my with your cum.

They both collapsed into each other trying to regain their energy. Meanwhile down the hall was a frustrated Kelly who was having trouble reaching a climax. Her dildo was not performing up to its usual standard and she already knew why. Her dildo is 4 inches in length and the last time she used it was a week ago. That was before she felt a 10 inch cock stretch her pussy. She grew even more frustrated knowing she cant touch him. She tried everything possible to have an orgasm. She remembered that she had a nylon fetish so she slide on a pair of full length pantyhose and felt a bit better when she felt her pussy get moist from the feeling of nylon against her bare ass and pussy. She grabbed her dildo and began assaulting her clit with it through her pantyhose and she was very close but still no orgasm. She threw it against the wall and went down stairs as she was, black pantyhose and nothing else. She opened a bottle of wine and didn’t even bother with a glass, she just proceeded to drink straight out of the bottle. Half way through the bottle she felt her pussy juices run down her legs as she was thinking of her son and daughter fucking each other’s brains out. She didn’t know what to do with herself but came up with an idea that she knew she should never do but was going forward with it anyway.
Feeling quite tipsy and over the top horny she had a few more large sips of her wine and went upstairs. She stopped by the Ethan’s room door and stood there for a couple of contemplating whether she should do it or not when she heard the happy couple talking.

Ethan: are you in any pain? Do you feel ok?
Amber: oh my gosh Ethan im better than ok. That was amazing, im so glad I got you back. Besides not being happy without you by my side, I don’t know how I would’ve survived life without sex like that, and only you can do that to me.
Ethan: I put a lot of effort into making love to you, it’s the least I can do since you always dress so sexy for me.
Amber: my big strong footslave.
She giggled as she lifted one leg and they both admired her foot when they heard a knock at the door.
Ethan: who is it?
Kelly: its me, I need to talk to you two.
Amber: go away mom, we busy.
Kelly: I know you busy, I heard you fucking.

She giggled at the thought of talking to her children using vulgar language.
Amber: then what do you want?
Kelly: I need your help kids please. Im desperate.
As she finished saying that the door swung opened and Ethan stood there holding the door handle.
Ethan: what is it mom?

They looked at her and knew instantly what was going on as she was naked except for a pair of pantyhose which were soaking wet between her thighs.

Amber: she has come to take you away from me.
Amber said in a very hostile tone.
Kelly: I havent come to take anyone anywhere. I just need some help with a problem.
Amber: we can see what the problem is and we are not interested.
Kelly: please my child I need it badly, ill go mad if I don’t get it.
Amber sat there thinking for a few moments.
Amber: ok come in, but you got to follow my rules, you do what I say when I say it and you stop if I don’t like something.
Kelly: who died and made you queen Bee?
Amber stood up and walked towards Ethan.
Amber: im your princess aren’t I baby?

She asked him giving him puppy dog eyes.

Ethan: of course you are my angel.

She gave her mom a smirk.

Amber: see, its my way or the highway.
Kelly: ok fine miss drama queen. Enough talk lets bring on the action.

She said as she walked toward the bed and just plonked herself on it.

Amber: you know, you still owe me for fucking my boyfriend.

She said as she walked over to the bed and got on her knees on the bed.

Kelly: please be gentle with mommy, im really sorry about that.

Amber reached out her hand and began rubbing her mother’s clit really slowly. Ethan couldn’t believe his eyes. He had always wanted to see two girls fuck but he never in his wildest imagination thought it would be his mom and his sister who is also his girlfriend. Amber started rubbing her mom’s tits and squeezing her nipples really hard as she worked her pussy.

Kelly: oh honey, you really are good to me.
Amber: don’t count your blessings yet, its gonna be a long night and im incharge. You are gonna be my slut and im gonna be Ethan’s slut.

She smiled brightly at the prospect of such a scenario. She straddled her mom’s head in the 69 position but sat up straight and lowered her pussy slowly.

Amber: have you ever eaten a girl before? Well today you will.

Kelly didn’t know what to expect from this night but she was desperately horny so she decided to go with whatever came her way. She began sucking her daughter’s clit and to her surprise really liked the taste. So much so that she started sliding her tongue in and out of Amber’s cunt to which Amber responded by fucking her mom’s face.

Amber: mmmmm that’s it slut. Eat that pussy good and proper.
Amber: baby would you mind making me feel good while im being eating.

She asked Ethan in the sweetest possible voice. He walked over and grabbed a handful of her airbag boobs and sucked on the other one lightly biting her nipple. This lasted very short as she lifted herself away from her mother’s now searching tongue.

Amber: I don’t wana cum yet. That’s your job baby.

She smiled as she spoke to her brother. She sat up again and shifted forward slightly.

Amber: lick my asshole you whore.

Kelly didn’t bother shouting at her daughter for using such language with her because she knew if she did there would be no sex for her. Not at all willing to rim someone, she slowly poked her tongue out and touched it lightly to Amber’s pink asshole. Amber swiftly sat down on her mother’s face covering her mouth and nose with her ass.

Amber: when I say lick my asshole you must do it. maybe a few seconds of breathing my ass in will make you like it.

She lifted her ass as she could her mother couldn’t breathe anymore.

Kelly: im so sorry honey. Ill do better next time.

She stuck her tongue out full force and began lapping at her teen daughter’s ass. Amber tilted her head back and closed her eyes as she felt her mother’s soft feminine tongue lick all over her shit hole.

Amber: oh mom. You so good when you listen. Ive got a surprise for you, open wide.

Kelly opened her mouth unsure of what was about to happen and Amber unclenched her asshole and pushed. A gush of Ethan’s sperm from earlier came rushing out of her delicate bum straight into her mom’s mouth. She moaned as she emptied her rectum and felt relief but soon started missing her beloved’s cum in her body. Kelly quickly figured out what the taste was and began swallowing every drop that came out of her daughter’s ass with quite a bit of enthusiasm. The last drop oozed out but stayed on her asshole so Kelly lifted her head and gave it a few licks till she was certain she got it all.
Amber: you see, I told you she is a whore. She would do anything for your cum my love, even if it means me shitting it into her mouth.
Amber giggled as she felt a tremendous victory over the woman that fucked her boyfriend. Amber laid on her back and spread her legs.

Amber: get on your knees you filthy slut and eat me till I cum.

Kelly, as if in a daze followed instructions to the letter. She got on her knees, bent over and started eating her daughters pussy. It was too much for Ethan and he couldn’t hold back. He positioned himself behind his mother’s wide hips and lined his cock with her nylon covered pussy. Due to the lamp being on the other side of the bed he couldn’t see properly and just started forcing his cock through the material. His mother tried to stop him to explain but he just put more force and the material stretched into her pussy in the form of his cock. If she wasn’t drenched in pussy juice it would’ve been painful. He pushed slowly but deeper with each thrust but it was too much for her. She had a nylon fetish and now she was being fucked through her pantyhose. She looked up at her daughter and stopped eating her for just a moment.

Kelly: nylon condom.

She whispered as an orgasm hit her like a ton of bricks. She struggled for air as it took over her and she felt her son’s massive nylon encased cock grow even more inside her until he pushed and it tore letting his cock pass through and enter her depths passing into the very womb he came from. She now felt every bump and vein on his naked cock inside her. She moaned into her daughter’s cunt as a second orgasm hit before the first one had fully subsided. She went limp, dropping her body to the bed and gasped for air until she finally got some. Amber moved and walked over to Ethan who was standing there with a wet cock fully erect and she couldn’t help it. She dropped to her knees and started licking his cock all over, enjoying her mom’s taste on her lover’s cock. She moved lower and cradled one of his nuts in her mouth and sucked it gently for a few minutes before doing the same to the other. Her mom looked over and was surprised that a 16 year old could have so much skill.

Kelly: wow honey when did you grow into a woman. Its no wonder he is in love with you.

She smiled at her daughter who turned her sights back on her mom. This time all three of them were on the bed. Ethan straddled her face and she instantly responded by licking the underside of his cock and sucking his nuts. Amber on the other hand sat between her mom’s legs and rested her one high heeled foot on her mom’s tummy. The other one was used on her pussy. Amber carefully placed the heel of her shoe at the entrance of the hole she came from and gently pushed in. She smiled as she watched the pink 5 inch heel disappear into her mom’s dripping pussy. When it was completely in she began rubbing her mom’s clit with the sole of her show. Kelly stopped what she was doing and looked between her legs and saw her daughter fucking her pussy with her high heel and it made her clit throb like mad. Amber picked up speed and it was enough to send her into next year. Kelly’s pussy contracted around the heel of the sexy shoe sending a wave of orgasmic pleasure to tear through her body and spray poor Amber’s entire foot with pussy juice. Her foot, stocking and shoe were drenched.

Amber: you little bitch. Now my shoe and stockings are all wet.
Kelly: can you blame me? If you going to fuck someone with a sexy shoe and a gorgeous foot like yours, you better be prepared for them to have an earth shattering orgasm and squirt all over it.
Amber: that was supposed to humiliate you, not cause you to orgasm.
She shot back in a bratty tone.
Kelly: oh im sorry honey, next time ill try not to get so turned on by your beauty and your perfect feet.

Amber was taken aback by her mother’s response. They watched her milky cheeks burn red as she blushed deeply.

Kelly: you really mean to tell me that it didn’t occur to when you forming this little plan in your head that I might be attracted to you? Anyone would be crazy not to be.
If it were possibly Amber’s cheeks would have burst into flames from blushing so hard.

Kelly: Amber you are my little angel.. theres nothing you can do wrong in my eyes, even more so that we’ve just seen that im attracted to you. So you can do what you want to me.

She blew a kiss to in Amber s direction and smiled at her with a look in her eyes that basically said show me what you got. Amber slipped her heel out of her mom’s soaked pussy and looked at it shining from all the pussy juices. She decided to give up the game and just have fun with it and see how far she would be able to push her mom. What she did captured Ethan’s attention in a way he never thought was possible. She undid the ankle strap on her shoe, slipped it off her foot, pointed her sexy toes and rubbed her nylon covered toes all over her mom’s pussy. Kelly’s brain over loaded as she felt Amber’s delicate foot massage her clit. Her pussy juices over flowed as her teen daughter pleasured her beyond her wildest dreams. By the time she moved her foot it was dripping wet. Amber pointed her delicate toes again peeled her stocking off and slid her foot up her mother’s body stopping to massage her tits and then up to her mouth. She was denied access as Ethan was watching the whole thing and didn’t notice he was suffocating his mother with his cock lodged in her throat.

Amber: baby you think you could remove your delicious cock for a second. If you are that horny you can use me instead.

She smiled obviously hoping he would. He slipped his cock out of his mom’s throat and she choked gasping for air. When she recovered Amber had her wet foot hovering over her mom’s mouth

Amber: since you messed my foot twice, you have to clean it now.
Kelly: gladly

Was all she said before lunging her head up with her mouth opened and took her daughter’s foot into her mouth. She started by licking the underside of her foot and then moved on to sucking each toe over and over not wanting it end. Amber was enjoying it thoroughly but she knew it was no match her brother’s footloving. Amber decided to remove her other shoe and stocking so that her feet to visible for everyone since they both seemed to be into her feet. She had to admit she loved the feeling. Being barefoot made her extremely horny if she knew her feet where being watched. Not being able to handle any foreplay she straddled her mom’s face again but this time Ethan was behind her. He entered her really slowly as their mom watched from below.

Amber: baby I need you to blow my pussy out now. Fuck me like there is no tomorrow.

With that he began fucking her really hard once she was used to his size again. each time he would pull out a few drops of her juices would fall into their mom’s open mouth below them. This went on for a while until Amber stiffened and they all knew she was about to orgasm. It was a big one, so big that her pussy contractions were so powerful they squeezed Ethan’s cock to the point of no return.

Ethan: Amber im cumming.

She was so out of breathe but she managed to get some words in.

Amber: yes baby….fill me up. I need you to fill me up.

She screamed as she squeezed her tits and they both shuddered from their orgasms. Their fluids came spilling out and splashed Kelly all over her face and tits until they had finished.

Kelly: I can see you kids are making a habit out of cumming in my face.

They both just giggled and Amber felt like she was glowing at the thought that everyone in the room is there because they love her feet.